A Sword of Frost

Chapter 9 Cloud of doubt

In the Moon View Pavilion, Qi Ran put down the empty bowl in her hand and was grateful: "Thank you girl, come and give me stew so cold."

"You're welcome, in fact, I also want to come and see." Liu Xianxian observed his look, and said, "Don't be too sad for A Cheng, in the future, when we go down the mountain, find another good place, let He's settled in. "

Qi Ran asked, "Can we still go down the mountain?"

"Why not?" Liu Xianxian took his sleeve, "Don't think so, don't scare me."

"Although I am not familiar with Yue Zhihua, you can hear Brother Jin said that his kung fu is normal and should not be A Cheng's opponent." Qi Ran looked at her, her lips trembling, "On the night of Ah Cheng's death, the master of Cloud Gate It happened that he was injured by practicing medicine and poisoning, and that he had found the ghost claw weapon. Is there such a coincidence in the world? "

Liu Xianxian's face paled, and hesitated for a moment before he said, "Do you suspect that it is the backbone of Cloud Gate? But ... Is it true that Ji Shaoxia said he was helping to heal that night?"

Qi Ran shook her head: "I don't know, I just thought, what if the master of the cloud gate and Ji Shaoxia concealed it together? He thought that Ah Cheng would have no power to bind the chicken and was attacked but was counterattacked.

Liu Xianxian still didn't believe: "But what did Yunmen do to kill your Acheng? They have no revenge and did not even know it before. Also, if it was really Yunmen, what happened to Yue Zhihua? He was killed together if he failed? "

Qi Ran asked: "The man behind the scenes trapped us on the mountain, what is it to do? If we can know the reason for everything, why don't we be jealous."

Liu Xianxian was blocked when he went back, and his brain was chaotic for a while. He just said, "I'll think again. But I still believe in Yunmen, and would rather believe in haunts than doubt him, do you understand?"

Qi Ran smiled reluctantly: "I understand, the girl treats Yunmen the true feelings, and everyone sees it. But I also believe in the girl, so she can tell what she thinks and knows, and ask the girl to tell others."

"Well, I won't talk nonsense." Liu Xianxian packed the food container. "Then you take a good rest, and I'll send the medicine tomorrow."

Qi Ran raised her umbrella and sent her out of the Moon View Pavilion in person.

The dark night was heavy, and soon swallowed the crimson back.

Liu Xianxian returned the food container to the kitchen, hesitated again and again, and finally went to Piao Piao Pavilion.

Ji Yanran was drinking tea alone in the hall. After seeing her come in, she raised her index finger and made a snoring gesture: "Master Yunmen is treating his injuries in the inner room."

"Is he badly hurt?" Liu Xianxian moved over a chair.

Ji Yanran said in pain: "It's not light, there are no two hours, I'm afraid I can't get out."

If he changed to the usual way, Liu Xianxian heard this fake "two or three hours", or he reluctantly patted the table and walked away, or quarreled with Ji Yanran, and he was very upset. But this time when the murder case came out, naturally there is no longer a fight and laughter mind, she took the tea cup and lowered it, rubbing her thumb on the cup to depict gold, almost pressing out a hole there.

Ji Yanran saw the clue: "Is the girl asking me something?"

"Of course there is something, I'm very scared, and I'm afraid of bad people, and even more afraid of ghosts." Liu Xianxian put down the cup, "I ask you something, you have to come back to me truthfully, not to deceive people."

Ji Yanran agreed: "Okay."

Liu Xianxian asked: "The night before, at what time did the Lord of the Clouds get poisoned?"

"Which hour?" Ji Yanran didn't expect that she would ask this. "After a while, I heard something moving next door, so I went over and watched it."

"After the child time." Liu Xianxian bit his lower lip, that is to say, the first two were not together?

Ji Yanran shook her hand in front of her: "What the girl wants to say?"

"Nothing, I just, that's ..." Liu Xianxian tangled for a long time, didn't think about what to say, could he say it, and finally stood up angrily, "Forget it, I'm going back."

She ran very fast and disappeared as soon as the voice fell, as if she was afraid that she would be held back for questioning.

Ji Yanran shook her head and poured herself a cup of hot jasmine tea.

