A Complete Explanation of the Negative Textbooks of the Imperial Examination

Chapter 131 Extra third

    Rong Ke and Xiao Jingduo returned to Beijing at the end of autumn, and after Duan Gongfa was buried, it was already the cold winter and twelfth lunar month in Chang'an.

    Rong Ke came back from the palace and was distracted all night. The palace maid was afraid that she would be hurt, so she deliberately placed Xiao Ze in front of Rong Ke. Although Rong Ke was hugging Xiao Ze, there was no luster in her eyes.

    Xiao Jingduo said, "Let's take Da Langjun down."

    The palace maid bent over and went out with Xiao Ze in her arms. Xiao Jingduo sat down beside Rong Ke and asked, "Still thinking about Duke Duan?"

    Rong Ke sighed: "Yes. Grandfather relies on Duke Duan very much. I have known him since I was very young. Every time I see Duke Duan over the years, I always feel that my grandfather and father are also in me. It seems that the door will be pushed in in the next instant. But now, Duke Duan has also left."


    Time is ruthless, and no one can do anything.

    "I heard that the early plum blossoms in Chengxihou Mansion are blooming, which is the one you planted, do you want to see it?"

    "The Hou Mansion? It's all curfew." After speaking, Rong Ke couldn't help but say, "Your own mansion, why do you want to hear it?"


    Rong Ke was amused and turned to look at him: "Aren't you afraid of being told?"

    Being a concubine, especially the concubine of the eldest princess, it is inevitable that people will say things like relying on cronyism and eating soft rice. Xiao Jingduo didn't seem to care, and said with a smile: "If I can be raised by a beautiful princess like you, I can't ask for it. The beauty is in my arms, and the food is covered, and there is no expense. They are jealous of me."

    Rong Ke smiled and beat him: "Poor mouth!"

    After laughing for a while, Rong Ke felt much better. She said, "Let's go, let's go to appreciate plums."

    "Princess, curfew."

    "Didn't you say you wanted to take me to the opposite side to enjoy the plums?"

    Xiao Jingduo smiled and touched Rong Ke's head: "Princess, when you grow up, you will know that there is something called talking."

    "Hey you..." Rong Ke was intrigued, but Rong Ke was annoyed by the fact that this person was open-mouthed, so he made up his mind to let him sleep in the study, and would not come back until a month later. She Ganning Princess never said anything.

    Xiao Jingduo saw that the joke was about to get bigger, so he quickly made up: "I'm teasing you. Let's go, let's sneak out."

    Xiao Jingduo hurriedly found a cape and wrapped Rong Ke firmly, during which she did not dare to say a word, for fear of being hated by Rong Ke. Then, with Rong Ke, he bypassed the curfew and crossed the street into the Chengxihou mansion opposite.

    Xiao Jingduo is the commander of Yin Xiaowei after all, there is still a secret passage for this. Rong Ke watched all this silently, and his gaze at Xiao Jingduo became more and more bad.

    In the mansion of the Marquis of Chengxi, why is there a secret passage that leads directly to the princess mansion?

    "This is what you ordered back then, for the convenience of passing the news." After Xiao Jingduo finished speaking, afraid that Rong Ke would not believe it, he added, "It's not my opinion, absolutely not."

    "Humph." Rong Ke just snorted coldly.

    These two powerful characters bypassed Jin Wuwei, who was patrolling the curfew, and sneaked into the Chengxihou mansion. Xiao Jingduo was very aware of the guards in his mansion. He took Rong Ke along the way, and walked to Merlin without anyone being disturbed.

    Rong Ke said quietly: "The guards in your Hou's mansion... can't do it."

    "I think so too." Xiao Jingduo raised his forehead, "Although I deliberately bypassed it, didn't anyone notice it?"

    Rong Ke glanced at Xiao Jingduo, her eyes sparkling. Although she was still expressionless, her eyes were smiling.

    "Look, you said that you like a large piece of plum. In the sixth year of Qianyuan, I ordered people to plant plums here. Now, it is already a plum forest."

    Wrapped in fox fur, Rong Ke walked slowly in the plum forest. She reached for the plum blossom beside her, but found a snow falling on her palm.

    "It's snowing..."

    "Yes." Xiao Jingduo wrapped his cloak tightly around Rong Ke and sighed, "I should wrap one more for you."

    Looking up, there are gorgeous red plums everywhere, lingering alone in the cold wind. Such a big forest is obviously not something that can be done overnight. In recent years, they have even been in Youzhou.

    Rong Ke was moved and asked in a low voice, "Why do you do this?"


    Rong Ke originally wanted to say his rhetoric, but looking into Xiao Jingduo's eyes, Rong Ke suddenly didn't want to say these unpleasant words.

