After Being Picked up by the Top Alpha

Chapter 56:

After the dinner, Yu Lan suddenly received a lot of interview invitations, but he refused all of them, and devoted himself to the next round of work-he began to participate in the interviews for the autumn and winter show of various brands in the coming year.

Fang Pingping felt a little emotional.

Although when he first met Yu Lan, he was sure that the latter could definitely become a superstar, but the road Yu Lan took was far more magical than he thought.

In fact, in terms of Yu Lan’s age, he was late for his debut, but he appeared on the cover of "V" as soon as he debuted, followed by the inside page of the same magazine and the founder of "Yuan", especially Qing's invitation.

Yu Lan's path went smoothly, of course, this is also due to his not afraid of walking-such as the set of free works he and Lu Zhengzheng completed together, which brought a very important time for Yu Lan's career bounce.

And at this moment, Yulan is even a relatively young newcomer model who has not even received the training completely, and has never walked through the T stage.

Fortunately, Yu Lan's thoughts and Fang Pingping are the same-that is, to grow up as soon as possible.

To grow as quickly as possible, it is destined to be busy.

——So, Yu Lan and Shao Mingyu started not seeing each other often.

A man can adjust the itinerary once for Yulan, but it is impossible to adjust the itinerary for Yulan throughout the year. Therefore, the difference is inevitable. Yulan is still a little rustling at first, but he can only force himself to get used to it.

One winter passed. In February, "Yuan" held a big autumn and winter show, and Yu Lan was the opening model.

He wore a long beige trench coat with a knitted vest and shirt, plus a pair of checked pants, with a bit of green bookishness and a subtle sense of abstinence.

The first time I walked the show, Yu Lan was not stage fright, and looked straight ahead, very calm.

When a show and two outfits were posted on the Internet by Po, it caused quite a response.

However, "Yuan"'s autumn and winter show is just the beginning of this fashion week for Yulan. At the same time, his presence in the fashion circle is getting stronger and stronger. Many people are discussing him. The Silver Moon Clan was watching him silently.

During the fashion week, Yu Lan hesitated when he passed the so-called biggest red light district before, but he went over and took a look. Of course, it was informed by Mr. Shao, the remote and home. After all, Mr. Shao was clearly not allowed. He went to the red light district.

But the first two days when Tian Qiong got sick, and after the news of the suspension of work was filled with Xingbo, Yu Lan remembered the conversation between the two at the dinner day, and guessed that Wen Qiong might eventually change his original choice...

Yu Lan breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time his mood about the red light district had become more complicated, so he still wanted to take a look.

This is a famous attraction, so many people walking on the road are not "guests", but tourists.

The architectural styles on both sides are very strange, each seems to have its own theme, presumably for some fun.

Yu Lan was wrapped in a scarf and wearing framed glasses. Fang Pingping followed him. The two were very low-key, and no one recognized them.

Suddenly, someone rushed out of the alley on the side and bumped into Yu Lan's body by surprise.

Yu Lan hurriedly supported him, while the other party was still slowly following a person behind him, speechlessly: "What are you doing in such a hurry, dinner will not miss you -"

Seeing Yulan's appearance clearly, he froze.

Yu Lan was also a little surprised: "...Yu Yi?"

The young man who just hit Yulan quickly stood firm, blushing, and seemed embarrassed. When he saw Yulan clearly, he excitedly said: "Ah! Yu—"

Yu Yi immediately came up and covered his mouth, staring at him: "Don't shout out!"

The youth nodded immediately, his eyes filled with excitement!

Yu Yi let go, and Ai Ai in his youth whispered: "Yu Lan, I like you so much. Can you sign me?"

Yu Lan glanced at Yu and said to the young man: "...Okay."

It's a pity that the young man didn't bring any paper or pen. In the end, Fang Pingping gave the pen, and Yu Lan directly signed the name on the young man's clothes.

The young man was about to jump up on the spot happily, and Yu Yi said impatiently: "When you are done, hurry up and leave. After dinner quickly, the guests are waiting."

As soon as the young man finished responding, he remembered something, his face became embarrassed, he looked at Yulan, lowered his head, and said in a whisper: "...Alan, let's go first."

Yu Lan didn't know what to say, watching the two walking in front of him, he turned around, and finally moved his lips, and asked: "Yu Yi, have you received memory recovery treatment?"

