A Sword of Frost

Chapter 159 This Life Has You [End]

In this battle, the number of casualties in the beam army was negligible. For a small price, they captured the leader of the Mustang tribe, killed countless rebels, and won quite clean and beautiful. However, despite the victory of the battle, the atmosphere in Yuli City was always dull. When all soldiers passed the inn, they would deliberately lower their voices and speed up their pace. Rumors about the three young children of the Jiang family have been flowing everywhere. Some people say that he is a traitor, and some people say that he is Wang Ye's eyeliner. There are various things, but there is only one thing, everyone knows it very well. That was the death of Jiang Lingfei, like a thick black cloud, and Ji Yanran had already been caged tightly. If it was not necessary, it was better to hide away.

There is a river outside Yuli City, which is turbulent in summer and much clearer in autumn and winter. Jiang Lingfei lay quietly on a bamboo raft and changed into a sky-blue refreshing shirt. It was the old lady who had sewed by stitches and needles while she was in the city of Kings. The cuffs were embroidered with fine moire birds. No restrictions.

His face was very peaceful, like falling asleep. Inside the sachet at the waist is Yan Yunmei, also called Changshenghua. Yun Yifeng did not know if this auspicious sign could really protect him from illness, disaster and carefree in the next life, but he still stubbornly filled a bag full of dried petals, and the fragrance of the dried petals was clear. Day, there is a night wind blowing over the blades of grass and stars.

Holding the ghost-headed sword, Li Yan was about to put it on a bamboo raft, but was stopped by Ji Yanran: "You stay."

He was surprised: "I, I stay?"

"Ling Fei didn't like killing, and I don't have to have this sword in the future." Ji Yanran's voice was low and dumb. "At the time, he promised to take you to the rivers and lakes. Now ... this sword, also That's half the river. "

Li Yi silently replied, holding the Ghost Sword tighter.

The current carried the long bamboo raft and went all the way.

The scenery in the southwest is actually very beautiful. The trees on both sides of the strait are dense, and the unknown flowers are in full bloom, showing a large area of ​​purple. Hundreds of white butterflies fluttered in the forest first, and then, as if smelling the fragrance of the longevity flower, they fell on bamboo rafts and stopped between Jiang Lingfei's eyebrows, his wings trembling.

At the end of the river is a deep gorge surrounded by lush white mist. It seems that in the storyteller population, the hermit lives in an immortal mountain.

The bamboo raft wandered into the water bay, covered by layers of trees, and eventually disappeared completely in the setting sun.

But the butterfly group seemed to see something, and suddenly, like frightened, scattered around.

Yun Yifeng helped the old lady, and the group walked slowly towards Yuli City. Mu Chengxue leaned on the tree and looked back at the river in the distance. As a man of the rivers and lakes, he will naturally have a bit of compassion in his heart, only patted the fat mink in his arms, and sighed: "It's your fastest job."

The ferret continued to sleep and wondered what was happening outside.

Really, carefree.


Nuo, Yuying, Changyou and Ghoststab were all taken to Wangcheng, and Fuer was no exception. On the day of the war, she had intended to wait for an opportunity in the city, but was captured by Ling Xing'er and Qingyue, and she resentfully said, "You have long suspected me."

"It's not skeptical. I just heard senior Mei say that you have no injuries in your head, but you haven't been able to cure it, so you can try it." Yun Yifeng said, "The mother-child relationship is acting well, and I miss my son. , But didn't find out that what I sent back to you was a significantly thinner baby girl. "

I couldn't find it when I was mad, but it was understandable, but later I was sober that I could point out that "Mei Zhusong is a conspiracy against the Party", but still holding other people's baby girls and crying, they really overplayed . Think again. When she fell on the cliff that day, she struggled desperately, but she was also trying to pull Huang Qing down the mountain. She took the vine and escaped, but she did not expect Xiao Huang to be brave and cling to her head. , "Bang" just stunned.

Huang Qing asked carefully: "Is Wang Ye okay?"

