After Crossing, and Husband Brought Hundreds of Millions of Supplies To Farm

Chapter 894 Draft begins

   Chapter 894 The draft begins

   Zhou Ying suddenly felt a little frustrated. It seemed that she was still powerless and had to try as much as possible.

   Then he tried again, and when he felt powerless, he withdrew.

   It happened that the various grains in the space were ripe again. After this harvest, a lot of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and sesame seeds were planted, and some cotton was planted in the rest of the land.

   After finishing the work, I put away the duck eggs and made a lot of preserved eggs.

   When she was done, Gu Chengrui also killed a lot of cattle, sheep, pigs, and donkeys.

   Zhou Ying received it all in one breath.

   "Wait." Gu Chengrui shouted when she saw that she was about to leave.

   "What's the matter, is there any more?"

   "No, leave a piece of pork belly out, I want to fry some dried pork belly to eat."

   "Tomorrow, it's getting late today, I'm sleepy." Zhou Ying yawned after finishing speaking.

   Gu Chengrui saw that she was really in a bad mood, so he didn't say anything, but took her to take a shower and quickly returned to the space.

   Looking at Zhou Ying who slept in seconds, Gu Chengrui looked disappointed, then tucked her in the quilt, hugged her and fell asleep quickly.

  The next day, the two of them were woken up early in the morning by the sound of Guoguo slamming on the door.

   Gu Chengrui immediately sat up and said with a gloomy face: "Girl, we are not raising a daughter, but a little ancestor."

   "Then if you still want another one, let's get this done first." After Zhou Ying finished speaking, she got up and picked up her clothes and started putting on her clothes.

   Chapter 890

  Gu Chengrui heard the louder and louder knock on the door, so he quickly put on his clothes and went to open the door first.

   As soon as the door opened, Guoguo ran in, climbed to the head of the bed and asked, "Mother, is it true that the nurse said you are sick?"

   Zhou Ying was stunned for a moment, then she coughed dryly and said in a deep voice: "Cough, mother is a little cold, I'm afraid I'll give you the illness, so I let you go to sleep at the nurse's place."

   then rubbed her little head and said, "Guo Guo slept well last night, did you cry?"

   "No, Guoguo is good."

   "Really, she's really a good mother's daughter.

  You go to your dad to play first, I will fold the quilt and give you a braid. "

   "Let's go, Dad will take you to wash your face first." After Gu Chengrui finished speaking, he took her out.

  Guoguo looked back at Zhou Ying, but in the end she obediently followed Gu Chengrui out.

   After she left, Zhou Ying closed her eyes and crawled onto the quilt for a while before she cleaned up.

   On this side, Gu Chengrui asked with a smile after washing Guoguo's face, "Guoguo, isn't it more comfortable to sleep in the same bed with the nanny? You can roll as much as you want."

   "The nurse said that girls can't roll while sleeping, that's not good." Guoguo raised her head.

   "That's right, but sleeping with the nanny, is it okay to not squeeze." Gu Chengrui guided.

   Guoguo nodded immediately, the same big bed, sleeping with the nurse, naturally relaxed.

   Then he thought of something, looked up at Gu Chengrui angrily and said, "Do you want your daughter to sleep by herself again?"

   Gu Chengrui called her mother secretly, it seems that it is not a good thing for the child to be smart.

   Then he still smiled and said patiently: "How come, you are my own daughter, how can I drive you away.

  But you are getting bigger and bigger, and the three of us living in the same bed are getting more and more crowded.

  Sleep separately, you sleep comfortably, and we sleep comfortably too. "

  But you are getting bigger and bigger, and the three of us living in the same bed are getting more and more crowded.

  Sleep separately, you sleep comfortably, and we sleep comfortably too. "

   (end of this chapter)

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