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After I Got Married, Those Who Slagged Me Was Reborn
Alternative names:结婚后,渣过我的人都重生了
Genre: Drama, Romance

After I Got Married, Those Who Slagged Me Was Reborn

Ruan Tang’s life has been inexplicably full of bad luck. He obviously did nothing wrong, but he is always regarded as a black heart lotus with various speculations. Until he married his husband with a disfigured face and legs called the Duke of Blue Beard.

His life was back on track, and he was fine.
He loves his husband very much, and his husband loves him very much… Although everyone thinks that his husband was a daunting devil, Ruan Tang finds his husband extremely cute.
However, Ruan Tang didn’t know that he was the original protagonist of a book, and his husband was the villain boss in the story.
In the plotline changed by the book transmigrator, all the people who had left him for a variety of reasons have been reborn. Ruan Tang’s original life has been changed because of the existence of a book transmigrator. They can’t even regret it. The best angel in the world…
Everyone who came back was determined to treat Ruan Tang well and return to him!
But Ruan Tang is already married! — It was them who pushed Ruan Tang to the demonic pervert!

– ABO, Futuristic World, Mecha, MPREG, Royalties
– Ruan Tang was the protagonist of the book called ‘Sweet Pet [Interstellar]’, but because of a transmigrator with a System who was dead set on robbing his Protagonist Halo, his life changed its course. He was framed a lot and his golden fingers were all robbed. Because of the dirty water poured on him by the transmigrator, he became famous for being a black-hearted lotus. Then, one day, he was suddenly married to the well-known madman, Duke Oston.
– ML lost his crown prince title when he got into an accident. After he became disabled, he became known as a perverted demon who loved torturing people for fun. The Queen wanted ML to have a son so that the child can become the new crown prince instead so she was desperate to send ML lots of Omegas. But those poor Omegas either became crazy or was tortured by ML instead. Then MC came, the Queen’s final hope.
– aaaAAAAAHHHHH ML is sooo freakin scary! I thought I was reading a horror story instead of romance. Seriously! The first meeting of ML and MC was crazy. ML was so creepy! It legit scared me!
– MC and ML’s interactions are so entertaining. ML was super scary but… MC can talk to ML even though he’s crazy. Because of that, his favorability to ML rose by leaps and bounds making him ML’s beloved pet. He was spoiled to death! So those people who wanted to see MC suffer was shocked. LOL
– Genius Calm MC x Madman Loyal Dog ML


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