"It's okay." Yun Yifeng patted him on the shoulder. "Come down, three days later, the class teacher will return!"


After half a year, Wang Cheng.

Spring flowers bloom all over the streets and alleys are full of vitality.

Tianzi set up a house feast in the palace, silk bamboo orchestras, dancing Ji water sleeves flying around, full of treasures, full of sights, and staggering, several people have already been drunk and drunk, lying straight on the redwood case, knocked over A cup and a bowl of cups and bowls, Li Zhi did not blame, just smiled and ordered the palace people to help them down, so that they can take care of them.

The feast was almost midnight.

The old princess ate two more sweet wines during the dinner, and Yun Yifeng returned to Ganwu Temple to rest. Li Yanping retired from the palace, walked slowly with Ji Yanran in the imperial garden, the breeze blew head on, shaking two strings of orange and yellow lanterns in the corridor, dazzling a vein of light.

"When the emperor was alive, he once snorted after drinking, and regretted that he was an anti-Xie family. He refused to agree to the relationship between General Lu and Xie Hanyan." Li Yan stood by the lake, watching the sparkling microwave in the distance, There was a bit of sigh between the intonations, "At that time, I didn't understand, I didn't understand why this trivial matter would make the emperor so uncomfortable. Now I want to come, I'm afraid that it will be the Xuanyi army who defeated Hibiscus Town. The emperor had already guessed the reason why General Lu insisted on fighting, and then he lamented. "

Ji Yanran said: "Erasing the old hibiscus town completely from the map should be the compensation made by the father." In this way, in the eyes of the world, Lu Guangyuan is still the wise and general, and has never recklessly changed the march. Line, and the reason why the Xuanyi Army was defeated was because the number of rebels was too large, and they were outnumbered, for no other reason.

"No matter what happened that year, today it can be considered as a complete turn over." Li Yan looked at him and said, "For so many years, thank you for keeping the beam, thank you."

"The emperor's words are heavy." Ji Yanran bowed his head. "I left the palace at the age of ten, and I'm used to the wild in the northwestern desert. I don't know how many rules. Only emperor's kind heart can endure my rotten fault."

Li Yan smiled and continued to walk forward with him, talking about some short gossip among parents.

The father-in-law of Desheng embraced two cloaks and followed the brothers. They also felt that the garden in spring was beautiful, with the sky above the river, flowers under the sky, and the air was sweet. It was really pleasant and refreshing.

A handful of moonlight fell into the Baiyu River, dimly shining the entire palace.

In the early morning of the next day, Ji Yanran and Yun Yifeng left the house early in the morning and said which hutong to go for sugar cakes. After telling them to go early and return early, the old lady also waited for the servants to get up and take a bath, but instead of returning to Xiao Wangfu, she went straight to the Royal Study Room.

Desheng Gong helped her sit down and whispered, "Mr. Ming, what the emperor gave me was not poison | medicine, but ordinary Shenrong Buwan."

The old lady was a little surprised: "Pills?"

At that time, the southwest was in chaos. Ji Yanran sent troops and dispatched troops thousands of miles away, gathered all the southwest garrisons into his own hands, and also transferred most of the Central Plains soldiers and horses. It seemed like he was struggling to stir up a whole film. Rain and blood. The courtiers had a lot of discussions, and the orchestra that played on the stage would soon drown the Royal Study Room. Some said that His Royal Highness Xiao Xiao ’s ambitious ambitions, some lived up to Jiang Lingfei, and some people simply asked for Ji Yanran to go back to the southwest. Anyway, Like a thunderstorm, Li Yan was extremely irritated, and his face was overcast for many days in the early days. Among the courtiers, there was a spirit, and then he jumped out and said that His Royal Highness Xiao had always been loyal, and there was an old concubine in the city. There should be no problems if you want to come. Don't worry too much.

However, because of Jiang Lingfei's affairs, the old lady was very worried, so she knew she could not do it, but she still wanted to go to the southwest in person. In this situation, taking the next poison pill that needs to be returned to the palace on time to receive the antidote seems to be the most feasible compromise.

