A Sword of Frost

Chapter 162 Fanwai: Spring Rain

There is a good place in Wangcheng, called the Green Bamboo Hall. An old mottled lacquered door is opened, and the path is quiet, and the green robes are in front of you. The rain silk runs along the eaves into a thin line. Sitting in the hall, tapping on the sandal board and chanting, "I am drunk, I am happy, Tao Ran forgot about the machine," and looked up and asked, "Is this guy here to buy wine?"

Yun Yifeng looked around and was quite novel: "I'm here to hide from the rain ... Is this actually a wine shop?"

"It's not too much. I just made a few more wines recently. I can't finish it myself, so I'll take some out and sell it." The host beckoned. Come and have a drink. "

He wore a gray robe and looked at Momo in his early twenties. His looks were elegant and straightforward. He claims to be named Liu Jin, and his family is doing silk business in Sichuan. He moved to Wangcheng with his father and brother a few months ago.

The rain is really annoying. The shoes and socks are already soaked, and Yun Yifeng hasn't quit, and said with a smile: "Then disturb Brother Liu."

Sitting on the knees, a waitress with a yellow skirt was charming and cute, a pair of apricot kernels dripping with affection, and I also liked this uninvited fairy prince, and before the owner told me, he had already taken the good tea and wine from his home. However, Liu Jin was amused, and he laughed and scolded Xiao Nizi again and again. When I saw the handsome boy, I just wanted to hollow out my family. I have put away the old Pu'er cake that I have treasured for many years.

"The son always stays in the Green Bamboo Pavilion and refuses to go out, can't I let me have some fun?" The yellow skirt waiter justified and took the pipa. He sat in the drizzle in the corridor, and the white mist transpired from the flower bed, and then The lush greenness of the courtyard is like a pretty fairy in the folk genre. The wonderful voice of the beautiful wine beauty, plus a warm and hospitable host, would be boring, and Yun Yifeng looked up and drank the glass of wine, praising: "Brother Liu, really happy today."

"If Brother Yun likes it, it will always be from now on." Liu Jin reclined on the collapse, and continued to shake his head and sing, rejoicing, wine and chat. When he was happy, he called the servant aloud to prepare dinner, fried the bright red base with butter, thinly sliced ​​the lamb, and said that he would eat a lot and get drunk.

Then a group of disciples of stormy doors kept watching their homeowners cheering-they did n’t know what they were happy with, but they only knocked on the jade bowl with silver chopsticks. "Ding Dangdang" sounded crisply, but Liu Jin heard it. Carefully fascinated, remembering that when he was seven or eight years old, the old man who sold Ding Ding Tang in the streets and lanes was also such a wild knocking method, he was very kind, so he held his wrist and felt with emotion: "Brother Yun really ... I have a sweet heart. "

Yun Yifeng hurriedly humbled: "It's easy to say, I just knock casually."

I didn't mean to hit your heart.

At this point, both of them were half drunk and drunk with meat in the fresh spicy soup. On the other side, the shadow guard of the King Xiao's Mansion has already burned his buttocks and killed him to report back-Wang Ye only entered the palace for a long time, and the Lord of the Clouds already had a chopstick knocking seven times and knocking it, and it was sweet to others. The two ate hot pot and drank again, and they also agreed to go out to the countryside together. What's wrong?

Ji Yanran frowned: "Where did it come from?"

"The subordinates have already checked, Liu Jin is indeed the son of the silk merchants in Shuzhong." Ying Wei said, "the family is innocent, but it is a bit inexperienced, but also a wine and a piano, which pleased the owner of Yunmen very happy. . "

Ji Yanran couldn't help crying: "Since the family is innocent and Yun'er is happy, it's okay to drink a few more drinks together. I'll pick him up later."

After finishing the military affairs at hand, it was almost dark the day before. His Royal Highness Xiao held up an umbrella and went to the Green Bamboo Museum in Chengxi alone. When he knocked on the door, someone was sitting cross-legged on the roof, holding an exquisite jade fan, covering his shoulders with wind and rain, and painting to the left and right. With events in the rivers and lakes.

Ji Yanran frowned twice.

Yun Yifeng said intently: "We martial arts ... Keke." A cool breeze made him shiver, and three or four sneezes came in one breath. Before he could rub his nose, he was given a **** cloak. There is a rigorous twist around his head. This is a familiar method compared with the kidnapping of robbers. You do n’t need to guess who you are. Yun Yifeng twiddled it. Just as he planned to stick out his head, he heard someone bit his teeth: What you just said two days ago, you forget it. "

The master of Cloud Gate stopped and woke up most of the time. He shrank his head into the cloak and was honest.

And the audience in the courtyard was also confused. Why was this distracted when he looked up, and when he looked at it again, the people who told the story disappeared?

The yellow skirt waiter covered her mouth and snickered: "I just said that we are like monsters and monsters. Now it seems that I don't know who has come and gone."

Xiao Wangfu's servant had already prepared hot water, Ji Yanran closed the door with his backhand, and just about to take off his soaked robe for him, Yun Yifeng had already raised his leg, watching the posture is to step into the bathtub.

"Yuner!" Ji Yanran grabbed him, "stand still."

Yun Yifeng was dragged by him, and he was still unstable. He simply attached the whole person, a pair of peach blossoms with red eyes drunk, and said vaguely that he could not stand well.

