A Valiant Life

Chapter 1239 A happy life (with final testimonials)

The next day, on the plane.

Last night at the peak of the night, Wu Wanyue won the award, which made her excited for a long time, and this trophy, Wu Wanyue did not want it, but gave it to herself as a gift.

He couldn't say anything. Since he gave it to himself, he must accept it.

"Looking at you excited, but excited all night." Lin Fan looked at Wu Wanyue sitting next to him with a smile.

Wu Wanyue pursed her lips and couldn't help smiling. "Lin Brother, this must be exciting, but if it weren't for Brother Lin, I wouldn't have got this trophy."

Lin Fan touched Wu Huanyue's head. "In fact, it's up to you."

Tian Shencun aside, "Yes, yes, this is Huan Yue's own ability, which is very good."

Wu Wanyue was very happy to be praised by everyone.


At this moment, the plane vibrated, and the vibration fluctuated greatly.

"What happened?" Lin Fan wondered.

At this time, the voice of the stewardess came from the radio, so that everyone should not be nervous, just encounter the airflow.

"It's not going to happen," Tian Shengu muttered.

Lin Fan glanced, "You crow's mouth, say less unlucky words."

However, Lin Fan still put his hands underneath, and pointed his fingers at it. With this calculation, his brows were frowned and felt bad.


Suddenly, a scream came, and the passenger next door pointed outside, "It's on fire, it's on fire."

Lin Fan got up and hurried to lean over. Suddenly the wing was on fire. It's so hard to live, it's harder than winning the lottery.

It didn't take long for the passengers on the plane to panic.

"What's wrong?" Tian Shen stick hurriedly asked, wouldn't it be a guess, really hell.


The explosion sounded, as if something had been burned, the wings were broken, and the plane shook.

Suddenly chaotic, Lin Fan immediately displayed the knowledge of martial arts classification to ensure the safety of passengers on the entire aircraft, will not be hit by things.

"Dead, this is special in the sky, and the sea is below, the plane can't hold it."

Lin Fan held his body, leaned against the window, and looked down. Although it was covered by clouds, he could still see a ship on the sea below.

"Only once."


At this moment, Wu Wanyue screamed, "Lin Ge, Lin Ge ..."

Even if the plane shakes more severely, Lin Fan is still motionless, holding Wu Wanyue in his arms and touching his head, "Don't be afraid, don't worry, I'm here."

Then he touched one side, Wu Youlan's head, "Don't be afraid, I will protect you."

The plane crashed down sharply.

Lin Fan was ready, the breath spread out, the martial arts classification knowledge was fully exerted, the invisible breath, all the seat belts of the car were untied, and then the breath wrapped their body and controlled them.

"Brother Lin." Wu Wanyue felt that her body was out of control, as if she was being controlled by something, while the other passengers were panicking and didn't know what was sent.

Lin Fan came to Wu Wanyue, and Wu Youlan was walking very smoothly in such a powerful plane, which was completely unscientific.

"Don't be afraid, I'll see you off later."

"Lin Brother, you." At this point, Huan Yue and You Lan had blank brains, as if they hadn't figured out what happened.

Lin Fan smiled, "It's all right, I have a way."

At this time, the crew also found that they couldn't control their bodies and floated directly, which made them very frightened. This was completely out of common sense.

Lin Fan came to the side, lifted his feet, kicked the plane with one foot, and made a big hole.

Form discouragement to protect the opening of the cave from airflow.

When the time came, he directly controlled everyone on the plane and flew all the controls out.

This is also the first time that he has shown such unbridled knowledge of martial arts.

The martial arts classification is only powerful, but it is not immortal knowledge after all. It is the limit to save everyone.

Wu Wanyue and Wu Youlan were controlled and flew towards the outside of the plane. Then, looking at Lin Fan who was still in the plane, she suddenly shouted, "Lin brother ..."

Lin Fan smiled, and then looked dignified. Nowadays, there is a lot of pressure. He has controlled so many people to float, and then fell towards the ship.

The ship was a cargo ship. At this moment, the employees on the ship always felt that there was a loud roar in the sky.

When I looked up, I noticed that there were heavy shadows above my head.

"Crouch! Someone will fly again."

"Fly your head, daydreaming."

"No, you see for yourself."

The man raised his head, and suddenly hesitated. There were indeed some people in the sky, and there were more than one, but many.


