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A Complete Explanation of the Negative Textbooks of the Imperial Examination
Alternative names:科举反面教材全解

A Complete Explanation of the Negative Textbooks of the Imperial Examination

[He is the villain in the house fighting essay, the roadblock in the spoiled essay, and the negative teaching material in the imperial examination essay]
His father joined the army and was named a marquis, but Mrs. Hou is not his mother, what should I do?
The stepmother seems to be transmigrating, gentle and virtuous, but in fact she wants to nurture him, what should I do?
The grandmother is snobby and wants him to give up the position of the eldest son. What should I do?
When preparing for the imperial examination, the relatives make trouble and want him to fail the examination. What should I do?
——The above answers are all in the “Complete Explanation of the Reverse Textbooks of the Imperial Examination”. This book covers family disputes, difficulties in the imperial examination, troubles in the officialdom, and the rules of power and ministers. I have a book in hand, I have the scientific test, and the teaching will not give a full refund!

Later, when the Xungui family taught their children to study, they would always take Xiao Jingduo as an example: “Study well, don’t go astray. Don’t imitate him, you won’t disgrace the words of the sages.”
* * * * *
People in the world have mixed evaluations of Xiao Jingduo, and what he is most criticized for is that he has no literati spirit, and is willing to be the sword of the regent princess and work for the princess.
Until later, Xiao Jingduo married the princess regent.
Courtier: …………No wonder!

This article is also known as “The Revenge of the Original Spouse”


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