A Sword of Frost

Chapter 160 Fanwai: Martial arts leader

The king city in winter is dry and cold.

In this kind of weather, you should eat the meat around the copper pot, and then add a pot of new wine made by the owner of the wine shop. When you feel drunk and drunk, you can sympathize with your lovers ... you can miss your lovers and wrap them. The quilt slept alone.

There was no wind flower or snowy moon, because His Royal Highness Xiao was not at home recently and went to the northeast camp to inspect. He would not be able to return until next month.

The world ’s Taiping rivers and lakes were stable, and Yunmen was anxious. He studied the new dishes in the kitchen for seven days. Finally, on the eighth day, because the mutton was chopped too bloody, the bones were attached to the skin. Rush back to the front yard-even this little pleasure was deprived.

Seeing him sighing long and short, as if he was very sad and regretful, he took the initiative to raise his right. If he really wanted to cook, he could come to Pingle Wangfu.

Yun Yifeng asked, "I cook for you?"

Li Yan's fat body shook, and he repeatedly declined: "Where do I have this good fortune?"

Yun Yifeng looked up and down suspiciously, Li Yan smiled with innocence and innocence, tried his best to show the correct posture of "I did n’t eat it because I didn't want the seventh brother to be jealous", and quickly shifted the topic: "I ’d better stay with you Going to the emperor's private library? I heard that there are many good things in these two days, and a new piano. "

Yunmen said: "Oh?"

Li Min patted his thigh: "Let's go!"

Unfortunately, as soon as they left the house, they ran into a rush of rivers and lakes. The head man had a beard, a burly face and a dark face, which was comparable to Zhang Sanye. When Yun Yifeng saw that the team was rolling in smoke, he pulled Li's sleeve back two steps, and wanted to hide away, but who knew that the other party rolled over and dismissed his fist, and worshiped: "Below the Golden Sword sent the right to make Wang Changxiao, seen Lord! "

The sound was like Hong Zhong, which made all the people on the street look curiously. The eyes were probably shocked by this thick river of lakes and chivalry like Pingle King at this moment! Worship is very envious. The martial arts leader forced to take office had to lift people up and said kindly: "Why did Wang Youshi come, but what happened in the Jindao School?"

"Yes." Wang Changxiao sighed. "Otherwise, I would not dare to disturb the leader."

Li Yan invited everyone into his own house, and instructed the girl to serve fragrant tea and snacks, and was doing a secret calculation. I do n’t know if I can listen to these important issues together, but Wang Changxiao has begun to talk and has nothing to do. The meaning of confidentiality, he felt comfortable to sit in a chair, and participated in it together.

But nothing really happened.

It was nothing more than that the head was seriously ill, and a group of people began to feel restless. Seeing that the gang was getting more and more chaotic, the whole family was about to disperse. Wang Changxiao had to personally lead someone to come to Wangcheng to rescue the soldiers. I hope that the Wulin leader can come forward and help everyone. Justice.

Yun Yifeng wondered: "Where is the Liu Gang of the Canglang Gang? He has the Alliance Commander in his hand, and should also pay attention to the Golden Sword School according to his duties. Why hasn't he appeared?"

Wang Changxiao replied that the master of the Liu Gang was still practicing exercises and could only get out of the customs after the Chinese New Year. Canglang also sent others to coordinate, but the prestige is not enough to hold back.

Yun Yifeng thought about it, right. The Golden Sword School has been in existence for some years. Most of the high-ranking people are old and have a strong temper. They are afraid that they will not take into account the other Canglangmen except Liu Yan. Now, since the envoys of the other party have already come to the door, and sincerely speaking, they are crying on the spot and begging. As the leader of the martial arts league, he is still obliged to manage it.

So in the eyes of Pingle Wang Yanxian, the leader of the Yunmeng League followed the Jindao disciples and went north to preside over justice.

The old lady's personally packed luggage had three or four cloaks. I heard that the Jincheng was falling in snow, and the cold wind was blowing, and her hands were cracking. Then she added a pair of bearskin gloves and a scarf. The neck is very warm, and it is not like the leader of the martial arts league. It is more like the grand master of the wealthy family in Wangcheng. The shoes and boots must be padded with feathers.

When they arrived at the Golden Sword School, two sets of men stretched their swords and rolled up their sleeves in preparation for a dry rack.