Li Xun stepped down from the dragon chair: "Don't tell a lie that day, and please ask the concubine to see something strange."

The old lady consecrated deeply: "The emperor rest assured, Yan Ran will never know about this."

As for why the poison pill turned into a tonic pill, it may be due to the natural trust between the brothers, or it may be because Li Zhi still jealous of Ji Yanran's military power, worried that he would have irreversible consequences once he knew that his biological mother had been fed with poison ... … It doesn't matter anymore.

It is important that everyone has a hardship, and it is good to get a balance from it and continue to live a peaceful life.

The city of may in May is as hot as the sun.

On that day, as soon as Ji Yanran returned to the palace, a servant reportedly reported that the master of the cloud gate had got a new recipe for heatstroke and cooling cake. He sent someone to buy two hundred kilograms of mung beans. He was busy in the kitchen.

Ji Yanran felt a little tinnitus: "How much?"

The servant repeated once, two hundred pounds.

Speaking again, he said in a very sympathetic tone: "It's better to go to the palace to hide first, or to invite King Pingle to help?" Otherwise, it depends on one person, I am afraid to eat it next year. .

Li Yan stayed in the new Wangfu across the street, shaking his head and chanting poetry, and suddenly felt a chill on his back. He thought for a moment with a serious look. Although he didn't know what was about to happen, since he had a bad feeling, it was better to wipe his feet and slip away as soon as possible, so as to save it like last time, he was "invited" to seven or seven inexplicably. In the mansion, you cannot leave without eating eighteen buns.

His Royal Highness Xiao was helpless and had to step on the ants to go to the kitchen. Fortunately, the owner of Cloud Gate was still holding beans in his sleeves and had no time to steam the flour. Ji Yanran was so embarrassed by this very hardworking scene that he stepped forward to hold the thin white wrist and forced the stone pestle away, fooling and deceiving: "I'll take you to a fun place."

Yun Yifeng was dragged down by him, and he regretted, "But it was very difficult to catch fire."

When Ji Yanran heard it, it was so precious to make a fire, not to mention it was steamed cake. This meal must not be done by hand anymore, and it decisively lifted people horizontally. A whistle called Fei Shuangyu, and the gallop went to the south of the city, the Royal Xiaobieyuan.

There are lotus ponds in the garden, all eyes are endless blue, refreshing and pleasant.

Hold a boat in the shade to the shade, and put a pot of sweet fruit wine next to you. Yun Yifeng spreads her pillows on Ji Yanran's legs, narrows her eyes halfway, and enjoys the cool wind, feeling that ... is much more comfortable than staying in the kitchen smokey.

"I got a red bead from Huanghuang a few days ago, and I saw that the grains were full and round and festive." Ji Yanran said, "I just left it to Qingyue as an engagement gift, and that pretty little girl was just right."

"It will be another martial arts conference in two months. He and the two will definitely attend it." Yun Yifeng said lazily. "Even if you get married, it will be the second half of the year. Don't worry."

Ji Yanran held his hand: "Wulin Conference, why haven't I heard you before?"

"It's not a big deal, I forgot." Yun Yifeng moved a comfortable posture. "Moreover, I don't go for fun."

I'm afraid this is the most leisurely "Leader of Wulin" in history. He doesn't ask martial arts in Chengri, but just wants to get rid of mung beans in the kitchen of Xiao Wangfu. However, the Central Plains Jianghu was in his hands, and he really calmed down and stopped. The five leaders worked together to maintain martial justice and peace. The Jiangjia Villa in Danfeng City also steadily occupied Wulin's top spot with the efforts of Jiang Lingchen and many Jiangmen masters. As a wish, Yue Yuanyuan became a housekeeper in Jiangfu, but never moved to a large mansion. She only set up a small wooden house next to Yanyuesha. Occasionally, she would burn incense to make tea and watch the lonely and bright yard next door. , Silver and white smoke moon cage veil.

Yun Yi wind said: "I dreamed of Brother Jiang last night."

Ji Yanran's next meal: "... Um."

