A Sword of Frost

Chapter 29 Blue House Women

The gigantic villas, one after another, are like bizarre murders in the past, but they are a bit like the original Xuefeng Pavilion.

The only difference is that this time Yun Yifeng and Ji Yanran are not among them-at least it seems they are not among them.

And Xu Qiuping who was among them, under the strong survival **, swept away the thunderous style of the Xu family ’s five shopkeepers in the past, and even the second brother rarely visited, and stayed in his home yard, eating on time and quantitatively. With a little loss of appetite, I was panicked and felt that I had been poisoned by qimen drug | medicine, fearing that I would have to deal with that terrible nursery rhyme.

"Xu Wuye." Yun Yi Feng said tonight, "The only person who can save Eighteen Villas now is you."

Xu Qiuping was sitting on a chair, and the whole man looked at his back with a hunched back, without any energy. He was restless and said, "I don't even know who the other party is, how can I save it? My fourth brother has any news? "

"No, for the time being, the people in the government are still looking for it." Yun Yifeng said, "The other party has spent so much time and effort to make the city bloody. If there is no resentment against the Xu family, it is obviously unlikely. Recently The business of Nine Eighteen Villas has always been managed by five shopkeepers. Old Master Xu didn't know much about it, so Master Zhang had not been able to ask anything before, so why would Grandpa Xu think about it? "

"There is of course resentment." Xu Qiuping took a sip of tea and forced himself to calm down a bit. "How can we not complain about doing business, but the five of our brothers have never done anything to destroy people's rice bowls, and have always been accustomed to leaving room for a while. I really can't remember when it was the cause of this destruction. "

He was very sure, without a moment of hesitation, he could almost be said as blurted out, or it was really bright, or it was ... concealed.

On the way back, Yun Yifeng walked and asked, "What does Wang Yee think?"

"Three brothers at home have already had an accident, and there is still one who is still alive and dead. Xu Qiuping must be very scared at this time." Ji Yanran said, "If you still need to hide this time, then 80% of the hidden secrets are invisible. To the extreme. "

"According to the nursery rhymes, the five brothers are all about to die." Yun Yifeng thought for a while. "For the time being, the blood flow into the river, regardless of it, now Xu Qiuping has returned, and he will not be starved to death anyway. "Looking for food", will there be another meaning? For example, the Xu family eventually broke down, Xu Wuye became a beggar, asking for a living? "

Ji Yanran shook his head: "Unless the official government copied the house, even if Xu Qiuping was broken again, the starved camel was larger than the horse. But if we mention the copied house, things will return to the point we discussed only. How many secrets are hidden here? It is so dark that Zhang Guhe can ignore the various benevolent acts of Shiba Shanzhuang in these years, and even set off the Xu family? "

Yun Yifeng sighed: "Headache."

"I don't want to have a headache." Ji Yanran patted him. "You are still a patient, so you have to take care of it."

Yun Yifeng promised, yawning all the way, followed him back to the inn. In the hall, there are two diners sitting in front of each other, discussing the issue of Eighteen Villas. The nursery rhyme has also been turned upside down and analyzed, especially Xu Qiuyi's "blood flowing into river" and "ewe". It was another thriller, and everyone speculated, fearing that the fourth master Xu had already died in which female killer's bed.

"Wind right now, have you heard the wind right now?" Little sister-in-law spit, and stepped on a chair with one foot. "Just when I was doing that kind of thing, I was so happy, I kicked my legs ..." His voice was getting quieter. Everyone was getting closer and closer, and occasionally there was a "white soft and fragrant" "thick and hard" that could not hold back, and it was unbearable.

Yun Yifeng speeded up the stairs.

Ji Yanran followed closely two steps, covering his ears behind him.

Yun Yifeng: "..."

"Don't listen." Ji Yanran coaxed him, "Leave me to listen to such a thing."

Yun Yi wind said: "Down | Stream."

"It doesn't matter if you can't get down or not." Ji Yanran laughed. "Well, check the case, naturally listen more and watch more."

"Then what did you hear?" Yun Yifeng pushed open the door.

"Someone in the crowd just wondered whether this nursery rhyme was wrong. It should be said that there are eighteen-room Xu Qiuwang, not Xu Qiuyi," said Ji Yanran. "In the eyes of the people, this fourth grandpa seems to be It ’s not feminine. "

"He really only has a real wife, You's." Yun Yifeng made tea. "Yu has been bedridden in recent years, and the wind will be ill. Even this time the villa broke out, Yuan's concealed her. Worried about irritation. "

Ji Yanran asked, "What about the relationship between the couple?"