Yun Yifeng admired the red plum and white snow all the way, just a little poetic in her heart, before it was too late to groan, there was a powerful yelling and scolding with ancestors, ethics and laws, there was not much in the bones Si Jian was angry and was immediately swept away. Fusui raised a wave of snow, separating the two who were twisted together, and said coldly: "The king's door is still sick, you have a chance!"

The move was stern, and the snow flakes looked like a knife. The two people lying on the floor were confused, but the other disciples could see clearly. They could have such amazing internal strength at a young age. No wonder they could be the leader of the alliance, and they dare not neglect. They were invited to the meeting honestly. Guest House. Wang Changxiao whispered: "The most fierce recent disturbances are Wang Zuo, elder Wang Da, Wang Ming, Wang Qingshan, Wang Zi, Wang Li, Wang Huohao, and Wang Xi.

Seven or eight names were spoken in one breath.

Yun Yifeng asked, "Does the Golden Sword School stop?"

Wang Changxiao replied, "Yes, I."

Yun Yifeng: "..."

Wang Changxiao's attitude was sincere: "It really is."

Because the ambassador to the right, strong martial arts, but no ambition, is a brave and rough man, he is very satisfied with his current status, naturally does not want to let the Golden Sword split, so he took the initiative again: Many are on their way, if the Alliance Lord can't remember these names-- "

"I don't have to remember." Yun Yifeng waved his hand. "Follow me to see Wang's head."

The doctor was still in the yard, saying that the old man was really ill, and he was getting old, and he was afraid that he would no longer be able to bear the trouble and exhaustion. Wang Changxiao whispered: "In fact, in the past few years, the head of the division has divided the martial arts. According to him, he will wait for the young master to take over the position of the head."

The young master is called Wang Song and is the grandson of Wang's head. He just turned thirteen this year and is a little tender. At this time, he was standing inside the house, looking thin and neat, with admiration for the leader of the martial arts, and a little childish childishness, respectfully holding his fist and saluting, "I have seen the leader."

"Let the manager take a good rest," Yun Yifeng said, "you follow me to Houshan."

Wang Song promised to do it first, and then he closed the door lightly. He also knew that he slightly lifted the buckle to avoid making a harsh "squeak" sound, which is also careful on weekdays. There was a thick layer of snow in the hospital, but the teenager was able to keep his clothes wet. Yun Yifeng became interested and asked him, "How about light work?"

The boy said modestly, "OK."

"Come and try." Yun Yifeng patted his shoulder. "If you can keep up with me, I will give you the same good thing."

The light work of the wind and rain gate is one of the best in the rivers and lakes. Wang Song has heard of it for a long time. When he saw that Yun Yifeng had gone out, he quickly followed him. After the Jindaopai, the mountains are covered with snow, and there are few people. When you step on the snow, you can't cross your knees. The teenager put the hem of the cotton robe into the belt and walked very easily. In the distance, Yun Yifeng's back thought secretly, that was not the case with the martial arts leader. However, it was not long before he was proud, but Yun Yifeng suddenly turned his head and asked, "Are you ready?"

Wang Song Yiyi: "Ah?"

Yun Yi swept backwards, dragging a light trace on the snow, the plain white sleeves opened up against the wind, like a snow lifted by the wind, and suddenly drifted away from several feet. The teenager was stunned, and when the reaction came, where could he catch up, even if he exerted a lot of strength, when he finally panted to the top of the mountain, Yun Yifeng had been waiting by the cliff alone for a long time, his shoulders were hairy There was a thin layer of snow.

Wang Song shouted, "Allies."

Yun Yifeng asked, "What's that?"

"Huh?" The boy walked to him and looked down. It was a long ropeway, and he laughed. "It is the coup of the brothers who came up to the mountain. In spring, summer and autumn, after practicing on the edge of the cliff, , You will be able to hold the wire rope and slide down the mountain, no longer need to walk, there is a large water pool under the shower. "

"Your kung fu is really good. Should the old master teach it himself?" Yun Yifeng asked.

Wang Song nodded, feeling a little down, "Grandfather treated me very well."

"The old head was suddenly ill. You are too young to deal with your uncle at home. You are also reasonable. You don't have to blame yourself too much." Yun Yifeng said, "Even the Jiangmen Nine Young, took over Zhangjiang at the age of 14. When he was at Jiashanzhuang, he stumbled and went through many detours. "

The boy kicked Xuexue: "At home, only Youshi is willing to help me."

"I'll give you three years first." Yun Yifeng said, "In the past three years, the new position of the Golden Swordsman will remain, and all matters will be handled by the special person in accordance with the previous arrangement of the old one. , It should not cause too much trouble. Three years later, I will come to Jincheng again to see if your skills can be improved. "

Wang Song turned his head and looked at him: "Really?"