    She looked at it for a while, and took the initiative to reach out and hug Xiao Jingduo's waist: "You are now different from the first time I saw you."

    "Yeah. Because I met you."

    Rong Ke was silent for a while, and couldn't help but look up to study Xiao Jingduo's expression: "What happened to you today? You don't usually say this. I'm afraid you didn't do something to hurt me, right?"

    Xiao Jingduo raised his eyebrows and directly held Rong Ke up, expressing dissatisfaction and threats with his actions.

    Rong Ke giggled and beat Xiao Jingduo's chest with his fist: "Put me down!"

    Before the age of eight, Xiao Jingduo was treated unfairly by his grandmother. It was a small farmhouse where three generations gathered. His father was missing and his mother was weak. Xiao Jingduo had no power to fight back. Later, his fate changed dramatically, he went from an ordinary peasant family to become the direct son of Houmen. No matter how much Xiao Jingduo resents Xiao Ying, he has to accept Xiao Ying's love. It was Xiao Ying who brought him to Chang'an and to Rong Ke's side.

    After he came to Chang'an, he saw his father for the first time. At that time, he had to go to great lengths to study with the Master. After Zhao Xiulan died, he was covered in thorns, desperate and lonely. If there were no Rong Ke and Wenzong Rong Wenzhe at that time, Xiao Jingduo would probably remain alone until he became a tool of revenge. Fortunately, he saw Rong Ke on the tree in the backyard of Dingyong Hou's mansion. The moment he jumped from the tree, he changed the story of him and Rong Ke, changed his future destiny, and even changed. Ten years later, the history of the Qianyuan period.

    The three years in Qingyuan Temple were really helpful to his xinxing, although he still failed to comply with the promise of Master Mingjue, to do less work in his life, or even not to kill. But Xiao Jingduo did the second half of the sentence, and the people he killed were worthy of his heart.

    He fought for half his life and killed a lot of people directly or indirectly. If there will be retribution after death, Xiao Jingduo hopes that everything will be fulfilled on him, and Rong Ke will not be harmed. Everything he did was voluntary and had nothing to do with Rong Ke.

      At this time, he was already the governor of the frontier, the minister of military affairs in the central court, and he was in charge of one party's power. What is revealed from him is no longer the arrogance at the age of 13 or 14, the aloofness at the age of seventeen when he was inscribed on the Golden List, nor the prudence and restraint when the magistrate of Jinjiang County at the age of nineteen, or the desperate gamble when the expedition to the Turks was at the age of twenty. It is the kind of majesty and calm that has been in power for many years.

    He has also experienced great changes in his treatment of feelings. When Wu Junru just died, the women in Dingyonghou's mansion who fought especially brutally left an indelible psychological shadow on him. At that time, he felt that the inner house was nothing more than that. As long as they had power, they would treat you well and who you are. It doesn't matter at all. Later, he met Rong Ke. On that mild and humid winter day in Jiannan, Xiao Jingduo finally saw his heart clearly. He didn't like to hear the news that Princess Ganning was recruiting a concubine, probably because he couldn't bear Rong Ke marrying someone else. .

    After Rong Ke's accident, he returned to Chang'an at the fastest speed, and returned to Rong Ke's side. He still remembers the pale and weak Rong Ke when he saw Rong Ke in Taiji Palace. laugh. Xiao Jingduo felt a pain in his heart. He swore at that moment that he would make Rong Ke's wishes come true and everything went smoothly. Xiao Jingduo would help her achieve whatever she wanted, no matter what it was.

    Until later, he became Princess Qianning's consort, fulfilling his long-cherished wish.

    "Ke Ke, the happiest thing in my life is to meet you."

    Rong Ke doesn't like to hear such words: "Don't talk nonsense about your life."

    "Okay." Xiao Jingduo smiled, "Even if it is directed at you and Ze'er, I will live for a long time."

    "It's snowing again..." Rong Ke nestled in Xiao Jingduo's arms and looked up at the night dome. From her point of view, the snowflakes almost formed a line and fell quickly, making the attention People are always afraid. But Rong Ke knew that Xiao Jingduo was behind him, and his heart was very peaceful.

     "It's getting dark, carry me back!"

    "Okay." Xiao Jingduo put Rong Ke down and put her on his back. The two of them walked slowly in the snow, as if returning to the snowy night when Rong Ke was assassinated and fell to the cliff many years ago.

    "Actually, I was very scared that day. When I fell, I even thought, I died like this, what should I do with Chang'an and Guoxi? But when I opened my eyes, I saw you at first sight."

     "The wind that day was much stronger than tonight, and the snow was so heavy that you could hardly even open your eyes. You were walking in the snow with your back on your back, and kept telling me that nothing would be wrong. Yes, you'll take me out. I'm cold all over and the wound is still bleeding, but I feel at ease leaning on your shoulder."

