Above the Seven Towers

Chapter 110 Where is the hope (the finale)

A large garden was built on the hillside not far from Hewan New City, and there was a towering monument in the middle of the garden. The style of the monument is very peculiar. There are seven abstract human figures intertwined together, which jointly recommend a polyhedron.

This is exactly the River Martyrs Cemetery which has been completed for three years. In this mausoleum, it is buried against the **** of nature, against the city of God, and the people who died in the mainland war.

Today is the day when Hewan New City No. 1 Middle School organized students to commemorate the heroes. Under the leadership of the teacher, the students presented a bouquet in front of the monument, and then heard the story of the battle of the seals introduced by the staff.

The staff was clever and spoke vividly, as if he had experienced the battlefield in person, and he heard the students' attention. But neither he nor the students noticed that two women were watching the activity beside the Martyr Monument Forest not far away.

"Actually, the scene at that time was not so beautiful. We also didn't have time to say those nasty lines." Umeda said.

"When you were put on that monument, you were not the real you. You have to get used to this." Luo Ling said on the side, she was wearing a black dress today, holding a white hand Floret. Putting these flowers on a branch before the tombstones of her comrades-in-arms.

All the sacrificed people are here. Even those who disappear completely like He Xiaoxi, there is also a clothing mound. But the only person who does not have a tombstone is Xiao Chen. No matter how the committee persuades, Luo Ling does not agree to set up a monument for Xiao Chen, nor does he agree to list Xiao Chen on the battle list in the battle record.

He just went to another world, she always said so.

Luo Ling put a flower in front of Liu Yisheng's tombstone, and Umeda also put one on her. She said softly, "Maybe in another parallel world, I and the two of them are fighting hard together. Fortunately, You have appeared, and finally gave us the opportunity to fulfill our mission and long-cherished wish. However, this ending ... there are still so many sacrifices. "

"Yes. The sacrifice was great ..., but I didn't even see his sacrifice. At least you still saw the last moment, and I was comatose at that time." Luo Ling said.

"Have you not forgiven Lorenzo? I heard that you have avoided him for the past three years. In fact, he told me that was Xiao Chen's will. He didn't want you to experience that moment." Umeda said.

Luo Ling shook her head and said, "I didn't forgive him, but I don't want to see him either. Some people are saying good things for you and doing good things for you, but they are annoying, right?"

Umeda tilted his head for a moment and nodded.

She decided to change the subject: "Are you really going to be a ambassador to the Western Continental Republic?"

"Yeah. I meditated intermittently for three years on the Tower of Spirit Eyes, and I didn't find a trace of that world. It shows that this way won't work. During these three years, my state of growth has stalled. Maybe it's a different environment. , It's time to increase his strength first. After all, he united the West China and us. I heard that some unstable factors have emerged in these years, and I don't hope that the good foundation he has laid It ’s not possible to bring the two continents into one, but I can still try to put them in a state of benign competition. Otherwise, if he sees him one day, will he think that I have n’t guarded him? What's left? "Luo Ling carried the bouquet behind her and looked at the ball on the monument." As a saint, our life is longer. I ... I still have time. I hope it might be at the next moment. " "



In the secret passage at the bottom of an ancient pyramid.

Several explorers dressed up are running desperately in the narrow tunnel, because behind them, turning a few corners, there is a rolling black mist, chasing them without hurry. When someone looks back, the lights of the helmet will look like a dark shadow, but each time is different, sometimes like a horse, sometimes like a cow, sometimes like an indescribable demon.

Running, running, the lead man exclaimed: "Grass, this is a dead end!"


"What can I do? Those blood-sucking bugs are catching up!"

auzw.com The leading man said: "There is no way. Guns are useless for those bugs! Jeter! Are you not a fire awakener who has awakened a B-level ability? It ’s only you. "

A fireball was born from a young man named Jet, reflecting his pale face: "I, I don't have much mental power. There are too many bugs."

"You can only fight." Most people raised their guns, and another person stretched out his empty hands, and ice crystals began to appear between the hands.

But all these people know that in front of these blood-sucking beetles, such struggles are in vain.

But at this moment, a strange voice suddenly appeared beside them, and a man asked, "Do you need help?"

This interrogation caused a burst of screams and almost caused a fire.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" The leader swears that there are only five of them in this dead road. He used a lamp to illuminate the direction of the sound, and even two people appeared behind them. They were all wearing cloaks and faces. The department was completely covered. If the other party is not clear-spoken and the pronunciation is pure, he will even suspect that the other party is the ghost of ancient Egypt.

"Don't panic," said the man in the dark. "I'm here to help you out of danger. It's just that I have a small request. You want to show me the bracelet of the Eye of Horus in your backpack. . "

"So you are here to find the ancient relics?" The leader agreed very readily. "As long as you can save me and my brothers. It's yours."

"The deal. Tassia, it's yours," the man said.

At this time, the beetles that formed the black mist flew in from outside. The shorter cloak man stretched out a slender hand and snapped a finger in the air. The dense black beetles in front suddenly turned red, as if a ball of fire erupted precisely from their stomachs, like A firework burned out and dissipated.

Successive swarms of beetles flew in, and she was wiped out in such an understatement.

"God, she must be an S-level ability."

"No, I've seen S-level abilities. They can't do this. It's ... artistic." Jeter said.

The man in the dark held out his hand, and the leader obediently put his bracelet stolen from the tomb in the other's hand. As soon as the bracelet fell into the hands of men, it began to radiate a dazzling light.

"How is it?" The woman who released the flame asked.

"It's kind of interesting. There are a few rules about space. It seems that turning things out of old paper piles is still valuable. I didn't expect that after the magical power was spread to the world, it would actually activate these ancient things. The past is not easy. Anyway, I will continue to explore until I find a way to cross the world.

Hopefully it will be at the next moment. "

The man threw the bracelet back to the head, and then took the woman out of the tunnel.


There was a strange quietness in the passage. After a while, the leader suddenly touched his head and asked, "Why are we standing here silly? What happened?"

(End of the book)

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