Yun Yi wind said: "Everything is said."

Wang Song nodded: "Okay."

At this moment, a group of people appeared in Wuxu under the mountain. Bacheng was the rest of the people in the family. When they heard the news, they were not sure, so they came here one after another. Yun Yifeng shook his head secretly and asked, "Can this wire pulley be used in winter?"

"Yes, it's just a bit cold," Wang Song replied.

He drew a pair of gloves from his waist: "Do you want to try?"

"I want to talk to you a few more words. If those people come up next time, they will probably make another noise." Yun Yifeng tried the pulley. "Let's go down the mountain first."

The young man clenched his hands and wanted to teach him the usefulness of this thing, but in time remembered the skill of the other side—whatever such a powerful person needs his own axe, he swallowed it back. Use a belt to strap around the wrist for two turns, and kick your legs towards the cliff side. The "Ding Ding Frame" slipped down the mountain. Why is it "Ding Ding Frame" instead of "嗖", because in winter, cable It's frozen, so it's not smooth.

Yun Yifeng also learned his appearance, holding the wooden handle with both hands and sliding down. If you change to the summer and autumn scenery, look at the mountains or green or golden red, and then enjoy the cool and welcoming mountain wind, it should be very comfortable and cozy, but in winter it is a bit too cold, even if there are gloves prepared by the old lady, It was still cold.

Sliding halfway, Wang Song was blocked by the thick ice accumulating on the steel cable. He pulled his finger flexibly and unwound one side of the wristband. He only hung it in the air with his left hand, and pulled his dagger out of his leather boots with his right hand. Shovel off those ice skates. Yun Yifeng looked clearly behind him, and sighed as if the young artist was bold and just wanted to come forward to help, but felt that his body suddenly fell, and his head "banged"-the rope in front was broken!

The wind screamed in his ears, and Wang Song was frightened. He grasped the pulley with his right hand, and looked back hastily, and saw that a white shadow had floated to his eyes. Yun Yifeng held the steel cable by one hand and pulled his belt with the other, dragged the boy into his arms, and whispered, "Hug me!"

Wang Song used both hands and feet like a koala to entangle him. The steel cable was like a huge pendulum, whistling towards the cliff with two people, Yun Yi wind took a deep breath, intending to make a moment before touching the cliff, let the two people roll to a relatively flat pile of snow on the mountainside. . The gloves had been worn out, and his palm was painful and hot. He gritted his teeth and saw that he was getting closer and closer to the cliff. He was about to leap forward, but another black figure was pulling on the steel cable, and he hurried down, his arm. I took it all, took the big one, the small two, and fell steadily into the snow.

Wang Song mumbled a few rolls in the soft snowdrift, crawled up in amazement, stared at the black man with a look of shame in front of him, and held him tightly in the arms with the black man. With a smirk on his face ... as if the Wulin leader, who was also very panicked, was increasingly speechless.

Ji Yanran gritted his teeth: "I don't see you in January, but your ability to get into trouble is good for the wind."

"I'm not ..." Yun Yifeng turned his hands around his neck, turned his head and raised an eyebrow at Wang Song. "You turn around first, then plug your ears."

The young man guessed the identity of the man in black, hurriedly lowered his head, looked for a quiet place far away, covered his ears and squatted down.

Ji Yanran said coldly, "Come down."

"Can't come down." Yun Yifeng preempted to occupy the weak high ground and complained in a low voice, "I have worn my hands."

Ji Yanran grabbed his wrist and saw that the palms of his palms were blurred, and a few mouths were drawn out of the tiger's mouth, and he couldn't care less about his anger, and frowned, "Be obedient, stand by me and bandage you."

"That's right, don't be mad at me." Yun Yifeng leaned on his shoulder and lied. "If you want to blame, blame the little ghost, build a wire cable that is not so durable, and force me to slip. "

Wang Song squatted under the cliff without knowing that he had become the culprit. Ji Yanran listened to his nonsense, and he couldn't help crying. He took a clean patch from his arms and gently wrapped his wound, and asked, "Does it still hurt?"

"It hurts so much to stand still." Yun Yifeng hit the snake with his stick, grabbed his sleeve, regardless of the injury to his hand, and had nothing to do with the symptom of "stability", just like being beaten He had a broken leg and was firmly attached to him. "The prince has always been flat-faced and just went up like this. 80% of the people of the Golden Sword School would think that we are in a bad mood, and how bad it is to spread the word."

