A Sword of Frost

Chapter 161 Fanwai: Suspected of coming from an old person

Summer in the southwest is much moist than that of Wangcheng.

This time, the two went south together. One was to relax, and the other was to see how the Guanchao City was built. As the most important customs exit in the southern part of Daliang, Li Wei planned to expand the size of the entire city within eight years. It will be tripled to rejuvenate Nanyang Commercial Road. This project cost a lot of money. The silvery flowers like water went out. Naturally, a trustworthy person must be sent to inspect it.

Yun Yifeng turned over and dismounted, looking at the long line at the gate of the city, wondering, "Why so many people?"

"I caught up with the water festival." Ji Yanran smiled. "I also just knew yesterday. It is estimated that the city has been lively for a while. If you want to be quiet, we will live in a small village in the suburbs."

"It would be nice to be lively." Yun Yifeng said, "Just look at the past two years, whether the lives of the people in the southwest have become better."

Ji Yanran took his shoulders and whispered: "The tone of this talk really looks more and more like the royal family."

"Isn't this following Wang Ye." Yun Yifeng handed the stables to his followers. "If the person in my picture is an old bald landlord, then I'm going to think about picking up land and buying land for rent every day."

The entourage was so amused that he couldn't hold back a laugh, and said "噗嗤", and fearing that the lord blame him, he quickly led Ma Xu back to the two. Ji Yanran couldn't help crying or laughing at his mouthful. He put his thin fingers into the palm of his hand, reminding him: "If I see a local official in two days, I'm not allowed to be poor."

"I want to live in an inn first." Yun Yifeng said, "more comfortable than the post house."

"Speak two nice sounds." Ji Yanran took him to the end of the line, "otherwise I won't take you."

Yun Yifeng was very cooperative, saying, "Gong Xi Fa Cai." It really sounds good, and it is very auspicious.

Ji Yanran smiled happily and gently wiped the thin sweat on his forehead with the back of his fingers. The two whispered in the team. Although they did not disclose their identities, they all behaved with extraordinary manners. They attracted travelers from all around to look here. They were enthusiastic and enthusiastic. They have come to talk and asked. The two are also here. Participated in the water festival?

"Yes," Ji Yanran said, "I heard that this water festival is extremely grand and jubilant, and just when we were nearby, we came here for a long time."

"That's the right thing to do." The other side danced with frowns. "Now everyone's life is getting better year by year. Naturally, the festival will be lively year after year."

Yun Yifeng calmly asked: "Why is life getting better and better?"

The other party really lived up to expectations. A: "Of course, the court has ruled it well, and since His Royal Highness Xiao led his troops to calm down the rebellion, even fewer mountain bandits have been added. In addition, with the opening of Nanyang Commercial Road, the city of Chaozhou is even more valuable. . "

Yun Yi wind said, "But I heard that King Xiao ... Hey!" Before I finished speaking, I was dragged into the city by Ji Yanran, regrettable, "What's the matter, I want to hear them touting Wang Yeliang more sentence."

"The sun is scorching in the afternoon. You want to be touted by others. When the sun goes down in the evening, I will take you out again. At that time, we will pick up places with a lot of people to drill." Ji Yanran looked in front. "Peacock Inn, the name is Interesting, why not just stay here? "

Yun Yifeng readily agreed, thinking that the Peacock Inn, Bacheng is the owner of the inn in order to attract customers, so in the yard raised eighteen or eight blue-green peacocks, the rich and beautiful when they think of it. When I walked in, I found out, let alone a peacock, not even a peacock's fur. Only a colorful parrot was hung under the corridor in the courtyard, dragging its long tail feathers, trying to mix fish and pearls.

Yun Yifeng took a jerky: "Gong Xi Fa Cai."

The parrot snarled, "Get rich and get rich. Heroes get rich."

Yunmen immediately clapped: "Live here!"

Parrot once again succeeded in soliciting business for its own family, and continued chattering in front of the two of them: "One hundred years of love, peace and prosperity, business is booming, and the water of the Yellow River is not seen from the sky, and the pots, knives, and knives are closed!"

Yun Yifeng listened with interest: "We might as well raise one and hang it outside the bedroom."

"You can raise one, but you can't hang it outside the bedroom." Ji Yanran refused. "Otherwise, wouldn't you let it learn all the love words I told you, and then everyone would know it."

Yun Yifeng thought about it. A parrot shouting heart-to-heart baby to and from the servant all day long, it is indeed not appropriate. Besides, besides the heart-and-baby baby, there are some other things that are not suitable for others to hear ... After thinking about it, I thought of myself. So after returning to the room, he said nothing, first pulled Ji Yanran's collar and kissed him, and said, "Let's go and eat."

His Royal Highness Xiao asked casually: "After eating?"

Yun Yifeng said with a big grin, after eating, you can make you happy.

