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800 Billion Start
Author: Fenghuo Niu
Alternative names:开局八千亿
Genre: Urban Life

800 Billion Start

Martial arts in the world, but wealth is not broken!

Tang Yun, who thought he was an ordinary person, became a beautiful husband’s husband under various pressures!

A year later, his father left a suicide note telling him that in fact he is the world’s top rich second generation, leaving him a legacy of 800 billion yuan! And a big return Dan who can become a Grand Master of Chaowu after eating it!

Since then, Tang Yun has martial arts in his left hand and banknotes in his right hand, hitting all invincible players in the world.

President’s wife: “Husband, can’t you go out and pretend?”

Tang Yun: “No pretense, do you support me?”

President’s wife: “I start a company to support you!”

Tang Yun: “My wealth can buy half of the earth. Let me support you!”

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