Yu Yi's footsteps stopped.

After the incident between Yu Yi and Shao Yuan, although Yu Lan did not know exactly what Mr. Shao did, he knew that Yu Yi was sent back to the social assistance organization, and Mr. Shao would never do anything to harm others.

So-why is Yu Yi in such a place? When did you come?

The young man next to Yu Yi realized that Yu Lan and Yu Yi knew each other just now, a little surprised.

And Yu Yi didn't turn around, and said, "Anyway, no one will pick me up home. Is it necessary to receive memory recovery treatment?"

After what happened, he was forcibly sent back to the social assistance agency and he was no longer so free.

Those people regretted letting him go out by himself too quickly, and murmured that he shouldn’t be so impatient. If this continues, his life will be ruined, and his body must be taken care of. Yu Yi feels annoyed and waits for those people. Relaxed his vigilance and fled the place completely.

But he and the other omegas who were rescued together have been keeping in touch, so he discovered the strangeness of their series of events for the first time, and finally learned the truth.

When he started searching for his memory, he had a headache and passed out several times. Later, he realized that he couldn't find the memory in his mind without relying on treatment. He was still in a coma, and Yu Yi gave up on searching anyway. No relatives, it's obvious.

Hearing Yu Yi's answer, Yu Lan paused, and suddenly said, "Mr. Shao is not my relative."

"I know!" Yu turned his head, thinking of the original text message, he said irritably, "I deliberately wanted to make you unhappy, okay?!"

At the beginning, he saw the youth on the cover of "V", but at that time, he had already come to the red light district.

Although it was his own choice to come to the red light district-he thought he could find the freedom he wanted-but the difference between the two people's situation still caused him evil thoughts, even if it was a very low-level method, he wanted to find it. Yulan's unhappy!

So relying on the sporadic clues he had just grasped at the time, he sent that malicious text message.

...But he is actually a joke.

Yulan went higher and higher, and he fell into a quagmire.

Yu Yi sometimes even wondered, what is the point of leaving those traffickers?

His life still seems to be a mess.

Yu Lan took a deep breath and said, "I didn’t mean to say that. I meant to say that Mr. Shao is not my relative, and my family did not come to pick me up. But the truth is that my mother has passed away long ago. That's why she couldn't come to see me. But from the memory of the past, I knew she loved me."

Yu Yi trembled and looked back at him.

"I don't know what your situation was like at the beginning, but at least I was like this." Yu Lan sighed, "You can think again about whether you want to restore your past memories."

On the side, Fang Pingping, who had recently known some inside information, helped his sunglasses and said nothing.

The youth beside Yu Yi looked blank.

Yu Lan looked at the two of them, and said: "Also, it's not that you can't walk away forever after entering this place."

Yu made a fist.

The young man was shocked.

Yu Lan nodded to the two of them and planned to leave. The young man took an impulsive step and said, "Alan, I, we have many people watching you now!"

Yu Lan stopped and turned sideways.

The young man stammered: "I, I was born here since I was a child, my mother doesn't believe in the outside world, and I have never dared to step out..."

"Outside, is it really okay outside?" The young man's voice gradually weakened.

Yu Lan smiled, and said, "The outside world is big. I like a vast place."


In May, Yu Lan and Shao Mingyu had a wedding.

The wedding was held on an island. It was very grand and many people came.

Song Ze also came, and Yu Lan finally had the opportunity to thank him in person—for what he and Mr. Shao had done in the past 16 years.

Song Ze smiled and said, "When I first found you, I really didn't expect you to be with Ming Yu. Congratulations."

In addition, the media failed to come in, but many guests took photos, even small videos.

From that astounding battle, everyone could tell that Shao Mingyu really used Yulan as a baby, and the deep kiss after exchanging the rings made people blush and heartbeat.

——Yu Lan's legs are softened by the kiss!

In fact, the truth is that Yu Lan had already felt that his estrus was coming, and he had always been unable to resist Mr. Shao's strong kiss, so he almost made a fool of himself in front of everyone.

After Shao Mingyu noticed it, he hurriedly dealt with the following dance party and asked his family to help entertain the guests. He took Yu Lan back to the room——

"It seems that the time is early?" Shao Mingyu smiled when he put the person on the bed.

"Well... it's a week early." Yu Lan whispered, "Mr. Shao, maybe I'd better fight inhibitors, there are still guests outside."

