A Sensualist's Sin

Chapter 646

"Uncle gen, get busy." Yang Yu urged.

Root book just took a puff of smoke, cigarette butts thrown at the foot, a stampede out, went to the pond drainage.

Yang Yu was relieved.

Liu Xinyi was finally able to take a breath. She stopped there for a long time before looking up at Yang Yu.

Yang Yugang was scared to death by Gen Shu. He was almost found out. He was really nervous.

Next, there was a passion between the two.

See root Book busy almost, Liu Xinyi just secretly up, slip back to the kitchen to busy housework.

Yang Yu also put on his trousers and found an excuse to go back first: "Uncle gen, thank you for your hospitality, especially your sister-in-law's hospitality."

Yang Yu said, but also deliberately looking back to the kitchen.

"What will your sister-in-law serve? She doesn't know the etiquette and doesn't pour you a cup of tea. I'll talk about her later." Gen Shu said with a smile, obviously he didn't understand Yang Yu's meaning.

When Gen Shu came back to the inner room, he saw his wife washing dishes. He was surprised and asked, "where did you go just now?"

"I had a chat with Mrs. Li next door." Liu Xinyi lied.

Gen Shu didn't say anything else. After reading it, he asked, "wife, what's wrong with your mouth? Why is it swollen? "

Liu Xinyi was nervous and touched her lips? Maybe it's inflamed

"Inflammation of the mouth? What did you eat? " Root Book casually said a, Liu Xinyi startled, eat an hour of hanging can not swelling?

Seeing that her husband didn't pay any attention to it, Liu Xinyi was relieved. The experience of stealing food with Yang Yu just now made her a simple young woman experience the pleasure of stealing food again.

It is said that cheating is addictive. Liu Xinyi feels that she is addicted to Yang Yu.

When Yang Yu was a calligrapher, he happened to see a village woman carrying a load of firewood on the road. The firewood seemed to have at least a hundred kilograms. In the era when gas was not popularized here, the rural people in this area of Zhejiang used to burn firewood, and the firewood was cut down from the mountains, tied up and carried down.

The village woman was followed by a little girl.

The village woman had a rest. As soon as she took a step, she suddenly slipped and fell down the road with firewood.

The village is in the middle of the mountain. There are steep slopes below the edge of many roads. The road is suspended vertically for four or five meters, and the big pool of the yunu river is below. If you fall down here, you will not die or be disabled.

"Ma." The girl screamed in horror.

The village woman was so scared that she turned white. At such a critical moment, a strong hand suddenly appeared to hold the village woman. At the same time, the hundreds of kilograms of firewood fell down.

"Almost, thank you." The village woman turned her head and saw Yang Yu, a pretty but strange face.

Yang Yu looked at the village woman. Although she was wearing the kind of construction site clothes that farmers work in, she was dirty, her trousers were full of holes, her shoes were still loose shoes, and there were holes in the front, but she could not hide her white and beautiful face.

"Sister in law, be careful. It's not a joke to fall down here. You'll die." Yang Yu is not joking.

"Thank you, thank you." How the eyes of the village women turned, thank you.

Yang Yu looks at the firewood below. He knows that these firewood are worthless in 2017. For the Millennium rural winter, that is the premise to solve the problem of food and clothing.

"Sister in law, you stay and have a rest. I'll go down and carry it for you." Yang Yu has always been adhering to the good moral character of helping others is helping himself.

"The firewood is more than 100 Jin, you." Seeing that Yang Yu was very young, Mei cunfu was worried that he could not bear it at all.

"Don't look down on me." Yang Yu replied with a smile.

"Be careful then." The beautiful village woman is very concerned.

Yang Yu looked around and found the way to go down. He tied up the firewood again, picked it up in one breath, circled around and brought it up.

"Sister in law, where do you live? I'll take it home for you." Yang Yu was not so enthusiastic because he was a beautiful village woman. Even if he was a man, he would help, because when he was a child, his grandfather, grandmother and father carried firewood down from the mountain one after another in the countryside.

This even reminds Yang Yu of his poor days. When he was the poorest, he had two meals a day, one of which was rice bran.

"You are so kind. Good people will be rewarded." That beautiful village woman's tears all flowed down, in the life always has such plain scene to move others.

Two people talk and laugh on the road, Yang Yu carrying firewood is also very relaxed.

"Sister in law, your daughter is lovely. What's her name?" Yang Yu asked.

"What's cute? She's wilder than a boy. Her name is Ji Ming." The beautiful village woman said with a smile.

Yang Yu's heart trembled for a moment, as if it had been suspended, stiff there.

Ji Ming? What a familiar name.In this way, if I have any regrets in my previous life, I feel guilty for my former student Ji Ming.

(grand finale)

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