Yun Yifeng stood at the door of the inner room: "Master Wang really can't see it, what is her purpose for this trip?"

"She doubts you," Ji Yanran said. "Or she doubts the two of us, even more doubts you."

"We are also skeptical of her. Everyone and each other do not suffer." Yun Yifeng sat at the table. "Perhaps this is also one of the purposes of the person behind the scenes, let us be jealous and fall apart."

Ji Yanran sighed, "Why don't you always want to dress well?"

Yun Yifeng grabbed a single tulle satin: "What does the lord think this is?"

Ji Yanran was too lazy to quarrel with him, tried his wrist, and it was really hot again.

Yun Yifeng pulled the neckline: "I'm hot and anxious. If it weren't for Wang Ye's face, the brazier is now in the well."

"Then I have to thank you." Ji Yanran couldn't let go of her hands with tears of tears. "Come here, there is a vent."

Yun Yifeng thought for a moment. Between the coldness and avoiding listening to his reasoning, or the latter was more cost-effective, he moved the chair cooperatively.

Ji Yanran said again, "Go to Guanyue Pavilion, and run over to ask when you got poisoned, Qi Ran told her?"

"Actually, think about it, Qi Ran is right." Yun Yifeng said, "I didn't fight for it. I picked up a bed of blood when Xiaoyi died, and smoothly pulled out the hidden weapon, plus Yue Zhihua. There are no traces, and it is possible to say that I was killed. It is impossible to clean up the suspicion that they are stacked together.

Ji Yanran smiled, and after a while, suddenly asked, "Isn't it really you?"

Yun Yifeng paused for tea, raised his eyes and looked at him.

Ji Yanran was frank: "I really don't know what happened before the eve of eve."

"I'm sleeping." Yun Yifeng put down the tea cup, "believe?"

Ji Yanran nodded: "Believe, if I had to choose one of these people, I would naturally prefer to trust the doorkeeper."

"If Grandpa is free tonight, you can go to Guanyue Pavilion and Meteor Pavilion again." Yun Yifeng walked to the inner room, "I'll sleep first."

"Hey!" Ji Yanran stopped him: "Aren't you with me?"

"No time." Yun Yifeng refused, "I'm busy killing people in the middle of the night."

Ji Yanran: "..."

I'm kind of angry.

But if you go out and see, it's okay.

It's better than staying in the Piao Piao Pavilion and waiting for another corpse to emerge outside the next day.

Child hour.

A bleak moon hung in the sky, wrapped in a ring of gray clouds, exuding dim light.

Qi Ran was sitting at the table, watching the table beating the candlelight, his eyes were dark.

He held a dagger in his hand, and his blade was cold and cold, almost reflecting the figure.

Did Yue Zhihua really kill A Cheng?

The remaining people in the Shangxue Pavilion came to his mind one by one, and even Jade was included. It seemed that anyone was possible.

What about motivation? To scare yourself? Or is it for another reason?

He frowned, saying something in his mouth, as if trying to figure out from the mess.

Unconsciously, the body seemed to be hanging heavy and getting heavier.

Yun Yifeng, Yue Zhihua, Liu Xianxian, Jin Huan ...

All the names were broken into pieces, swirling in colorful colors, and they could not be pieced together anymore, and when he finally realized the anomaly, the room was already filled with light smoke.

Sweet, like poisonous flowers, wrapped around the nerves, and bite off.

With a splitting headache, someone slightly raised his chin.

"It's you!" He struggled to open his mouth, but he couldn't make any sound, but could only lie on the table and looked at the other in fear.

Too much fan smoke makes the brain fall into a mist circle. Suddenly, Qi Ran felt that her hands and feet suddenly had strength, and she could escape the other side to escape, and rushed out of this weird and gloomy Xuexue Pavilion all the way, even if it was blown into the sky by the bombing thunder. Even if, even though, he was panting, he felt the sound of killer footsteps everywhere, snoring, snoring, and even a icy breath in his ears ... and when the world turned again and again, only himself was left Broken breath.

By the way, there is rain ticking.

But where is the rain in this dripping ice?

After thinking for a long time, he finally realized that it was not rain.

It's blood.

Own blood.