Ji Yanran didn't expect that he would come to such a sentence suddenly, and when he reacted, he was happy. He pinched his back and asked, "How about a happy method, let's talk about it in detail."

The master thought for a while: "Get it seventy or eighty, four books and five classics, and let Wang Ye study it all night. It's a joy to learn it."

"I'm not interested in the Four Books and the Five Classics." Ji Yanran's hands were slightly hard, Yun Yifeng suddenly sour eyebrows and noses wrinkled, and said, "Okay, me, me, don't use the four books and five Classics, replace me, replace I!"

The guard listened to the joke outside and smiled secretly. After seeing the two of them coming out, they quickly put away their expressions and yelled, "The subordinates have already inquired about it. The water festival is tomorrow. Can you tell the officials to prepare early?"

"No need, just ordinary people come here for a visit, otherwise it would be boring to be hugged and hugged by others." Ji Yanran threw a few silver ingots. "It's hard to come by, and you should go and have fun by yourself, don't I followed, and I heard that there are several small restaurants in this city, and the hot and sour fish is quite good. "

The guards smiled, and left after thanking them. Yun Yifeng changed his refreshing and clean white clothes, and went out shopping with Ji Yanran, wearing a jasmine scent on his clothes, which attracted the parrot to the yin and yang strange words: "beauty, come here!"

Ji Yanran turned around, glanced at it coldly, staring at the unlucky parrot's neck, and fled away.

There are mountains, rivers, and the sea near the tide-seeing city, and it is lively on weekdays. It is even more lively during the water festival. People in the small restaurant are crowded everywhere, not to mention hot and sour fish, not even hot and sour noodles. bowl. In the end, His Royal Highness Xiao Xiao squeezed himself into the crowd, bought a skewer, wrapped it with unknown spices and leaves, and took a bite of incense.

Lanterns hang on both sides of the street, with all colors, and there are warm lights in it. When the wind blows, the city shuffles the lights together. The frontier is not as rich and prosperous as Wangcheng, but it also has no regional characteristics. The taste of hot and sour ingredients is scattered in the air, and it is lively, auspicious, and fireworks on the earth. In short, everyone in it looks cheerful.

Compared with decades ago, the southwest has completely slowed down.

Late at night, Ji Yanran took his shoulders and asked softly, "Are you in a daze?"

"It's nothing." Yun Yifeng said, "I'm just thinking that it's really lively here, and I'll let Xinger come to visit next time."

Ji Yanran said, "Well."

Neither of them was sure, and whether the other thought of Jiang Lingfei again, they didn't even mention it. They only walked slowly in the street holding hands, from east to west, from south to north, to the lanterns on both sides of the street. It was gone, and the crowd was scattered, so they picked up the quietest stall and drank a bowl of cool sweet soup.

The mid-air galaxy traverses, and the entire small town is plated with a shimmer, which is very beautiful. Yun Yifeng just moved, and Ji Yanran said, "If we like it, we will buy a house here and save it for the future."

"Tiannan Haibei, Wang Ye said that he has already occupied more than a dozen houses." Yun Yifeng leaned on his shoulder and laughed, "I really plan that the local master will fail in the future."

"What's wrong with the local owner." Ji Yanran raised his eyebrows. "I don't do anything every day. I just lie in bed to collect rent and bully men and women."

Yun Yifeng answered with a nasal voice: "Okay."

Hearing the sleepiness in his voice, Ji Yanran didn't talk anymore, only patted him on his shoulder for a while, and when the person beside him fell asleep, he hugged him horizontally and took him all the way back to the inn.

Earlier said, "Have Her Royal Highness Xiao Xiao to be happy and happy", it suddenly became such a beautiful summer night with tender feelings and interdependence. Don't have a strong feeling of affection. There was a faint floral fragrance between the beds, Ji Yanran held the man in his arms, and stroked his hair with his fingers, remembering the situation when he first met, his heart was still like a hawthorn, half happy and half sweet. I dare not think about how the rest of my life would have been without him. Slightly leaning down, rubbing the clean forehead with lips, even kissing with pious.

The veil hangs down layer by layer, and the dim candle light, which is originally dim, is even more faint and invisible. In a relaxing darkness, Yun Yifeng held his sleeves and slept more and more peacefully and sweetly. Ji Yanran had pity on him recently. He had wanted to sleep until noon and then got up. Who knew that the genius was slightly bright the next day, and a deafening gong had sounded. Yun Yifeng was awakened from his dream, and he instinctively touched the flying sword under his pillow, but was pulled into a warm embrace. Ji Yanran stroked gently on his back, whispering comfort: "It's okay, it's water The festival has begun. "

"Is that so early?" Yun Yifeng still beating, burying his face in his chest, "It's not even light yet."

"People are anxious to celebrate, it is a good thing." Ji Yanran said, "It shows that everyone has everything to eat and drink, and live a comfortable life."