"Excellent, respectful and respectful, everyone in the courtyard is envious." Yun Yi wind said, "When Xiaoya said, her eyes were shining, so I hope I can marry such a good stance of Lang Jun, but not It ’s like a show. "

Ji Yanran still sat on his back and put his chin on the back of the chair: "What does this ewe mean?"

"I don't know." Yun Yifeng replied casually, standing at the table carefully ironing a pair of tea cups, adding new tea, but looking back he was still in a daze. The oblique flying sword eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and the eyes fell into the dim candlelight on the table, some could not see the inside, the bridge of the nose was tall and straight, and the profile of the side face was sharp. Mouth, arms hanging on the back of the chair, supporting his own chin, his two long legs widened and straightened, and for a long time did not move.

Yun Yifeng kicked him: "Close your legs."

Ji Yanran didn't move, just lazily said, "The Lord of the Cloud Gate stared at the King for a long time, watching his eyes for a long time, and enjoyed his eyesight. Can he resist half a lamb's jade fingers?"

Yun Yifeng refused: "No."

"What about Wang Xizhi's copybook?"

"also can not."



The night was getting darker outside the window.

A rustling fog and rain fell in the mountains and forests not far away.

The brazier was lit in the room, dissipating a little bit of cold chill. The young enchanting woman is kneeling on the ground and desperately waits for the man in front of her. She is dressed in an exposing dress, showing half of her breasts. Her watery eyes are full of tenderness, even the vague voice is practiced. Many returned, knowing how to please each other.

"Master." She yelled coquettishly, and although she was still laughing on her face, she knew most of it.

Dare to be a fool's waste.

But for the sake of silver, if you don't use it anymore, you have to do a good job. So she was tangled up with water snakes and had just untied the other person's belt, but suddenly there was a yell at the door: "Who are you!"

The sound of the sword collided, and it seemed extravagant in the mountains at night, and both of them were in a panic. The sister Yao screamed and hid under the bed, and the man put on his pants tremblingly. The door of the house was slammed open. A group of people broke in with a sword and said, "Xu Shiye!"

Xu Qiuyi turned pale: "Ah?"


Xu Qiuyi was stuffed into a carriage and brought back to Star City overnight.

Along with her sister Yao, who was crying with a pear flower, she didn't know what had happened, but she was going to be arrested by the gangsters as Mrs. Zhai.

"Don't cry first." Yun Yifeng comforted. "Don't be afraid of the girl. This is Fuyu. We are all good people. By the way, what's your name?"

"My name is Tweety." She was wiped with a mess on her face, shocked and scared, and remembered to speak for a long time. "The other day, the red mother came to me and said that there was a wealthy household in Jiangnan, called Mr. Zhou. I am going to redeem my body and give my money generously. I was happy at the time, thinking that I could be a puppet and live a safe life ever since. "

Red mother put away the silver, and joyfully sent her "daughter" into the flower sedan, and the fragrant wind burst out of the city. The night that the disciples broke through to find someone, it was the "Dwelling Candle Night".

"Master, that week Master, he or he can't do it." Tweety whispered, "Can't get tough."

"Really?" Yun Yifeng wondered, "What did he buy you for?"

"I don't know." Tweety looked at him, wondering, "It's definitely not my fault anyway, I'm really good at it."

Yun Yifeng: "..."

Anyway, since there are women, you can also go to the "ewe" in nursery rhymes, but no matter how she looks, Tweety is just an ordinary woman with no chickens. Where can I relate to "blood flowing into the river".

Zhang Guhe asked, "Will it be a killer disguise?"

"She has been in the blue house for eight years." Yun Yifeng said, "pretend for so long?"

Zhang Guhe frowned, "Yeah."

In the next room, Xu Qiuyi was still drinking soothing soup in a bowl and bowl. He was really frightened, and even the hands holding the bowl were choking.

"Four lords." The old housekeeper stood by for him, his eyes flushed. "Fortunately, fortunately, you are okay. If the storm door person is one step behind, I'm afraid the demon will kill someone."

"Okay." Xu Qiuyi swallowed a spit, and waved his hand uneasily. "Tell me first. Are there really only me and my fifth child at home? What about others?"

"The old lady ordered that the fifth master is not allowed to go anywhere, but can only stay in the villa." The housekeeper said, "After Master Zhang came to ask questions, the fourth grandfather would not be able to go out easily afterwards." After speaking, he lowered his voice, In his ear, he reminded that His Royal Highness Xiao was also in the palace now, and he would have to come together when he thought about it, and he must pay attention to his speech.