Lilili flowed over his chest, winding a dazzling bright red on the ground.


Ji Yanran disappeared into the darkness, staring at the Guanyue Pavilion not far away. The lights have all gone out, and there is only the suppression of solidification in the night. There is a layer of soft and thick snow on the ground. Once people step on it, they will leave traces. If they want to sneak into the hospital, they can only enter the eaves from the shelter of the beam. Who knew that when he was just preparing to act, there was a sudden movement on the opposite side.

A black figure hurried out, leaving a mess of footprints on the snow.


Liu Xianxian runs extremely fast. In fact, she has a good job and a petite figure. She flew across the snow all the way, leaving only a shallow half-inch tread mark. When Tianming falls again, it will cover up without a trace. However, Rao was so cautious that she did not return directly to her residence, instead she stepped on a few puffs of bare withered grass and hid in the garden rockery. She should be worried that her footprints would be seen in the Meteor Pavilion, and she wanted to wait until it fell.

Ji Yanran knocked on the rock with a knife handle: "Come out."

Liu Xianxian: "..."

After a short while, the girl in the night suit drilled out of the fake cave and looked at the man in front of her with vigilance.

Ji Yanran interrogated: "What do the ghostly ghosts go to Guanyue Pavilion in the middle of the night?"

"I ... I want to find Qi Ran." Liu Xianxian only said a word, and his chest began to rise and fall violently, whether I was afraid or cold. With tears under her eyes, she raised her sleeves and wiped them again, "He's dead."

Ji Yanran brow suddenly: "Qi Ran is dead?"

"Yes." Liu Xianxian did seem to be frightened a lot. He barely stood on his back against the rockery and continued to scream. "In the evening, Qi Ran said that he doubted Yunmen, and I heard it. It ’s been messy, I ca n’t sleep anyway, I want to go to Guanyue Pavilion to see if he is deliberately misleading me, to see if he is plotting with Jin Huan or Mu Chengxue, but the room is dark and the air is good There was a **** smell, the blood was flowing from Qi Ran's room, and half a hand was put on the threshold. "Speaking here, she cried again," I will be killed by them sooner or later, isn't it? ? "

Ji Yanran asked: "I found Qi Ran dead, why not say it?"

"I don't dare, just in case the murderer is still secret, just in case he was killed by Jin Huan and Yue Zhihua?" Liu Xianxian squatted on the ground, muttering, "I can't believe anyone, I I want to go down, I ... I haven't offended anyone again. "

A few dark clouds covered the moonlight, and another round of blizzards was seen. This is not the place for discussion. Ji Yanran raised her arm with one hand and brought people all the way back to Piao Piao Ge.

Liu Xianxian did not struggle, nor could he. It's like being wrapped in an arm by an iron hoop, but you can only let the other party jump into the air with your ears, but the wind screams. It was inevitable to her that she had never seen anyone who had such a deep internal force before, could easily control herself, and even had no room to fight back.

Ji Yanran held Liu Xianxian, and the two fell steadily into the hospital together.

Yun Yifeng was wrapped in a thin pyjama. He was standing under the cloister and was shocked. Two people suddenly appeared in front of him, startled.

Ji Yanran had a headache for him: "You go back and get dressed!"

Yun Yifeng: "..."

You brought a girl back in the middle of the night, and you blame me for not willing to dress well.

Of course, the gentleman did nothing, and it was really inappropriate to wore pajamas everywhere.

So he turned back to the inner room silently, picked up a gown, wrapped it, and sat back in the hall and said, "Say, what?"

Ji Yanran said: "Qi Ran is dead."

Yun Yifeng heard a word: "Dead? Who is the killer?"

"I don't know." Liu Xianxian settled down, recounted just what Ji Yanran said, and justified, "I'm really not mine."

Yun Yifeng pulled a dagger from her waist, and her head was clean, and there was no blood on her night clothes.

"I didn't kill, what did I do?" Liu Xianxian said in a crying voice. "I went up the mountain just because I liked the doorkeeper, and I didn't know anything next to it."

Yun Yifeng looked at her thoughtfully.

Liu Xianxian asked uneasily, "Doesn't the host believe me?"

