A Sword of Frost

Chapter 41 A sachet

The food box was the most common red lacquered wooden box. Ji Yanran took it with her, but she was only inadvertent when talking, and never thought about what to check carefully. But just as he put it down, his fingertips suddenly touched a icy chill, like melting snow flakes.

A three-inch cockscomb snake with a high neck, suddenly snapped in the gap between the food box, like a red lightning bolt and fangs.

The white garb brought a severe blast, and Yun Yifeng was very fast. Ji Yanran was pushed back two steps in a row. When he looked at it again, the western snake had been entangled in his snow wrist, and his head and neck were firmly pinched. Half-moving, unable to move, was "hissing" and struggling angrily, with scarlet mucus dripping from his teeth.

Before His Royal Highness Xiao had time to care about whether the disgusting slime was poisonous, Yun Yifeng had already made a wrong finger, such as the eagle claws suddenly tightened, and "Gaba" slammed the red spider snake into powder and broken bones. When the black blood splattered and splashed, The cockroach exploded also quickly languished, holding his head sloppy, thin and weak.

Yun Yifeng tossed it aside, propped up on the table with one hand, the pure white sleeves cascaded down, and was stained with red and black blood between his fingers, slightly dazzling. The pretty red eyes were slightly raised, looking at Ji Yanran aside.

Xiao Wang Dian pulled down his hand and vowed.

"The life-saving grace is beyond remuneration. From today, my mother is yours."

Yun Yifeng ignored the grandfather's nonsense and pulled his arm back: "Poisonous, don't touch it."

Ji Yanran frowned: "Then you ..."

"I'm not afraid." Yun Yifeng dipped his hand into a clean water basin and fluttered softly. "I'm not poisonous."

Ji Yanran heard a lot of insights, but it was strange to think about it. It was already poisonous, so what about this strange poison that suddenly became cold and hot at three to five?

"It's a long story, and the plot isn't very interesting. The Lord doesn't listen." Yun Yifeng washed his hands seven or eight times before he washed the sticky smell. "Let's go, let's go to Zhonggu . "

Ji Yanran said, "What if I want to listen?"

"I do not want to say."


Ji Yanran accompanied him, and the two left Xu Qiuping's residence together. I glanced at each other and saw that the other person was not angry and was not awakened by the sad past, so I added a sentence in my heart, no matter what day in the future, if you want to say, Wang Cheng, Chun Lin Cheng, any I will prepare an altar for a place where the entrance is sweet and has a nice name. I buried all my past events in the wine, and after I was drunk, I woke up and I had only one dream, and the rest of my life.

Yun Yi wind said: "Here it is."

The government guards have already surrounded the entire courtyard. Xu Qiuping died unexpectedly. Whether it was because of snakes or poison, the people in the kitchen should clearly be the first suspects. At this time, it was almost late at night, and the cold wind was blowing sternly, blowing the candle on the table, adding a little chill. The little girl curled up in her mother's arms. Although she didn't understand what was happening outside, she felt a little scared. She just twisted the edge of her clothes with her hands and she couldn't keep her mouth shut.

Yun Yifeng knocked on the door, and the sudden movement made both people in the house startled. After a while, I remembered to open the door. The thoughtful family member called himself to interrogate, but did not expect that Ji Yanran and Yun Yifeng would be standing outside. After seeing the person, Zhonggu was obviously relieved, and the little girl got up to say hello: "Big brother."

Aunt Zhong put the lights on: "Master, Yunmen, please sit down."

"I went to the door late at night and disturbed me," Yun Yifeng said, "but I still want to ask something clearly."

Aunt Zhong nodded: "Yes, yes, I understand."

"Have the officials come to ask questions?"

"Master Zhang has already asked." Zhong Gu said, "In the afternoon, the girl cried and ran to the kitchen to find me, so the first thing the grown-up was looking for was us."

But nothing was found, and it was really nothing. The little girl accidentally fell while climbing a tree. At that time, there was no other adult in the courtyard. When she saw the bleeding on her knees, she was afraid and went to the kitchen to find her mother. Although she cried a little bit, she did n’t enter the kitchen and was quickly taken away by her family. During this time, Aunt Zhong had been busy in the kitchen and did n’t even know what was going on outside, so it did n’t look too much. Be suspicious.

But it was precisely because of this moment that Ling Xinger was able to slip into the kitchen smoothly | poison, and by this push, it is entirely possible that others, like her, took the opportunity to change into the food box containing the poisonous snake.

Yun Yifeng smiled, his voice was mild: "Why would you think of climbing a tree in such a beautiful pink dress? It's not a crazy little boy."

"I ... I haven't climbed before." The little girl was embarrassed. "In the afternoon, I jumped into the lattice in the courtyard. The older brother said that there was a bird nest on the tree, and there were rare birds of various colors in it. I I just want to check it out. "

Yun Yifeng said, "Big brother? Who is it?"