    Rong Ke did not tell Xiao Jingduo the rest. Before that snowy night, Xiao Jingduo was a trustworthy young official with some strength to Rong Ke. After that day, he appeared in Rong Ke's impression as Xiao Jingduo. Since then, Rong Ke likes to talk to Xiao Jingduo more and more, and smiles more and more when alone with him. Rong Ke has always known that sometimes he is very superficial and only likes good-looking things. It doesn't matter if the utensils around him are not practical, but they must be good-looking. Later, she saw that Xiao Jingduo was getting better and better. The well-known Yin Xiaowei clothes were actually made by her based on Xiao Jingduo's body shape. In the end, Rong Ke thought, all the good-looking things are hers, anyway Xiao Jingduo will marry sooner or later, just because he is good-looking, let's just be the concubine.

    The two of them went through all kinds of hardships and stayed for eight years before getting married. Xiao Jingduo's long-cherished wish was fulfilled, so why not Rong Ke?

    Rong Ke leaned on her shoulders, thinking about the past, and slowly fell asleep.

    Xiao Jingduo couldn't bear to wake her up, so he didn't take her back to the Princess Mansion, but lived in the main courtyard of Chengxihou Mansion. This is also where he lived before he got married.


    The next day, Xiao Ze woke up and ran over to find his parents to act like a spoiled child. As soon as I entered the door, hey, where are my parents?

    In the Chengxihou mansion opposite, Rong Ke woke up and found that he had changed places. Rong Ke straightened up, yawned and said, "Why did you put me here?"

    "You fell asleep yesterday. I was afraid that going back to the Princess Mansion would wake you up, so I took you to live in the Hou Mansion." Xiao Jingduo sat on the edge of the bed, helped Rong Ke up, and said, "I've already sent someone to the Princess Mansion to deliver the letter, they know you're here."

    Rong Ke lay down on Xiao Jingduo's lap, and after a while, he suddenly asked, "Does anyone here know how to dress up?"

    The entire Chengxi Marquis Mansion has only Xiao Jingduo as the master, and he lives in the Princess Mansion all year round. Xiao Jingduo really doesn't know much about the people in the mansion, and said: "I'll call people over and ask them. "

    Qinghan was caught off guard by Xiao Jingduo and Rong Ke's skyfall. The kitchen, maids, and clothes had to be arranged. .

    Qinghan thought silently in her heart, their Marquis is really amazing. After returning to Beijing for so long, they have never returned to the Marquis Mansion. God knows that Chengxi Marquis Mansion is opposite the Princess Mansion! Only one street away! When the ancient Yun Dayu was in control of the flood, he passed his house three times and did not enter. If there was anything in the Hou residence, Qinghan would go to the princess residence to ask the princess. However, last night, Xiao Jingduo suddenly stayed at the Hou residence and brought the princess with him. Qinghan really felt that the housekeeper was very tired, she was not competent, really. can't do it.

    Even if she thought so, Qing Han immediately ran to the main courtyard. After seeing Qinghan, Xiao Jingduo asked, "Is there anyone in the house who can wear a bun and dress?"

    Qinghan was silent for a while, then hesitantly said: "This... slave to find it."

      Really stumped Qing Han.

    After Qinghan left, Rong Ke and Xiao Jingduo, the two single-person residences combined, could look at each other in a square, but Xiao Jingduo later said: "It's only a street away, you don't wear makeup. It's also very beautiful, why don't you just go back like this?"

    "No." Rong Ke vetoed, "If I meet outsiders, will I still see them?"

    Rong Ke was very obsessed with her appearance and beauty, Xiao Jingduo saw that Qinghan had not come back, and suddenly said, "How about I come to thrush your eyebrows?"

    "Would you?"

    Xiao Jingduo certainly won't, but he is very confident in his danqing skills: "I'm quite familiar with a painting, so there will be no problem."

    Rong Ke thinks that Xiao Jingduo's painting is really good, by analogy, the mere thrush should not be a problem. So Rong Ke nodded: "Okay."

    Xiao Jingduo confidently used Dello thrush for Rong Ke. He traced it lightly according to Rong Ke's brow shape. He felt that the left side was a little light, so he repaired a little or two. The right side is too light...

    At the end, Xiao Jingduo put away De Luo, looked at Rong Ke calmly, Rong Ke looked at his face, and somehow felt wrong: "Why are you so serious all of a sudden?"

    “…I’m looking.”

    "Give me the bronze mirror!"

    Xiao Jingduo held down the bronze mirror and said, "It's actually okay..." Rong Ke took it away in the end, Xiao Jingduo closed his mouth reluctantly.