Not long after, under the control of Lin Fan, these people fell quickly, and finally landed smoothly when they touched the surface of the ship.

The panicked crowd hadn't recovered from the panic, but when they saw the surroundings, they were instantly stunned. This is how it happened. It just fell down on the plane and nothing happened.

All this is dreaming.

"Lin brother ..." After Wu Wanyue and Wu Youlan landed, they were able to control their bodies, and then immediately came to the boat and shouted into the sky far away.

The tears on his face flowed.

Others don't know what the situation is, but she knows that all of this was done by Brother Lin.

"Haha, I'm not dead."

"Oh, God bless me, I'm fine."



The atmosphere of excitement filled the hearts of everyone, and they didn't know what happened, but suddenly, it was safe, which made them not understand what happened.

Tian Shencun responded quickly, but after looking around, but did not see Lin Fan, hurried to Wu Wanyue, "Where's that kid?"

"Brother Lin, still on the plane." Wu Wanyue and Wu Youlan shouted.

"What? So what's going on with us? How could that kid be in trouble, a ghostly man alone," Tian Shen stick said.

"It was Brother Lin who saved us."

Wu Wanyue watched the plane going away and couldn't help but sit on the ground.

At this time, the crew, in the face of this terrifying scene, hurried to call.

"Hey, hey, help, some gods come down from the sky."

"It's true. There are gods. What do I lie to you?"

"I hit Nima, what do I hang up?"

At this time, people who somehow got off the plane also wanted to make a call, but found that there was no signal.

Later, borrowing the phone on the ship and quickly notified that they already knew that this was not a dream, but a real one.

At this point, Wu Wanyue grabbed the captain, "Go there, go there, there are people on the plane."

"Miss, please calm down, we don't know what the situation is yet." The captain was a Chinese man, and he was hesitant about such things.

"I beg you, Brother Lin is still on the plane, we are going there." Wu Wanyue cried.

Captain, "Miss, not now ..."

"I specially let you go there ..." Wu Wanyue at this time did not have the previous tenderness, but was more like a female lion, and immediately became furious.

The captain froze, standing stupidly, as if frightened by Wu Wanyue.

Next day!

Many netizens who did not watch the live broadcast last night are looking forward to it, and do not know who the final champion is.

However, in the early morning, some netizens took out their mobile phones and looked at the news, but they were embarrassed.

"Master Lin returned to the plane, something went wrong"

"Hundreds of Passengers Miracle Survived, Master Lin and One Passenger Lost"

Is Master Lin Alive?

There is also a post appearing.

"Yesterday, Master Lin's plane crashed with hundreds of passengers miraculously falling from the air to a cargo ship on the surface of the sea. There is no clue for the time being, but according to past experience, the probability of survival is almost zero. "

When countless netizens saw this news, they had only one idea in their minds, and that was impossible.

This must be someone who is full of food and support, nothing to do.

But as they continued to look for news, they believed it was true.

Lin Fan's Weibo is below.

"Master Lin, you must be fine. You are all-powerful."

"I don't believe it, I don't believe it, how could a good person like Master Lin have a problem, this must be a joke."

"Haha, it's good, this thing should be good."

"Upstairs, I meet Nima, even if I'm in jail, I have to break your legs."

"What the **** is this and how can this happen?"

"Things have been confirmed, Wu Wanyue they both miraculously survived, but Master Lin disappeared."

When Wang Mingyang saw this news, he didn't stand firm and collapsed on the ground. Then he went crazy like no matter what he asked. Hurry up and think about it, go find someone, die to see the dead, live To meet people.

"Old iron, you can't do anything, let me do something special. Let me do it." Wang Mingyang drove his car, red eyes, and set off towards the airport. He was going to the search and rescue site.

Ding Ding!

Line connected.

"Mr. Wang, sign the contract between us."

"General Manager Chen, I'm sorry, something went wrong and I can't sign."

"Mr. Wang, you're a bad guy, you can't count on speaking, so sign up now."

Wang Mingyang is now on the fire, "I signed Nima, signed, my special brother has an accident, I signed Nima."


Nothing then, hurried to the airport.

When Zhao Mingqing saw the news, his face was horrible, and he sat on a chair, covering his chest, "My wife, hurry me to the airport, to the airport."

He couldn't believe that the teacher would have an accident, he couldn't believe it.

Anyway, he must go to the scene.