"He said he was the teacher in the villa," said the little girl. "By the way, she gave me a nice sachet."

She jumped off the stool and stomped in the cabinet for a long time before pulling out a small bag. Aunt Zhong was surprised to watch: "This ... this girl, why haven't these things been told to me?"

"Big brother said, don't tell others." The little girl opened her bag and looked at the wind and leaned against the wind, "He also said, unless it was the big brother who asked."

Things seem to have been cut open.

The sachet is delicately embroidered, one side is heavy hibiscus peony, the other is peach blossom from the Chinese beauty, and the bat magpie koi fish are all common auspicious styles, only one side is a red snake plate on the table, with an open mouth To the woman in front, there are five small dolls on the ground. Everyone in the embroidery is full of smiles, flowers are everywhere, and the picture is very full, so it also dilutes a bit of the weirdness. If you do n’t look closely, you may not even You will notice the snake in the fruit.

If the five little dolls refer to the five brothers of the Xu family, the woman who is taking care of them in the picture should obviously be the mother. She looks like she died of a serpent's teeth, which also corresponds to Xu Qiuping's "wow crying to find a mother".

Gu Gu trembled and asked, "Is there ... a problem?"

"The problem is the so-called" Mr. Teaching "." Yun Yifeng put away the sachet and said to the little girl, "What else did he say to you?"

"Um ..." The little girl thought for a long time, stuttering, "Nothing, just say that the villa is dirty, and it falls down, and that the bad guys will have the present newspaper, and that he knows a lot Great secret, if I have the ability, I will find it myself ... I don't understand what it means. "

She didn't understand, but Ji Yanran and Yun Yifeng understood that the other party's words were not meant to be told to the little girl, but only to be conveyed by her.

But there are more than thousands of ways to send a letter. He wants to choose the most troublesome and casual type--even if it is just a joke. If the two haven't come to the large miscellaneous house and haven't seen this sachet, think Breaking the link between Xu Qiuping's tragic death and nursery rhymes, I am afraid it will take another effort.

In the memory of the little girl, Yun Yifeng drew the appearance of "Mr. Jiao Shu", but turned back to see Ji Yanran still sitting at the table, frowning slightly.

"Let's go." He patted each other's shoulders. "Let's find Zhang Guhe."

The night was gloomy. Compared with the daytime temperature, the wind was colder like two distinct seasons.

Yun Yifeng rubbed his palms and put a sigh of heat on his mouth.

Ji Yanran stopped and only glanced backwards. Wangfu Anwei immediately ran forward with interest, holding a light cloak in his arms.

Yun Yifeng: "..."

"No way, prepared." Ji Yanran wrapped him, and carefully tied the tie, "You always refuse to dress well."

Yun Yifeng smiled: "Thank you."

He looked at the other person's face and asked, "Why, unhappy?"

Ji Yanran sighed: "The other side is really arrogant."

This feeling of being spied on by personnel and throwing a clue at three or five times is like a fish being teased by a cat's claw. It feels really bad.

Yun Yifeng patted his chest: "When you meet this man in the future, let him be a couple of seven and twenty-one.

Ji Yanran asked, "Are you or me?"

Yun Yifeng replied: "Let's go together."

Ji Yanran smiled: "Okay."

Zhang Guhe sent troops to search overnight and did not find the person in the mouth of the little girl. Instead, he pulled out a person from a miscellaneous room. | Leather | Mask. The service was recommended by the middleman before Xu Da, the shopkeeper.

"This kind of miscellaneous work is recruited in groups," said the steward. "It was not an important errand. At that time, there was no trouble in the family, so I did not check it carefully."

When the middleman heard that the messenger sent by him caused trouble, he was so scared that he ran back to the store to look at the roster. Noisy tossing and tossing this night, before it came to noon unknowingly, Ji Yanran looked at the bright sun in the sky and said, "Go back to the inn."

"Wait for a reply?" Yun Yifeng asked.

Ji Yanran said: "It is easy to fabricate an identity. Will it be true that the other party will report the name and place of origin honestly? Since you know that the fake is found, why should you and I waste time here? Not to mention Zhang Guhe in He is the parent officer of Star City. "

"Also." Yun Yifeng moved his muscles. "I'm really sleepy."

After a while, he added: "Hungry again."


"Dizzy again."

Ji Yanran should all just say one, and take him to turn over and ride Fei Shuangyu. The silvery white horse with four hoofs was brisk, and took them back to the inn. Lao Zhang had already prepared light meals and had already prepared hot water for medicinal baths.

Yun Yifeng said politely: "All said that I was hungry, sleepy and dizzy--"

Ji Yanran stuffed an amaranth dumpling into his mouth and blocked the remaining half of the sentence: "Eat, after eating this plate, I will stare at you personally."