Ji Yanran knotted the parcel: "Go back to the inn and calculate with you slowly."

"That's good." Yun Yifeng quickly kissed him on the side of his face. "Before settling the accounts, settle the Jindao faction for my town."

Ji Yanran raised his mouth and said, "Wu Lin's leader still needs me to settle down in the town of Zhongren?"

"If Lord Wang helps, this matter will be dealt with within half an hour." Yun Yifeng said, "But if Lord Wang refuses to help, it is also possible for me to stay in the Golden Sword for ten or eight days. Isn't the date of account settlement going to be delayed again and again? And the Golden Knife sent a great family, and surely many people will line up to see me every day, so I have to go out late and return. "

The wind chills in the mountains, Ji Yanran takes off his cloak, and carefully surrounds him, reminding him: "This mouth is not as angry as I am now, it is better to keep some good words at night, maybe I will consider letting you go."

Yunmen's main flame was poured three inches short, biting his lower lip branch and humming, don't say, I don't say.

Ji Yanran knocked on his head, wrapped the person in his arms, held the hanging steel cable with one hand and flew up the cliff, and went down again, and took Wang Song like a chicken. come back.

The members of the Golden Sword School have already heard the news gathered on the cliff, one is more disturbed than the other-whether it is the Wulin Alliance leader descending from the sky, the Wulin Alliance leader talks in the back mountain, the Wulin Alliance leader falls, or His Royal Highness Xiao leads the army to the door, His Royal Highness Xiao Xiao jumped off the cliff to save people, and each single piece of stubbornness was quite trembling, not to mention that it was superimposed and even more headache.

The Wulin Alliance leader came up with a question full of doubts.

The Jindao sent everyone to hear the words, and their faces were three points whiter. What is good to say is to cut off, and listening to this meaning, do you still suspect that we are deliberate?

Yun Yifeng glanced at Wang Song and said profoundly: "I heard that Wang's master had paved the way for the young master a few years ago. Since all the affairs have been assigned, the Golden Knife should be methodical. It's normal operation, why is it messy? "

Ji Yanran looked unhappy and glanced coldly at everyone. The eyes of His Royal Highness Xiao, can that be accepted by ordinary people? Immediately, someone burst out with sweat and shouted, "Yes, yes, Xu Shigang is out of repair for a long time, let's break it."

At this time, several relatives had also inspected the broken wire rope, and said in a very low voice in Ji Yanran's ear: "Master Wang, the scar is deep, it doesn't seem to be cut off by man."

"Go down the mountain and wait." Ji Yanran commanded. "After Yun'er handles the Golden Sword faction, return to the station with me."

The soldiers led in unison, turned around and went down the mountain. Wang Changxiao hugged his fist and said, "His Royal Highness Xiao, lord, it's cold here, let's go back to the front hall to talk."

The Jindao faction had prepared the sedan, but Yun Yifeng did not want to be carried around by these people like a master, so he only let Wang Song sit, and he and Ji Yanran led the crowd down the mountain. The brazier was warm in the front hall, but everyone in the front hall was sweating coldly. The cloud leader already suspected that the wire rope was broken and somebody was secretly making a ghost. In this case, it is obvious who is most likely to be the head and who The suspicion grows bigger, but don't accidentally become a good **** and give away your life as well.

Yun Yifeng moved his fingers around his handkerchief and said slowly: "About the arrangement of Wang Zhimen that year-"

"The arrangement of the head is extremely thorough. It has been implemented for many years and has not made any mistakes." There was a vague feeling that he wanted the first unlucky one, and hurriedly said, "The reason why there is a mess in the gang this time is just a firm. The trivial matter has nothing to do with the position of the head. "

"That's it." Yun Yifeng nodded, and then asked, "Well, now the head of Wang can't afford to fall ill, who are you going to head?"


There was a silence in the hall, and everyone looked at each other for a long time. Only then did someone say, "The head is only cold and cold. If you take a rest for a while, you can recover when you want."

Yun Yifeng looked at him with a temper, "So?"

Ji Yanran loosened his fingers slightly, and when the tea bowl cover "dang" in his hand, slammed back to the edge of the cup. Although the sound was not great, it was quite scary in this deadly suppressed front room.

The organic spirit immediately said: "As for the successor of the head, naturally follow the previous arrangement of the head, and after the young master is sixteen years of age, discuss the matter together."