Xu Qiuyi was surprised: "People in the court?"

"I heard that the Red Raven Charm was found from the uncle." Butler said, "That was forbidden by the court."

"How could the elder brother be related to the cult." Xu Qiuyi vetoed it decisively, "It's impossible!"

"Even if that is not possible, the court must check first." The steward advised. "But this is also a good thing. With the presence of Xiao Wang, behind the scenes, the black hands can also converge, isn't it? Siye relax, at this time, our Xu family can only By the government. "

Xu Qiu stopped talking, and for a long while, sighed deeply.

That night, he met the legendary King Xiao and the doorkeeper of a stormy door in white clothes. The two were not the same as those in the rumor, and their attitudes were extremely kind.

Zhang Guhe said: "Si Siye, to this day, there can be no concealment."

"I know what the grownup is going to ask." Xu Qiuyi turned red, and gritted his teeth after a long while. "I went to Suan Zaoshan this time to seek medical treatment."

Zhang Guhe was puzzled: "That bare mountain, what medical advice?"

"It's true, I ... I don't want to raise it." Xu Qiuyi said embarrassingly, just wishing he couldn't get into the seam, he really didn't want to look up. "Decades of old problems, famous doctors everywhere have been secretly pleased, but always Not cured, this time it was hard to find out that there was an ancestral old doctor in the Jujube Mountain, so I wanted to take a look at it, but I had no hope. Who knew that the medicine really came to me after taking the medicine, and quickly gave up People went back to town to buy a girl and wanted to try. "

Ji Yanran: "..."

Yun Yifeng: "..."

The room was quiet, and Xu Qiuyi's voice had brought a crying voice: "Please also keep the three secret for me."

"Xi Siye rest assured, rest assured." Zhang Guhe did not expect to interrogate this matter, quickly comforted, "We promise not to say."

Yun Yi wind said: "So that girl can't be a killer?"

"It's impossible." Xu Qiuyi shook his head. "I haven't seen her before. Besides, I bought it indiscriminately. In the city's three or four green houses, how could a killer know which one Agui is buying?"

Yun Yifeng asked again, "That Tweety girl goes back—"

"Hurry up and give her some money, and go as far as possible." Xu Qiuyi was annoyed, "Do not let my family know that it is really shameful."

The disciples of Fengmen also came back and said that there is an old man in the Ziziphu Mountain. It is said that he has a stunt and is blown away on a weekday. Whether a liar or not, at least it sounds like it can really cure a man's hidden disease. I drank the soup there for several days.

Yun Yifeng asked, "What kind of soup medicine?"

The disciple replied: "Yang Gen doesn't mention it. We have brought back the medicine residue and have seen it from the doctor in the city."

"Then he didn't lie about this matter, at least." Ji Yanran shouted, "There is something to say, every family has a hard story."

Yun Yifeng glanced at him: "King Ye is quite empathetic?"

"Don't!" Ji Yanran warned him, "Don't curse me in such things."

"What's the matter." Yun Yifeng didn't take it seriously. "Anyway, Wang Ye doesn't need to do this kind of thing. If you want to be happy, you can look at it with the four books and five classics, and keep your body comfortable."

Ji Yanran: "..."

Ji Yanran: "Well."

Yun Yifeng laughed and shoved him, "Let's go, let's go to Shibashanzhuang."

After Xu Qiuping, Xu Qiuyi finally returned home smoothly. The old lady Xu was very fortunate and hurried to send his family to protect his house like before. Because there was a "ewe" in that nursery rhyme, all the maidservants were removed, and even his wife, You, also temporarily moved to the Yuan's courtyard. Mother should not take half a step.

Ji Yanran and Yun Yifeng walked in the villa, only to feel noisy and busy everywhere, everyone was anxious and tense. The entire Xu family was like a large ship tossed on the top of the waves, crumbling and shattering in the loud roar.

Dark clouds have covered the sun.

Ji Yanran asked: "Is it cold?"

Yun Yifeng retracted his hand into the sleeve: "This Xu family is not only cold, but also overcast."

There was no excuse for it, and there was so much dejection everywhere.

"Yin?" Ji Yanran reached out and embraced him. "Come, lean on me."

Yun Yi was caught off guard and was almost dragged down: "Why?"

"Aren't you afraid of the yin?" Ji Yanran simply pressed him all over his chest and explained patiently: "I have a strong yang, and you can get rid of evil by staying a little bit.

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