Ji Yanran secretly had a headache, holding one cold finger in one hand, and pulling a brocade belt in the other. Yun Yifeng lay down on his shoulders as he continued to pretend to be drunk, and quickly thought about how to deal with it in order to avoid the rain and alcohol. The guilty of sin--though there are thirty-six measures in the book of soldiers, but here is the best way to use it. Obviously, only the beauties plan a way. The idea is decided. Dragging, Ji Yanran caught off guard and slammed into the bath barrel, splashing crystal water, almost flashed. Yun Yifeng immediately wrapped his hands and feet around him, humming in his mouth. In the middle of the night, what did the Lord take me to the river? How bad it is to be seen.

Ji Yanran was tossed with sweat by him: "Be good, don't make trouble."

Yun Yifeng scrambled his face around his neck, dumbed his throat, and picked up a few words from the bedtime bedtime tentacles. Seeing that spring love is about to turn into water, everything is walking along the road of incense | His Royal Highness Xiao suddenly pulled his wrist and tried his pulse for a long time.

Yun Yifeng: "..."

Xiandi's entrepreneurial career was not completed but the middle road collapsed. The main color of Cloud Gate | Suiwei was suspected of being a fan | medicine. From this, it seems that acting too hard is not enough, and it is easy to be embarrassed. And the innocent Tamarix far away in the west of the city, still unaware that he has become the number one **** | devil suspect, is still intoxicated listening to the servant Fu Fuqin, both physically and mentally. Ji Yanran held her hot body in her arms and rushed out the door, "Come!"

Seeing that Liu Jin was about to be forced to travel overnight in the prison, Yun Yifeng was crying without tears: "Don't!"

Ji Yanran raised an eyebrow: "What else?"

Yun Yifeng: "..."

The trick of pretending to be drunk was taken apart. Between "confession on the spot" and "broken jar", the owner of the cloud gate quickly chose the latter, and rightly complained: "The prince saw that I was acting, why didn't he agree with the letter? A letter, a rare initiative, it's a good time, and I'm not interested. "

"That's right." Ji Yanran held the thin waist, "Since you're not interested in doing anything else, why don't you talk about how you drenched yourself today and drank instable?"

Yun Yifeng covered his mouth with a hand: "It's true, but the interest suddenly came back."

Ji Yanran kissed him in the palm of his hand: "That continues."

The bed tent was torn up, and the lamp at the bedside went out.


In the early morning of the next day, when Ji Yanran got up, Yun Yifeng himself had prepared a large table for a rich breakfast, and the noodle porridge soup and golden biscuits were readily available. It is said that he bought them at seven or eight stores, which is quite sincere. The guard also checked the Chengxi Liu family again, and confirmed once again that the other party was indeed an ordinary businessman without any fuss. Ji Yanran fed him a spoonful of porridge and told him: "You can listen to the flowers and listen to the piano. You must not be drunk."

"Okay." Yun Yifeng replied quickly, and asked, "Is there something in the army these past few days? See that Wang Ye is always busy in the palace."

"There is something, but it is not a bad thing." Ji Yanran handed over a bun. "The former Hanyang City garrison commander Zhou Jiong, because of his military success in the southwest rebellion, was just ordered by the emperor to return to Wangcheng. He met with him yesterday and met him Chatted two more. "

"Leader Zhou," Yun Yifeng thought for a while, "Fortunately, there was a battle between Dianhua City and the Central Plains."

"He also told me another thing." Ji Yanran said, "At that time, the southwest was in chaos, and the disciples in Fengmen took my tiger charm, but it was a fake."

Yun Yifeng stunned: "He recognized it?"

"As Commander-in-Chief of the Central Plains Garrison, if he doesn't recognize him and is easily deceived by you, then he should really receive the penalty." Ji Yanran said, "Zhou Jiong saw that it was a fake, but didn't ask much, but Can you guess why? "

"Yes." Yun Yi Feng said, "At that time, the situation in the southwest was critical, and the Central Plains had to lend a helping hand, otherwise the rebels would probably go all the way. Zhou Tong knew well that taking the initiative to fight was the only way out. He didn't need a tiger charm. You do n’t even need Wang ’s order, you just need a reason to send troops. ”

"So why do you do this?" Ji Yanran looked at him. "I gave you a tiger charm."

"I'm not ..." Yun Yifeng cleared his throat and justified, "But Wang Fu's tiger amulet, I also gave it to the disciple, and also told him many times. In case the fake can't pass, he quickly took Really come out, in short, do not delay the fighter. "

"Don't take any more responsibility for me in the future." Ji Yanran said seriously, "Even if the sky is falling down, it should be upheld by me, you just lie in the cotton nest comfortably and sun, do you know? "

"That last night--"

Ji Yanran made a snoring gesture: "Shh, mother is here."

Yunmen quickly changed his mouth: "The lord also read a whole night's book last night, so why not take a good rest."

His Royal Highness Xiao was brazen and calm and acquiescent.

The old lady heard very rarely: "When I was a child, the Master was so angry that I could read all night, what did I read?" Then he changed his mind before waiting for his two sons to compose two book titles. "It's nothing, seeing your face embarrassed, I don't want to be a serious book, don't talk about it, don't teach bad Yuner."

Ji Yanran: "..."

Yun Yifeng cooperated: "Well."

The expression of innocent innocence was like the so-called "irregular" books under the pillows in the bedroom, which had nothing to do with Fengmen.

I don't know how many times His Royal Highness Xiao, who carried the pot for others, has a gentle smile and considerately chopsticks and bamboo shoots for him.

Just install it slowly, and in the evening, let's carefully calculate this bad book.

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