It takes a week to get through the estrus, and if they don’t see any guests tomorrow, it’s not so good!

"No." Shao Mingyu's eyes were deep, "You have been busy before, Little Grape, I haven't touched you for a long time."

Yu Lan pursed her lips and smiled, her eyes became a little moist.

"I have already greeted my mother and grandpa, and your time is mine for the next week." The man's voice drowned between their lips.

... So in the end, the two stayed on the island for more than ten days before leaving.

After the wedding, Yulan rested in the manor for a while, and then resumed his busy mode.

During the dinner, the art director of a certain blue blood brand also accepted the invitation.

This is a legendary designer who is more than seventy years old, but he is very energetic and looks even suave.

The old man is surrounded by many people. After all, everyone knows the status of the other party in the fashion circle, and no one will let go of the opportunity to show his face in front of him.

Fang Pingping also wanted Yu Lan to go up and say hello, but it was a pity that the place was too difficult to get in. Yu Lan was feeling helpless, and the old man was surrounded by others and passed in front of him.

At this moment, the old man suddenly looked over, smiled and raised his glass to Yulan.

Yu Lan was stunned, and Fang Pingping was stunned.

When he recovered, Yu Lan quickly raised his cup, and the other party had already passed him.

Fang Pingping was so excited that he almost didn't even hold the wine glass.

The Blue Blood brand really does not like Silvermoon models as some people on the Internet have guessed?

No... Maybe not!

At that moment, Fang Pingping had a foreboding in his heart-and a month later, Yulan had a successful interview and got the qualification for the brand's spring and summer show.

This news once again blew up people on the Internet. Yu Lan was the first Silvermoon model to be on the Blue Blood brand show so soon after his debut. There are many messages hidden behind this.

As for the future, how many possibilities are there for Yulan's future?

Soon, another possibility was confirmed.

——Yu Lan got the endorsement of a famous make-up brand and became one of the few male make-up endorsements.

At this time, many people were numb with shock, and Yu Lan started to be really busy, all kinds of jobs flew in, and he almost only had time to return to the manor for a week when he was in estrus.

Sometimes, during the video call, Mr. Shao's faint eyes even made Yu Lan feel very guilty.

But in the end, the man just sighed: "If you want, try to seize the opportunity, but don't make yourself too tired, okay?"

Yulan nodded, feeling warm.

So busy until the end of the second year after the wedding——

At the end of December, snow began to fall in the area where the manor was located.

The endorsements of "Yuan" and makeup brands have ended. Fang Pingping also controlled Yu Lan’s workload so that he could take a break. Recently, Yu Lan finally had the opportunity to completely settle down in the manor. In this regard, Shao Mingyu is naturally satisfied.

But don't know why, Yu Lan started to feel sleepy all day long.

Shao Mingyu also felt strange and asked him, "Does it still feel tired?"

Yu Lan thought for a while and shook his head: "Not tired, just sleepy." He hugged the man and said coquettishly: "Mr. Shao, sleep with me."

Shao Mingyu smiled, kissed the forehead of the baby in his arms, and took someone to rest early.

The next day, when Yu Lan woke up in a daze, there was no one around, and the man had obviously gone to work.

Yu Lan lay on the bed and spent a while, feeling that she could no longer be lazy, so she tidied up and went to play with Wen Zicheng.

After Wen Zicheng was born, Yu Lan went to see him, and now, his daughter has grown a little longer, with a pretty small face.

After Wen Zicheng knew that Yulan’s "Mr. Shao" was Shao Mingyu, he shut himself up for a while-he had already seen people with his own eyes, but he hadn't recognized him yet. If he recognized him earlier, he would be able to hug him earlier. Are your thighs gone? !

...Although he can't do anything with his thigh, he just feels depressed.

Of course, after such a long period of time, he has now recovered.

Yu Lan brought them gifts, played with the little girl for a while, yawning and hitting one by one.

Wen Zicheng poured him a glass of juice and casually spoke in a yellow tone: "Did you wake up? You have to remind your Mr. Shao to be more restrained."

"!" Yu Lan immediately became sober, flushed, and said, "Me, me and Mr. Shao took a rest early yesterday!"

"Really?" Wen Zicheng looked suspicious.

"Of course it's true!" Yu Lan said, "I have been feeling sleepy recently and can't wake up." As he said, he rubbed his eyes again.