"Yes." Yun Yifeng nodded. "Then as you say, in the remaining years, whether it is Wang's illness or the young master's safety, I will give it to you here. After Brother Liu goes out of the customs, I will tell him again. "After saying that, he was kind enough to make up. Wulin League is busy with everything. I'm afraid I can't come to Jincheng every three to five to preside over the Golden Knife. You forgive me.

Wang Changxiao said in a loud voice: "Please be assured, the leader of the alliance, we will supervise the young master well, Xi Wu and Wen Wen are not relaxed, and we should take the responsibility of the head as soon as possible!"

In a few words, the future of the Golden Swords seems to have been set so lightly-but it can only be so light, otherwise what else? The meaning of the leader of the martial arts league is quite obvious. He will also need to add His Royal Highness Xiao, who came with soldiers. I am afraid that even the king's head, who is lying sick and drowsy, would never have dreamed that there would be such a big Buddha in his home.

Yun Yifeng said modestly, "Thank you all for that."

After the people dispersed, Yun Yifeng talked with Wang Song for more than half an hour, and they were mostly teaching him how to live a life. The teenager was grateful: "Is the leader really not staying here for two more days? There are a few good wines at Uncle Wu, older than my age."

Yun Yifeng was active, and the wine was second, but remembering His Highness's "accounting" in the mountains, he immediately felt that it would not be impossible to stay in the Golden Sword for a few days. Just looking at Yan Ran last season, he was instantly honest again, and just laughed, "Little Master doesn't have to be so polite. I have to discuss matters with Lord Wang, and we must return to the military camp as soon as possible."

Wang Song pursed his lips, his expression stiffened, "Yes."

Yun Yifeng pondered for a long time afterwards. What does it mean that he doesn't smile at all? How can a 13-year-old fart boy see his family status at a glance and start to laugh at the leader boldly? These rivers and lakes are really unreasonable.

But there was no time to go to the little ghost to settle accounts. After leaving the Golden Sword School, Ji Yanran rolled up the cloud and leaned against the wind with his cloak, and left the city of Jincheng with a cloak and went to the northeast army station of Lincheng. Afraid that it was too cold in the tent, he simply lived in the city inn. The brazier was burning in the guest room, hot tea and snacks were on the table, and the bed was covered with brand-new thick quilts. Even the soft shoes were covered with white snow. Fur, I don't know how to prepare so well in such a short time.

Yun Yifeng asked: "Is Wang Yi treating me so well?

Ji Yanran took out the injury medicine: "Hand stretched out."

Yun Yifeng lay on the table and stretched his arms straight over: "The voice of Wang Ye doesn't seem to be medicating me, it's like a gentleman to beat me."

"Which gentleman can cure you." Ji Yanran unfastened his handkerchief, and just wanted to pour medicine on the wounded, but he was afraid he would hurt, so he pulled the person to the bedside and circled him into his arms. When it came to Chuanshu that you were in Jincheng, I was happy to pick it up. I never thought I would see you jumping off the cliff as soon as I went up the mountain. "

Palm tingling, Yun Yifeng was not in the mood to justify that he was not jumping off the cliff, just sucking on the cold airway: "Lightly."

Ji Yanran was distressed again, and thought that his careful manner was very cute, and he smiled and kissed his cheek: "Be nice, I will be lighter."

"Um." Yun Yifeng leaned against his chest. "I want to go to the Northeast military camp."

"Tomorrow, it's too late today." Ji Yanran re-entangled him with a new bandage. "Lao Zhang came to me and said there was still something at hand. I'll take a look first, and I'll come back as soon as possible. You should take a good rest rest."

While talking, the people in the barracks came again to call on the grandfather, as if it really could not be delayed, Yun Yifeng sent Ji Yanran out of the door and urged: "Go early and return early."

His Royal Highness Xiao embraced the thin waist and put a slap on his forehead: "Um."

The soldier on the other side was only seventeen years old. Where he had seen this loving battle, he was so frightened that he immediately lowered his head and did not dare to look at it any more. I only used the corner of my eyes to secretly glance at it. The layer of clothes was like a snowy one, but it was really ... pretty.

The good-looking Yunmen master was standing behind the door with a serious face at this time, listening to the sound of footsteps going away, and quickly called to the inn owner, ordered him to prepare hot water for bathing, and wiped himself with one hand. Drilled into the bed early and fell asleep.

In the barracks, everyone heard that Yun Yifeng was in the forest city, and he would not delay Ji Yanran for too long. He would pick up the important things and say that even half an hour was not needed, and then his Highness Xiao was beaten up. The farewell returned to the city.