The catkins were at the hotel. When they saw the news, their complexion changed, and then they hurriedly walked outside and went directly to the airport.


Yun Xueyao was in charge of the company's affairs, but when I looked at the phone and saw the news inside, the whole person was dumbfounded, bloodless, and then went mad to run outside.

Another day.

There is no news and search and rescue, but as time goes by, everyone knows that the possibility of surviving is gone, how could anyone be alive.

Search and rescue team.

Liu Su, Yun Xueyao, Wu Wanyue, Wu Youlan, Zhao Mingqing, Wang Mingyang and others are all looking anxiously.


At this time, Yun Xueyao came to Wang Mingyang, slap in a slap, and looked angrily: "It's all you, you have to let someone participate in any international competition, and now Brother Lin has an accident."

Tian Shencun quickly pulled away Yun Xueyao, "No one wants this."

Yun Xueyao looked at Wang Mingyang angrily and pointed at the other side. "I tell you, if something really happens, I won't make you feel better, Wang Mingyang, you bastard."

The last sentence also roared out.

Wang Mingyang slaps himself, "Yes, it's my fault. When I see an international competition, I have to let Wu Wanyue go. If you don't go, it won't happen. I would rather go than me go with."

"Enough, now it's time to find Brother Lin." Wu Youlan roared with red eyes.

Wang Mingyang came to the side of the boat, slamming his fist heavily on it, and was very remorseful.

Both countries were looking for the wreckage of the plane, but for a while, they had not found it.

And on a small, tiny island.

"Master Lin, thank you so much. If it weren't for you, I would have died." A young man was grateful.

Lin Fan smiled, "It's all right."

The young man was still very scared. He was **** in the toilet of the plane and suddenly shook the mountain. The whole man bumped in the toilet. The last **** was directly on his face and completely fainted.

When he woke up, he appeared on the island.

He didn't know what was going on, but knew that it must be Master Lin who saved him.

"Hooked, hooked." Lin Fan shouted.

"Master Lin, stop teasing me, there is nothing here, how can there be fish," said the young man.

However, at this time, there really was a fish, swimming over by himself, stranded.

Lin Fan clutched the fish. "Isn't this here? It's alive, and I'm eating grilled fish today."

The young man looked at Master Lin and was completely stunned. Is this all right?

However, for young people, it was really safe to be with Master Lin, and then he smiled, "OK, I will collect firewood now."

As time goes by.

The situation on the Internet is getting worse.

"Master Lin, maybe he really left us."

"How come, I don't believe that Master Lin will be fine."

"Yes, as long as the hundreds of people landed somehow safely, I believe that there will be miracles."

"You said, is it because Master Lin wants to save them, that's why ..."

"I believe, no matter what I say now, I believe. Before I saw you all praised Master Lin, I was doing it. In fact, I was really a brain residual powder of Master Lin, but I haven't powdered him once, and I got this. News, no matter what is said now, as long as it is related to Master Lin, it is good, I believe it. "

"I pay attention to Master Lin when he tells people fortune telling. Every thing he does is enjoyable. I really don't want such people to leave us."

And when everyone was worried about Master Lin.

On that island.

Lin Fan and the young man supported his stomach and lay there. "It's full."

The young man laughed, "Master Lin, your craft is awesome, and you can make such good food without any accessories."

Lin Fan smiled, "Just kidding, don't look at who I am, can I be kidding?"

"Master Lin, do you say they will find us?" The young man worried.

"Sure, rest assured." Lin Fan said.

Then he looked at the fading sky, where stars were flickering.

"Ah." Lin Fan sighed. He knew that someone was worried about him now, but there was no way, no contact tools.

At this time, the news continued.

"The wreckage of the plane has been found, and the body of Master Lin and another passenger has not been found"

"The search and rescue scope has been expanded, and the specific situation will continue to be tracked"

Every day passes, more people are worried, and everyone is waiting.

They had to see Master Lin's body before they believed this thing was true.

Another day has passed.

"Master Lin, there is a boat coming, there is a boat coming." The young man shouted excitedly, and then waved his hands toward the distance, "Hey, hey ..."

Lin Fan sat up, relieved, and finally came.

On board.

"Master Lin, and the passenger."

"Master Lin is alive."

The search and rescue crew shouted excitedly.

And Wu Youlan, they were all in tears with excitement.

The ship was near the shore.