With just a few words, there was already a loud noise outside, and I couldn't sleep anymore. Yun Yifeng stretched up and sat up, "Let's go, let's have fun together."

Between movements, half of the clothes slipped off the shoulders, exposing a large white skin. Ji Yanran yanked the soft body into his arms and whispered in his ear: "Be with me first?"

Yun Yifeng flickered lightly, and the man was standing at the table, gathered the placket and ordered: "Get up!"

Lord Dang Dang, what kind of system is prostituted by day, it is important to do business.

As for what is the business, for example, eating and drinking, and then walking around the street, it can be considered as business. You need to know that the Tide Watching City during the water festival not only has water fun, but also big shows, markets, and Nanyang merchants. They will come to the fun and come up with some unique gadgets of their own country, which will attract people to stop and watch. Constantly, quite attractive.

The owner of the inn also thoughtfully prepared Southwestern national costumes for the two, with colorful embroidery threads, which look fine when placed on the bed, but can be set on the body with great interest from Yun Yifeng, but no matter how they look, they look like one Colorful golden pheasant. Ji Yanran stood beside and explained patiently: "This is the hospitality of the boss. He just said it when he delivered it. The more the color of the embroidery thread, the more honorable the guests are."

My heart is precious, but ... Yun Yifeng asked, "Why don't you wear it yourself?"

"I can't wear it. Brother Huang thought I was going to rebel." Ji Yanran replied righteously and coaxed, "Only Yuner, everything looks good, just go out."

Yun Yifeng patted him on the shoulder: "If Grandpa can bear the laugh when he says this, it may be more credible."

Ji Yanran denied: "I'm not, I don't."

Yun Yifeng took off his colorful embroidery gown and put it back on his plain white gauze, and commanded: "Bring back to Wangcheng, keep the bottom of the box."

Ji Yanran was quite sorry, but he had been pulled out of the room before he could express his opinion.

On the outside street, it became more lively. The pretty girls are wearing the best dresses, and when they stand together, they do nothing, just talking and laughing, it is also a beautiful painting. What's more, they were able to sing and dance, holding a bowl of welcoming wine in hand, and Yun Yifeng drank only two bowls. They were already a little dazed and their knees were soft.

The real water festival does not start until the afternoon, and it can be splashed everywhere in the city, but the most people have to be by the river. The crystal waters reflected the rainbow in the air, and Yun Yifeng also bought a small pot on the stand. It was originally intended to join Jubilee, but a white man like him, even if he did nothing, only went to that station. Will attract a large number of people's attention-so, unexpectedly, before people approached, there was already a puddle of water poured over, and men, women, and children gathered around and said it was playing in water. It is more like a golden mountain of water, and a generation of martial arts masters and dignified doormen have been poured alive, so that they can't even care for a basin, just squatting on the ground with their heads for mercy. It seems that this enthusiasm is not enough, back pain, and easy breathing.

Ji Yanran stayed outside, knowing that he had a good time with the villagers and didn't bother. He just found a piece of broken silver and sent a little doll beside him to buy a few bunches of fried cakes in the shop. The little baby's milk was yelling, and she was glad to go. When Ji Yanran looked up again, Yun Yifeng just patted his sleeves and stood up, looking at the posture as if he was going to pick up a pot to fight back. Take him in his arms and whispered, "Come back with me!"

Yun Yi wind unknown: "What's wrong, what's wrong?"

"Changing clothes," Ji Yanran said.

Good, why change clothes? Yun Yifeng was still confused, but at a glance, he understood. In the summer, he was thin and white, and was drenched in water to stick to his body ... No wonder His Royal Highness Xiao would grit his teeth like this. The people around hadn't had time to react. They just felt that there was a dark shadow in front of them, and if they wanted to take a closer look, the good-looking white boy had disappeared. It really looked like a wind god. Yun Yifeng was held in his arms with one hand, and he felt quite regretful, saying, "Just leave like this, then shouldn't we have been thrown for nothing for a long time?"

Ji Yanran originally went up to a two-story building. He heard him say it, and flew back again, like a light Swift swallowing down on the water. The bottom of his boots "brushed" across the river. A wall of water was smashing towards the shore!

The people were shocked!

Although there are festivals every year, it is the first time that the "play" is so unreasonable and aggressive. There is nowhere to escape, but I can only stand upright and be poured into chickens.

Ji Yanran bowed his head and asked: "Happy now?"

Yun Yifeng smirked: "Yes."

The two returned to the inn. On the other end, the little baby came back with a handful of fried cakes, but he couldn't find his elder brother everywhere. When the old man next to him saw that he was innocent and cute, he smiled and said, "The two people have just left, and this thing is not necessary anymore, you just keep eating."