The host of Cloud Gate was full of sorrow, chewing like a marionette man, he hated to eat it.

However, there are at most 30 dumplings on the plate, and His Royal Highness Xiao Xiao is very diligent in feeding, one after another.

Yun Yi Feng said: "Drink a little noodle soup ... Hey!"

"There is no soup, the old pot has been cleaned." Ji Yanran took his arm and lifted the person all the way up the stairs.

Wangfu Anwei was surprised again: "Wang Ye is so anxious, what are you going to do?"

The other person sipped soup with a bowl in his mouth and replied without looking up: "Let Yunmen take a bath."

The dark guard suddenly realized: "Oh!"


The medicinal materials used in the medicinal bath are divided in advance, and only need to be boiled with hot water and poured into a bath barrel. Ji Yanran pushed open the door of the bedroom, and on his face there was a tense smell, and he even sneezed and said, "What the **** is this?"

"Medicinal herbs." Yun Yifeng unfastened his belt and glanced at him again, "Wang Ye intends to keep staring at me like this?"

Ji Yanran moved over a chair and sat down: "I don't stare at you, what if I run away through the window again?"

Yun Yifeng thought for a while and nodded: "That makes sense."

He turned around and hung the belt on a wooden stand aside. The snow-colored gauze spreads downwards, like a flower blooming in summer. When sliding down the shoulders, a large white spine is exposed, and the shoulders are thin. A small red mole is placed at the waist, and it is half an inch. Swinging and scorching eyes.

As soon as Ji Yanran's eyes narrowed, he unconsciously shifted his gaze and looked at the clear blue sky and the light clouds outside the window.

The sound of "wow" came, Yun Yifeng dipped his entire body into the tub, and frowned slightly.

"Not comfortable?" Ji Yanran stepped forward.

"Yeah." Yun Yifeng closed his eyes. "I adjust my breath for a moment."

Ji Yanran found a small bench and sat beside him.

I didn't know what was added in the bath water. The smell was soaring and the blackness was not much better than the ink. Yun Yifeng was born white, and was soaked in this muddy water, it was more like a clear lotus born in the silt, clear and unyielding.

Drops of drop of cold sweat slipped from his forehead and landed on the long eyelashes. The piercing eyes hurt, and it looked like he had just cried. There was no blood on his lips, and Rao was steaming around, and he couldn't smoke him half rosy.

Ji Yanran tried with his fingers on the slender neck, and then pressed his palm against his back.

Yun Yifeng shuddered, and the sullen breath that had been pinching in his chest finally exhaled.

Ji Yanran continued to help him adjust his breath, but felt that the arm immersed in hot water was tingling, as if the wound touched the salt, burning his heart.

No wonder ... he frowned slightly, and thought of Ling Xing'er Jiao's words, "Uncomfortable, the doorkeeper often sneaks and slips."

But this bitter pain is just uncomfortable.

After half an hour, Ji Yanran withdrew his internal force and asked softly, "Are you okay?"

"Yes." Yun Yifeng turned black before his eyes, panting beside the tub, "I'll take a break first."

Ji Yanran pulled a cloth towel to one side and wrapped him up: "You used to say you want to take a medicated bath, is that the same?"

"Same." Yun Yifeng leaned in his arms, buzzing, "But if Xinger and his disciples are not staring, I can secretly reduce the dose and be more comfortable."

Ji Yanran was helpless and put the person back on the bed: "A patient like you--"

"You don't understand." Yun Yifeng yawned. "If I could have lived for three years, with this medicated bath, I could live for at most three months and a month, and for thirty days, I would have to eat this inexplicably many sufferings. If Qingyue was crying and shouting and chasing me ... No, please, I wouldn't bubble. "

Ji Yanran pinched his chin: "Three years?"

"Maybe five years, or one or two years, maybe not." Yun Yifeng had wanted to mention blood Ganoderma, but was exhausted, murmured in his mouth, and fell asleep as soon as he was crooked.

Ji Yanran reached out to catch the person. The ink of her hair was like cold satin after soaking in water.

He took a handkerchief, carefully dried that long hair, and saw that there was a lot of water on the bed. He simply lifted him up again and took it back to the next room.

The warm fluffy bedding is also extremely gentle in aroma.

Large areas of sunlight flow through the carved windows, such as melted gold, into the bedroom.

The men in the hospital are chatting and joking. After the sound is blocked by layers, only the intermittent noise is left in the ears. The children are noisy and the women are laughing. They are warm and beautiful on earth. This quiet afternoon, like an inalienable honey, sticks to the heart, making people more and more greedy for these three thousand prosperity.

Yun Yifeng relaxed his body and fell completely into Hei Tianmeng.

Ji Yanran closed the door gently for him.

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