Lin Fan stood there, waving at the crowd, "Hi, long time no see, everyone."


A figure burst into her arms.

"Lin Brother, I thought I would never see you again." Wu Wanyue cried.

Subsequently, Wu Youlan and Yun Xueyao rushed over.

"Don't panic, don't panic, isn't it all right?" Lin Fan smiled, but did not expect this treatment to be so good.

Liu Su stood aside and was relieved. For this guy, she didn't know what to say. She was kind of nervous and nervous.

Lin Fan looked at the catkins. "Everyone is here, let's go together. It just happens to be somewhere."

Liu Su glanced at Lin Fan, "beautiful beauty."

"Haha." Lin Fan smiled.

"Okay, okay, let's go home together ..."

Wang Mingyang, "There is no humanity for the opposite sex, and he didn't even talk to me."

Zhao Mingqing sighed, "Teacher, it's all right, it's really scary."

Gradually, the search and rescue vessel left the island and sailed for the future.

Three years later.

"International Diva Wu Wanyue Won the World's Best Female Artist Award"

"International Diva Wu Wanyue Wins World Best Singer Award"

"The International Empress Wu Wanyue Wins the World's Best-Selling Artist Award"

"The International Empress Wu Huanyue won the Lifetime World Artist Honor Award"

When Wu Wanyue received such peak awards, everyone found that Wu Wanyue disappeared into everyone's sight, as if it had evaporated from the earth.

Yunli Street, Master Lin's figure has not appeared for a long time, but Yunli Street has always existed, maintaining the former style.

At the same time, it was also judged by the 5a business district, which is also the first 5a business district in the country.

In the shop, Zhao Zhongyang, Tian Shen stick, Wu Tianhe silently guarded the store, and Wu Youlan disappeared and did not meet. Whenever people asked the staff in the store where they were, they all smiled.

Said to go for happiness.

Master Lin's hand-cooked cake became an absolute ring. Before leaving that day, Master Lin's last hand-cooked cake was treasured and never willing to eat.

Somewhere away from the city, there are several wooden houses.

"Actually, I'm right, it's beautiful here, and I discovered it a while ago." Lin Fan said with a smile.


"Well, no big city is comfortable."

"This is also called Xanadu, very ordinary."

"Do you want to live here in the future? Forget it, for your obedience, I can just agree with it."

Four beautiful women appeared next to Lin Fan. When they saw the surrounding environment, they also fell in love with it.

Lin Fan smiled. "Shall we go back?"


in unison.

at night.

The five were eating dinner together, and when having dinner, Lin Fan came out silently and sat on the road.

"Twenty pages of knowledge task completed."

"Open the knowledge of super great consummation, open the knowledge of large classification, and cultivate immortality."

"Whether to receive a large classification of cultivation and immortality. When you receive it, you are immortal."

Lin Fan froze. "Encyclopedia, you can speak."

"Yes." The encyclopedia.

Lin Fan smiled, "I'm immortal, can that also make others immortal?"

Encyclopedia, "No, I only serve you, do you pick it up?"

When Lin Fan opened his mouth, a jade arm passed through his neck.

"Lin, what are you doing?" Wu Youlan asked with a smile.

Lin Fan, "Nothing, look at the stars."

"Lin brother."


"Can you promise us one thing," Wu Youlan said.

Lin Fan smiled, "We? They let you say."

"We thought of it together." Wu Youlan said.

"Tell me what's up?"

Wu Youlan leaned on Lin Fan's back. "In the future, no matter who we go first, we all say, we must wait for each other over the Naihe Bridge. The five of us should go together and don't want to be alone."

Lin Fan smiled. "What do you think, how old are we? We just want these things."

"Do you agree?"

"Okay, promise you, really." Lin Fan said.

"Then I'll tell them." Wu Youlan hurriedly ran towards the house.

Lin Fan smiled, relieved, and felt good.

"No claim."

The encyclopedia, "Don't discuss it."

Lin Fan walked towards the house without communicating with the encyclopedia.

Encyclopedia, "It doesn't matter who you let you die, hey, answer it, respect and understand."

"Oh, brother, I was wrong. I created it for you. You can't do that."

However, Lin Fan did not hear what the encyclopedia said, because he was muted, and he didn't want to hear the encyclopedia sound anymore.

Eighteen years later.

A luxurious car was driving on the mountain road.