"He said he was fine."

"How good is it?"

Yun Yifeng thought about how good it was, and finally said, "Freedom and freedom, and also told me to take good care of Wang Ye and cook more."

Ji Yanran kissed his hand: "If he says that again next time, just hit him on the face."

Several dragonflies fell on Jianjian Nenhe, and also slept together in this quiet afternoon.

Recently, the mountains and rivers have stabilized and the whole world has risen. The two originally planned to go to Jiangnan water village to relax, but unfortunately, they did not succeed because the leaders of the 13 tribes of the grassland will gather in Wangcheng early next month to discuss the opening of new business routes. The project to prevent and control wind and sand has begun. Only a few years later, that seedling will be able to grow into a continuous forest. Under the management of the Gegen Brothers, the Qingyang Grassland is peaceful and prosperous, and the wind and grass are low and the cattle and sheep are everywhere. Everyone's life is getting better and better in the future.

In this way, for a long time, there should be no fighting in the Northwest.

Lin Ying ’s military newspaper has become more and more trivial. I wrote today that the twenty brothers of Heiyingying got married. Tomorrow I wrote that many Western gadgets appeared at the border market. I bought a car for Yunmen. When the Lord came to Yancheng to enjoy the game; write the day after tomorrow, it rained for three days in the northwest, and it was the tears flowing from the subordinates and the old Master Wu Sinian.

Ji Yanran responded with a big stroke, and then missed the King three hours every day. The northwest was arid, and the people were looking forward to your rain.

Lin Ying: ...

Forget it, when I didn't say it.

As for other old people?

The lynx had a merit in the southwest, and as expected, he received a royal gift of "Stolen Saint" token, with a big golden bell on it, where it went.

Yun Yifeng specially reminded: "Private damage to the Royal Gift is a beheading crime."

The distressed heart was distressed: "But with this bell, it is not easy to work."

"You've also spent most of your life, so you might as well retreat and wash your hands in a golden basin." Yun Yifeng patted his shoulder. "I have already set up a mansion and a field for you in Yunze City, and the servants are not lacking, and comfortable. And magnanimous. "

The new "Stealing Saint" sighs again and again, always feels like he's lost ...

The ghost stab was imprisoned in Tian prison for life. Yun Yifeng used blood Ganoderma as the condition. He exchanged nearly a hundred prescriptions for curing diseases and detoxification from him, and handed them all to the doctor and Mei Zhusong. The journal is printed into a book and sent to all parts of the beam. Under the imperial decree, Li Xun built a brand-new medical hall in Qianlun Grassland and Wangcheng City for Meizhusong's treatment of diseases, rescue of people and lectures.

Mu Chengxue followed the merchant ship to the south and traveled to various places in the ocean. He had not returned for three years. Some people say that he took a big business, some people say that he is to avoid the enemy, and some people simply say that he is to avoid the clouds and leaning on the wind-after all, the marten is getting fatter, feels better, and is smooth and smooth. Yunmen master said yes when he touched it.

The boat was still swaying gently in the center of the lake, ripples appeared.

Yun Yifeng slept sweetly, and a few strands of ink hair were blown off the cheeks by the wind, and slid into the slightly open collar, where a red rope was hanging there, and a red jade carving milled blood Ganoderma was hanging on it. . Ji Yanran laughed abruptly, and thought of seeing her earlier in the year, remembering those beautiful peach-bloomed eyes, and an innocent expression "according to the description of Wang Ye, carved a blood Ganoderma lucidum to keep it safe." I felt guilty at the time, but now I think of it again, but I'm just glad that I can find the only one among the millions of people in Daliang.

The white snow of Jiufeng, the dazzling Milky Way of Star City, the city of Jincheng are all beautiful, the sunset over the long river in the northwest, and the magnificent scene of Sanchun in the south of the river. A crisp and sweet sound came out.

It turned out that the two of them had already enjoyed countless worldly scenes before they knew it, and had tasted thousands of good tastes.

For the rest of my life, there is a long, long time.

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