Yun Yifeng confessed: "In the middle of the night, San Geng wore night clothes and went to watch the Moon Pavilion. After being discovered, he said that Qi Ran was dead. How can I believe this?"

"I didn't really kill him." Liu Xianxian hurriedly said, "If I want to kill him, I want to kill anyone in the Xuexue Pavilion. Poisoning in the food is all about me. Separately sent, why take the risk of entering the room to kill? "

Yun Yifeng replied, "Because everyone has to take a drug test before eating, and because it's too obvious."

Liu Xianxian was blocked by him, and he almost cried again: "You haven't seen it with your own eyes, I ... I still doubt you, Qi Ran just finished talking to me during the day and died at night. Whoever is most suspicious is not the owner of the cloud gate! And, you are also disheveled, saying that you have just taken off your night clothes and it is possible to change your clothes without time. "

Ji Yanran yelled: "Finally, I still like it aloud, and when I turn my head, I frame my sweetheart as a murderer, which is like it."

"Who taught you not to believe me." Liu Xianxian stubbornly said, "I'm very scared now. You have not only comforted me, but you have also doubted me wildly."

"Well, you go back first." Yun Yifeng scratched the table with his index finger, "I won't be too late until I see Qi Ran's cause of death tomorrow morning."

Liu Xianxian stood up and kept telling him: "Then we've settled down, tonight when I haven't seen each other, I don't want to provoke suspicion anymore."

Yun Yifeng answered, and said, "I will send you back to Xingge."

"You're sending me?" Liu Xianxian was surprised and wanted to say something, but Yun Yifeng had already gone out.

The sky shone slightly, and the wind roared again, with snow and gravel everywhere. Liu Xianxian quietly followed him, dared not speak first, and waited until the Meteor Pavilion before Yun Yifeng stopped, took a pill out of his sleeve, and ordered: "Eat."

"... Eat, what is this?" Liu Xianxian stunned, stepping back instinctively.

"You don't have the right to choose." Yun Yifeng looked at her coldly, with gentle smiling eyes in ordinary days, but this time was covered with a layer of ice and frost, showing the chill of seeping bones.

Liu Xianxian knew that 80% could not escape, but he still asked, "If I don't eat, will you kill me?"

Yun Yifeng replied: "If you don't eat, you have a ghost in my heart, and I can kill you naturally."

Liu Xianxian's eyes were red and he swallowed the pill and swallowed with anger.

"This is the beast of the wind and rain." Yun Yi Feng said, "Every three days in the future, I will give you an antidote to protect you."

"You still doubt me, don't believe me." Liu Xianxian said angrily, "Afraid I would hurt Jade, so feed me poison | medicine?"

Yun Yifeng said: "In extraordinary times, you can only use this extraordinary method. If the girl is really innocent, after going down the mountain, I will take good care of myself."

"Who is rare for your atonement." Liu Xianxian wiped away tears again, "I see, the man behind the scene is from you and from the last name Ji! The rest are simply innocent dead goods!"

Yun Yifeng asked: "Why?"

"Otherwise, why don't you take Yuyu back to Piao Piao Pavilion, but stay with me as a suspect?" Hey, that's why I forced me to protect! "

Yun Yifeng acquiesced: "Since the girl knows, please take good care of her, regardless of any grievances in the rivers and lakes, she is really innocent."

Liu Xianxian glared at him, stopped talking, and turned to "punch" and ran to his residence.

Yun Yifeng returned to the Piao Piao Pavilion alone, Ji Yanran was still waiting for him in the hall, and a hot pot of tea was warming on the table.

"Are you ready to settle down?"

"Yes." Yun Yifeng sat on the chair. "Liu Xianxian's work is not low, even better than Jin Huan and his son, am I right?"

Ji Yanran said: "I used to compete with her. Although I was just playing a game, I could still see that I was flexible. But Sui Miyamoto is a big helper, and she is also a beloved apprentice. "

"So if you want to find someone to protect Yuxi, it can only be her." Yun Yifeng said, "It's dangerous to take you and me."

"The little girl has more secrets," Ji Yanran said, "don't forget what I told you before."

Yun Yifeng sighed silently, took hot tea and looked out the door.

Snow flakes and faint light.

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