"Lin Wangzai, your family lives in the countryside. This road is really difficult." The young man driving the car looked at the rearview mirror and said sarcastically.

Then the young man in the rearview mirror, dressed plainly and with a sloppy face, was not handsome, but not ugly, and smiled awkwardly at this moment.

"Well, it's a bit difficult to leave."

The woman sitting in front had a delicate face, but her eyes were disdainful. "Shi Ya, I knew I would send you two to this mountain village, and I would let my boyfriend drive a cheaper car. Yes, you can get more than 4 million. It ’s bumpy, and the repair fee is very expensive. "

The girl known as Shiya, sitting next to Lin Wangzai, looks like an elf, and looks very beautiful. At this moment, when she hears this, she is not humble. And the Wangzi family is nothing in the countryside, and the air is very fresh. "

Driving the car, Chen Jia looked through the rearview mirror and looked at Qiu Shiya from behind. She was very thoughtful, but she did not expect that such a beautiful girl turned out to be a hunk's girlfriend.

However, if you are not your girlfriend and Qiu Shiya is a college classmate, you may not be able to see it.

Li Yan asked with a smile: "Lin Wangzai, I heard the teacher in the class say that you don't even know how to fill in your mother's name. You won't be a single-parent family."

Lin Wangzai smiled awkwardly, "No, I have a mother."

"Then why don't you know the name?" Li Yan asked, as if trying to embarrass Lin Wangzai.

Lin Wangzai looked at the scenery outside and didn't know how to answer, even if he himself didn't know which one his mother was.

Wu Wanyue, Liu Su, Wu Youlan, Yun Xueyao?

He didn't know who his biological mother was, anyway, it was the aunt, the second mother, the third mother, the little mother's shouting.

At this time, a roar came from outside.

"I'm going, who drove the helicopter, and still heading up the mountain, be sick." Chen Jia looked outside, cursing and grinning.

Qiu Shiya looked at Lin Wangzai, then grabbed his hand and showed a bright smile, "Wangzi, I bought a gift for Uncle, I don't know whether he likes it or not."

Lin Wangzai smiled, "Yes, my dad is really good at sending him. He doesn't care about the gifts, just come."

"Wang Tsai makes sense, this countryman doesn't know so much, just buy anything." Chen Jia said disdainfully.

Qiu Shiya's brows frowned slightly, and she was very dissatisfied. She originally came back to meet her parents with her boyfriend.

She knew that Li Yan was going to show off, so she didn't expose it, so she followed the meaning of the other party.

She didn't look at money or anything, because her family was very rich, but no one knew it, but it was definitely not easy to be with Wang Zi, and the family would not easily agree.

So she hopes that Wang Zi can work hard and have a career, and it will be easy at that time.

But it's just a freshman now. It's too early, don't worry.

Soon, the destination arrived.

"Well, where is this place, and how can there be so many luxury cars?" Chen Jia was stunned watching the cars parked there.

"Fan Da eight series, this is 120 million, who is this, it is too tiger."

Hey, Chen Jiayue, and there are many limited editions, even if he, some of them may not know.

Li Yan looked at her eyes glowing, "Maybe someone came to the mountains to play, stop by the way."

Chen Jia, "Well, it should be."

Qiu Shiya was shocked when she looked at these cars. She knew that these cars were extraordinary. How many big people came with so many cars.

Lin Wangzai took a deep breath. "Here, let's go. My dad and my mom are waiting."

Chen Jia and Li Yan did not leave. Seeing these luxury cars, they also wanted to see who was here.


The sound of firecrackers sounded.

The traditional dragon and lion dance is a long way.

Chen Jia laughed. "Lin Wangzai, your dad can do it. This little birthday is so grand. The show is big enough. It costs a lot of money."

"It shouldn't be my house. My house doesn't have much money." Lin Wangzai said.

When a group of people walked in, there were many people in black outside. When they saw Lin Wangzai, they retreated and gave way.

"Dad, moms, I'm back." Lin Wangzai shouted.

At this time, a man in his fifties came over and patted Lin Wangzai's shoulder. "Wangzai, my uncle hasn't seen you for a long time. I've grown tall, that's good."

"Ah? You are?" Lin Wangzai froze for a moment and didn't know him.

"Well, go ahead. Your dad and your mothers are waiting for you." The middle-aged man laughed.

Stepping into the room with doubt, I was dumbfounded, and I saw all the people in the room.