Wen Zicheng seemed to have thought of something suddenly and put down the water glass.

After Yu Lan rubbed his eyes, he found the store manager looking at herself seriously, and said carefully: "What's the matter?"

"How is your... recent appetite?" Wen Zicheng asked.

"Very good, it is great. Uncle told me not to eat too much, otherwise I will get fat... I haven't worked much in the past month, so I'm lazy at home and haven't exercised much. It seems that I am a little fat... …" Yulan tangled.

Wen Zicheng took a deep breath and said, "Silly boy, go to the hospital for an examination."

Yulan was taken aback.


Shao Mingyu heard that Yu Lan had gone to the hospital. After the meeting, he made a phone call, but Yu Lan hesitated to go home. When Shao Mingyu hung up, he frowned.

He left the company early, and when he returned to the manor, the young man was sleeping on the sofa by the French windows.

The air conditioner is on in the room, which is very warm, so don’t worry about catching the cold.

The young man slept with a pillow, his cheeks flushed.

Shao Mingyu walked over and tried to probe the young man's forehead-no fever.

He woke up with a gentle shake, Yu Lan opened his eyes dumbfounded, and when he saw him, he opened his arms and hugged him, and said, "Mr. Shao..."

Shao Mingyu thought about the sleepiness of Yu Lan during this period, frowned and said: "Is it sick?"

He originally thought that Yu Lan was only busy for a long time, but after a sudden free time, he didn't get over.

Unexpectedly, the sleep problem would make Yu Lan feel so serious that he needed to go to the hospital-if he had known this, he had asked a private doctor to come over.

Yulan paused, and said softly, "No, it's not that I'm sick..."

"What's going on?" Shao Mingyu peeled the person from his body and squatted down.

His blue eyes were shiny, but his cheeks were getting redder.

"Mr. Shao..."

When the man called after three o'clock, Yu Lan was still on the way to the hospital.

After the results came out, he spent a little more time digesting the shocking news, but he fell asleep after returning home to digest it.

When I woke up and saw the man in front of him, only joy and shame were left in his heart.

Yu Lan took a deep breath and touched her stomach.

Shao Mingyu caught a glimpse of this movement, something subconsciously came to mind in his mind, but he didn't catch it for a while.

In the next second, the young man bent his eyebrows and said, "Mr. Shao, I am pregnant!"

Shao Mingyu froze.

Yu Lan started his head, and the people behind it came out in a nutshell: "I went to see the store manager today, and the store manager asked me to go to the hospital for an examination. I didn't believe it at first. After all, we have always taken safety measures. Yes, and... and the set has not been broken... But the doctor said that there is still a certain chance of getting pregnant. Anyway, the test results have come out, it has been almost a month, it should be the estrus that just passed At the time of--"

As soon as Yu Lan took out the test sheet from his pocket, he was squeezed into his arms.

Yu Lan stopped her mouth immediately.

The man hugged him tightly and said dumbly: "Is there a little grape in my stomach?"

"..." Yu Lan raised the corners of her lips and said sweetly, "Well, there is a little grape."

Shao Mingyu's Adam's apple was rolling, he closed his eyes, rubbed the head of the person in his arms, and said, "But you are still young, I have always wanted to wait a few years..."

"It's not too small," Yu Lan whispered, "Actually, I already wanted it a bit."

Ever since I met Wen Zicheng's daughter, this thought in Yu Lan's mind has been turning.

But he also felt that he had to wait for his career to go up again--

He speeded up, worked hard, and desperately, until now.

Although for many models, it is still the stage to move forward, but Yu Lan has her own plan for life.

He will not stop walking towards the distant future, but at least at this moment, he is ready, the child is coming, he only feels happy and happy.

There are smiles between Yu Lan's eyebrows and eyes: "Mr. Shao, we have children!"

His tone was full of satisfaction and joy, which made Shao Mingyu laugh, his eyes gentle.

He let go of Yulan, and the two looked at each other with tenderness and sweetness in their eyes.

Afterwards, Shao Mingyu moved and kissed his blue lips.

This is his little grape.

He lowered his head again, through his clothes, and kissed the blue belly.

Here are their little grapes.

Yu Lan smiled, and when the man finished kissing, he raised his head, then he lowered his head, and their lips touched again.

——This is his Mr. Shao.

And they still have a long, long future.

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