"But I can't eat so much." The baby gave a bunch to the old man, and the rest was in his hand, looking for a quiet place. After eating a bunch, he was full, and pushed with his arm. Person: "Hey, do you want it?"

The man was wearing a bucket hat, covering most of his face, and wearing a black suit, and looked like a river and lake guest. He asked, "What do you want?"

"Fried cakes, it's delicious." The little baby handed it over enthusiastically. "It was another big brother in black clothes who asked me to buy it, but he forgot that I'm full, you can eat it."

Doudou nodded: "Thank you."

When he reached out to pick it up, the little baby said curiously, "Well, how did you draw a butterfly?"

"I don't know. I was sick for a while. I woke up." The diners slowly ate, "It tastes good, thank you."

"I didn't buy it. Thank you, you should thank the big brother in black clothes." The little baby sucked his fingers. "But oops, you don't know either."

He talks a lot and looks like a little bird, and it is not annoying. The other end of the river was still noisy. The diners finished eating fried cakes and found a piece of broken silver in their arms: "Thank you."

"No need for so much money." The baby doll waved his hand. "And you helped me, I should thank you."

The dipper also changed another butterfly jade pendant: "Let's play."

The butterfly is crystal clear, like an ice sculpture. Although there are many jade materials in the southwest, such rare light transmission is rare. The little baby received it in a novelty. He just wanted to see it, but when he played enough butterflies, he wanted to return, but the big brother Dai Dou was gone.

The little baby suddenly frowned. You should know that for him, the tide watching city is already very big, and it is not easy to meet the same person twice.


In the inn, Yun Yifeng had changed his clothes and was drinking tea in the shade of the courtyard. Ji Yanran asked, "Don't play in the water?"

Yunmen replied that the people were too fierce.

Rao is a master of martial arts. He can't hold dozens or hundreds of pots together to splash, and the ears and noses are full of water. Ji Yanran laughed: "Then I will take you out later, and the pier at the sea will hang lights after dark. You should like it."

The meals are refreshing seasonal dishes, as well as bacon rice cooked in bamboo tubes, which are thick and fragrant when bite off. The courtyard is full of flowers, and the city is also full of flowers. When the night light first came on, the two went out of the inn and went to the river to relax and eat. By coincidence, they encountered the previous baby again.

The fried cake had been eaten by myself, and the little doll was a little embarrassed, so she passed the butterfly pendant in her hand: "Now, I'll pay you this."

"What is it?" Yun Yifeng asked with a smile.

"There is another big brother in black, said that fried cakes are delicious, so give me this." Said the baby doll, "I'll give it to you now!"

He had a serious tone, and after jumping, he jumped home. Yun Yifeng rubbed his palm butterfly and said, "The carving is fine, and the material is rare."

The boss on the side of the booth answered, not only the carving and the material are good, but also the meaning. This is the acacia butterfly. It is about the long-lasting acacia. In this way, we can love one hundred years.

Ji Yanran heard the words and whispered, "Then we'll hang up tonight, and we will be happy every year."

Yun Yifeng stepped on him, hung the butterfly pendant on his wrist, slipped away with his hands behind him, and watched the excitement go.

The lights on the pier are also on. Rows of rows of Huang Chengcheng's halo are like dreams in the sound of waves. At this time, if you narrow your eyes, you will be able to melt that large piece of light, Jin Mang fell into the calm sea surface, pouring out a bright mirage of the city.

A big ship was also preparing at this time.

Travelers crowded at the bow, while their loved ones were standing under the boat. Although they had been told hundreds of times at home, when they were separated, they still had a full stomach. I actually wanted to go back and forth. Sentence, we must take care of our body, wear clothes in cold weather, and return at an early date. But isn't this the case in life? There are not so many violent, most of them are the most common chai oil and salt, parting and reunion.

The docker was also on board.

The people next to him saw that he had been standing, and reminded him kindly: "Brother, don't you go and tell your family? This boat is about to sail."

The duke shook his head and whispered, "No one came to see me."

"Then ... then go with me." The other person's character was hearty. "This is a long way to Nanyang. In the boat, you and I will take care of you, so my friend is naturally your friend."

Having said that, he forced the dipper to go to the side of the boat and waved his head down, "We are gone!"

The noisy, black, can't see who is who, just listen to the sound of farewells.

Yun Yifeng then waved his hand and asked, "It will take three or four years before we can come back."

"The Nanyang Commercial Road is prosperous. It is said that there are many strange mountains and seas along the way. The customs and customs are very different from the beams. For three or five years, I will not be bored when I want to come." Ji Yanran said, "In the future, I will bring you and my mother. See it overseas. "

Yun Yifeng leaned in his arms, blowing the cool sea breeze, and said, "OK."

The ship slowly sailed away from the shore, with a hoarse and loud singing in the distance.

Someone was singing, the breeze was sitting in twilight, the suspect came.

The suspect is coming.


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