Lin Wangzai was a little nervous. When he saw his parents sitting there, he hurriedly came, "Dad."

"Well, come back?" Lin Fan, who was middle-aged, looked at the boy in front of him, who was his own son. He was not as handsome as before.

"Wang Zi, did your girlfriend bring it back?" Asked a beautiful middle-aged woman with a smile.

"Ma'am, I brought it back," Lin Wangzai said, then he looked aside, "Good mother, good mother, good mother."

"This is Qiu Shiya, my girlfriend."

Qiu Shiya was dumbfounded and saw such a family for the first time, but respectfully said: "Uncle, aunts are good."

Chen Jia and Li Yan were stunned. They always felt that the momentum in the room was very strong, and they could not bear it.

Just then, a fat man ran in, "Father Lin, brothers and sisters are all here, and we want to give Father Lin a birthday."

"You chubby, you are the smoothest." Lin Fan knocked on chubby's head.

But I also laughed. The orphanage is developing very well. Once the children have come out, they have also started their own businesses and made great progress.

The chubby grinned, and then came to Lin Wangzai, "Brother, I'm your brother, called brother."

"Brother." Lin Wangzai froze, but still spoke.

Fatty, "Okay, brother, if someone bullies you in the future, look for your brother. I won't say anything else, it's a little skillful in this province."

At this time, a rushing voice came from outside.

A group of people stood outside, standing in rows, all the way to a long distance.

"Happy birthday to Father Lin, father of Xie Lin.

The sound was loud and passed far and far.

This position completely stunned Lin Wangzai and others.

In particular, Lin Wangzai was even more embarrassed. His dad is not an ordinary mountain citizen. What is the situation now?

"Old iron, I'm here." A middle-aged man came in at this time.

"Mingyang, I didn't say you, can you be late every time." Lin Fan said unhappy.

"Lao Tie, my fault, my fault, I haven't even talked about a tens of billions of business in order to get here, more than enough buddies." Wang Mingyang said with a smile, then looked at Lin Wangzai, "Wangzi Ah, I ’m your goddaddy.

Wang Zi's head exploded. What kind of situation are these people? What tens of billions? What father?

"You ... you are the richest man in the world, Wang Mingyang." Chen Jia said in horror.

Qiu Shiya stood aside, already dumbfounded.

Before Wang Mingyang came in, she found that these people were familiar with each other, and then she thought of it immediately.

The father of the virtual helmet, Li Dong, came out of the orphanage.

The top international scientist, Zhang Xiaobao, also came from the welfare home.

There are also internationally renowned directors, internationally renowned music masters, international go masters, international calligraphy and painting masters, and so on.

These people are famous in their youth. When they were seventeen or eighteen years old, they had amazing achievements.

In these years, there has been a major event, that is, the 365 children in Nanshan Children's Welfare Institute, all of whom are geniuses, have brought great changes to the world.

When Wang Mingyang appeared, she was completely stunned, this is the richest man in the world, no one knows.

At the same time, no one knows how much his wealth is. Some people say that he is already a rich country, because his industry is spread all over the world, and countless high-end products are made by others.

"God son, hold this card, unlimited fund transfers, use it arbitrarily, don't be polite to godfather, wouldn't you know me without your father, Wang Mingyang?" Wang Mingyang took out a card and took it in Wangzai's hand.

Wang Tsai looked at the card and Wang Mingyang, and fell into a dumbfounded state.

At this time, Chen Jia was shaking with trembling legs, and the people here were too scary.

At this moment, a group of soldiers came outside, one of the leaders, after entering the house, also respectfully said: "Master Lin, we found a new type of virus is spreading, but now we are helpless, and we also ask Master Lin to come out to help solve the problem a bit."

Lin Fan looked at the person, but smiled helplessly, "I'm all retired, and come back, this birthday will definitely not pass, then go check it out, maybe you can come back sooner."


Suddenly, Qiu Shiya exclaimed inside the room, looking at Lin Fan with an expression of disbelief.

"You are Master Lin, known as the closest **** in the world, Master Lin who disappeared for 18 years ..."

Lin Fan smiled.

"Little girl, this is Master Ben."

Then she looked at the four women, "Wife, you've worked and gone to live in a big city."

The four women looked at Lin Fan. "Hum, I'll wait for you, and see how long you can hold."

"Hahaha ..."

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