"Master Wang," shouted the guard who was responsible for the guard. "Master Yunmen has been sleeping in the room and hasn't got up to eat."

Ji Yanran frowned: "I'm not feeling well?"

"If you don't let the doctor, you should be sleepy."

Two people outside the room whispered. Inside the room, Yun Yifeng listened carefully to his ears. When the door rang, he closed his eyes quickly and made a sleepy posture for 100 years.

"Yuner." Ji Yanran sat next to the bed and tried the temperature of his forehead with the back of his hand. "Hungry?"

Yun Yifeng's belly rang out of time, in this quiet bedroom, quite immortal.

Ji Yanran laughed and hugged him with people: "If you want to sleep, don't pad your belly first."

Yun Yifeng shook his head: "Nothing, really." The attitude was sincere and resolute.

"I don't know what it was like when you just woke up?" Ji Yanran knocked on his forehead. "To wrap a thick cloak, I let the kitchen cook your favorite fish fillet."

The big white fish in Lincheng Icefield Snow Grotto has no earthy smell and does not need to be cooked carefully. White water can be used to freshen up eyebrows with a little salt. There are also several refreshing small pickles. I eat a small bowl on this cold winter night, and my whole body is warm.

Drowsiness is gone.

After washing, Yun Yifeng stood behind the window, listening to the snow blowing outside, howling: "Compared to the ghost crying wolf of Wu Feng, it's still less meaningful."

"I knew today, as soon as I went up the mountain, I should squeeze into your room to sleep." Ji Yanran circled him from behind, "wasting a good time alone."

Yun Yifeng turned his head: "What did Wang Yee think of when he first saw me at Fengmen?"

Ji Yanran did not hesitate to answer, and replied, "I was thinking at that time, where did such a fairy baby come from, as if I had just stepped out of the auspicious cloud from the painting, and the magnificence was like a peerless jade. The person was beautiful and the sound was nice , Kung Fu is still high, and immediately became enchanted ... Hiss, don't let people stun! "

Yun Yifeng let go of his hand and let go of the little piece of red, pitiful flesh: "Speak well."

Ji Yanran rested his chin on his shoulder and relied: "This is your own refusal to obey. I didn't think of anything at that time, I just wanted to find the bead relic at an early date."

Yun Yi wind said: "Yes."

"What about you?" Ji Yanran said smoothly, "what were you thinking of when you first met me, blood Ganoderma?"

"In addition to the blood Ganoderma lucidum, I still think that this is Her Majesty King Xiao, who is famous." Yun Yifeng laughed. "The only commander of the Heiying camp, the invincible general, so young, originally described in the same words. totally different."

Ji Yanran asked: "What is it in the book?"

Yun Yifeng thought for a while, and made a grimace at him: "So."

Ji Yanran was amused by him, took a bite at the pink and soft neck, and hugged the person back to bed. The bed tent was a good smell of jasmine, which Yun Yifeng liked, and now it was Ji Yanran's favorite, a trace of enthusiasm into the heart and spleen, which turned out to be a taste that only two people can understand.

Yun Yifeng had injuries on his hands and could not be touched. Therefore, His Royal Highness Xiao Xiao said briefly: "Come up."


Yunmen moved back: "Actually, I can lie down ... Hey!"

Ji Yanran pulled his collar and pulled people to himself.

The bed account was lifted up, and then fell down layer after layer, covering up the spring feeling in the bed.

Two people haven't seen each other for a long time. How did the ancients come in, Xiaobie won't get married.

The guards at the door had a tacit understanding. They collectively moved out of the eighteen miles and patrolled in the yard. Although it was colder, it was safe. After all, some voices could not be heard, otherwise they would be killed by the king.

In the middle of the night, the bedroom was barely quiet.

Ji Yanran carefully fed him a glass of water, and cooed, "Well, sleep."

Yun Yifeng remembered asking: "Are you going to the barracks tomorrow?"

"Go, wait until you wake up, don't worry." Ji Yanran put the cup, went to bed and hugged people back into his arms, "take a good rest first."

Yun Yifeng responded with a dumb throat, and wanted to talk a few more words, but closed his eyes and was soaked in the night. It seemed to be a momentary thing to fall asleep. Ji Yanran is still asking, "What did Yuner just say?"

The only answer was his breathing.

Ji Yanran laughed, pinching the slightly opened soft lips, and fell asleep together.

The eaves are ticking, and it should be sunny tomorrow.

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