    Rong Ke gritted her teeth angrily when she saw it in the mirror: "You..."


    Rong Ke glared at him and said, "Bring some water." Then, she buttoned the bronze mirror on the dressing bed, painted her eyebrows, applied tints, and finally touched her lips. In fact, I should have pulled my hair first and then put on my makeup, but now I can't take it anymore. Rong Ke pulled her hair into a bun by herself, and Xiao Jingduo helped according to Rong Ke's instructions. .

    The slanted bun is hanging on one side, like a pile of clouds, Rong Ke inserted tassels on the bun, and the polished and delicate ruyi-shaped gold pieces fell behind her ears, making her more and more beautiful and lazy, with cross-flowing eyes.

    Although Chengxihou's mansion lacks professional talents, there are all kinds of utensils for women's dressing. Rong Ke used the limited jewelry to tidy up for herself, holding the bronze mirror and looking at it, she was very satisfied .

      It's her smooth and graceful shoulder line, her shoulder locks flat, her slender fit, and her beauty as jade, but that's all.

    "What are you thinking?"

    "I'm thinking... There should be some gold and silver ornaments in the Hou's mansion. I thought these hairpins were nothing more than that, but when they were put on your head, I felt that they were too beautiful Fangwu, no matter how expensive it is to sell, is worth the price."

    When the maid came over, she was amazed when she saw Rong Ke's bun.

    "Your Highness, this is the first time I've seen a bun like this, it's so beautiful! How did you pull it up?"

    "I don't know." Rong Ke shook his head and turned to look at Xiao Jingduo. Xiao Jingduo also sighed: "I don't know either."

    Rong Ke's makeup was well received by the whole government. The woman was not happy when she heard everyone praise her beauty. Qinghan folded a few plums from the plum garden and inserted them into a white-glazed narrow-neck porcelain vase. Rong Ke walked in from the outside and saw Xiao Jingduo laying out a pen and grinding.

    "What are you doing?"

    Xiao Jingduo waved his hand and motioned for Rong Ke to come over and take a look: "You were just watching the snow outside. I painted it at will. Although the thrush is not as good as you, fortunately, the art of danqing has not been lost."

    Rong Ke took a closer look at the painting, and after a while, he praised: "Beautiful."

    The painting is a dark wooden corridor, a woman is looking at the snow, she seems to hear something, looks back and laughs. Behind her is Shili Hongmei, the golden tassels around her ears reflect the snow light slightly, and the cloud-like bun is also scattered with fine snowflakes.

    Xiao Jingduo slowly wrote "My wife Rong Ke" at the sign.

    It is said that a lover sees Xi Shi in her eyes, and she can paint her demeanor and clothes so meticulously and vividly, how can you focus and how long can it be achieved? Obviously, this is not something that can be achieved in one hour and a half today. It must be always paying attention to it, so that it can be written down like a real person.

    Rong Ke felt a warm current in her heart, she read it for a while, then took up the pen, slightly dipped in some ink, and wrote a poem in the blank.

    Xiao Jingduo's paintings, Rong Ke's words, inscriptions, and their two chapters.

    This painting has thus become a family heirloom of Chengxi Houfu, and even the imperial palace may not have even the calligraphy of the ancestors of the Houfu and Princess Qianning. In the following years, Princess Ganning's deeds have been passed down from generation to generation in Chang'an. Everyone yearns for that glorious and magnificent era, and her personal traces have become priceless treasures. Countless literati and writers even sang her deeds affectionately in their poems. Although the Qianning era was only eight years old, it laid the foundation for the later prosperity of Chengzong. Without Qianning, there would be no Wenzong's rule.

    During the first year of the Qianyuan period, there were **** storms and drastic changes in the dynasty, and countless clans and courtiers were punished and their heads fell. But at the same time, it was also an era when a hundred schools of thought contended and famous ministers appeared in large numbers. The legendary Xiao Jingduo, the first commander of Qiwuwei Bai Jiayi, the former female official Song Xue, and the famous minister Xia Zhiheng, all came from the hands of Gan Ning. Descendants are officials in the dynasty, continuing the legend of their ancestors.


    This painting by Xiao Jingduo and Rong Ke has become the most important treasure of the Chengxihou mansion. continued.

    Until one year, another newlywed couple opened this priceless picture.

    "The original Princess Qianning...the name is Rongke?"

    The woman in the snow had a smile on her face, and at the inscription, "My wife Rong Ke" was written in neat and profound block letters.

    The author has something to say:

    Small Theater:

    This piece of plum forest is very famous, and it was also mentioned in "Dimei". At that time, it was already one of the three famous banquets in Beijing. And this painting has also appeared, a painting that can only be seen by the heads of the Xiao family in all dynasties.

    There should be one last episode, it's over~

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