After I Was Reborn, I Was Caught by an Actor

Chapter 45 study medicine

    The small town is not like the big city, there is no elevated, subway, no row upon row of high-rise buildings, some just have a leisurely pace of life.

    For the first time, Qin Qing took Su Zhihe back to the place where he was born and raised. Never let go.

    Su Zhihe looked out of the car through the window and said with great interest, "I remember you said before that you grew up with your grandparents."

    Qin Qing: "They're all gone."

    Su Zhihe: "You can go and see if you're not there."

    Qin Qingxiao: "You can forget it. There is no cemetery, they are all buried in the countryside, and there is no tombstone."

    Su Zhihe sighed: "Nowhere to go."

    Qin Qing thought for a while: "How about I take you to see your idiot?"

    The brain-dead fans refused to meet, saying that they knew that the idol was coming, and they were afraid that if they met, they would be excited and affect the performance of the college entrance examination and delay their life.

    But I still don't give up on a certain question: "After the exam, can I ask my idol to give me a hug of encouragement?"

    Qin Qing: "If you don't have a hug, I can come and hug you. It's fine for how long."

    Xie Lei: "Are you disgusting? Who wants to hug you?"

    So before the test, Qin Qing only saw Mr. Ding, the head teacher who gave him the test ticket.

    Lao Ding saw Qin Qing again after a year. He was relieved and sighed. He talked a lot, and let Qin Qing not think about anything and take the test.

    Qin Qing walked past the third grade classroom where he hadn't been there for a day, as if he had traveled through his entire youth in just a few steps, there was nothing to regret.

    "Qin Qing!"

    Old Ding suddenly called him again, called him back to the office, and took out a certificate from the drawer.

    "The second semester of high school will be evaluated before the end of the semester. If you are not here, I will help you receive it now."

    "Take it back as a souvenir."

    Qin Qing looked at the three-good student award certificate in his hand, dumbfounded.

    The time of his rebirth was very unfortunate.

    Received this brand-new certificate that had been put on hold for more than a year, Qin Qingcai suddenly felt that his youth was actually at this moment, right in front of him.

    Others are getting older, and he is getting younger.

    He didn't miss the classrooms, the desks and chairs he hadn't been in for a long time.

    The admission ticket in your pocket is the ticket to return to campus.

    He is about to return to his youth.

    The day before the college entrance examination, Qin Qing's cell phone kept ringing.

    Su Zhihe's Iron Triangle friends, Cui Huohuo, Xiang Xun, Guan Yiyun, sent encouragement one after another.

    Kou Jiang also specially sent a voice: "You must be admitted, I hope you can go to Harvard now."

    Qin Qing: "Harvard doesn't need national papers."


    Qin Qing: "Do your job."

    The night before the college entrance examination, Su Zhihe sat at the table and checked the stationery box for Qin Qing.

    “2B pencil, black pen, ruler, eraser, admission ticket…”


    Qin Qing threw the watch back: "What Rolex do you bring."

    Su Zhihe put the watch in: "It's just a watch, and it's not the watch that has the Rolex brand on it, only Rolex."

    Like every parent who puts college students on the altar, he coaxes: "It's all Rolex's fault."

    Qin Qingxiao died and said, "You are like a father who is worried about his son's college entrance examination."

    Su Zhihe and Qin Qing were already so familiar with him that he was skinless and shameless, so he opened his mouth and said, "Son will take the test tomorrow."

    Qin Qing is also shameless: "Dad, don't sway around tomorrow, don't look back and be on the local TV station."

    Su Zhihe went to hug Qin Qing: "Come on, son!"

    The next day, the college entrance examination.

    It's sunny.

    Sunshine, anticipation, the crowd gathered at the school gate.

    Su Zhihe's car was parked in front of Uncle Xie Lei's stationery store.

    There was no one in the store, Su Zhihe and his uncle sat together drinking tea and chatting.

    In order to find a topic, my uncle took out the tablet that Qin Qingqing had sold to him for 3,000 yuan.

    Su Zhihe accidentally: "Didn't sell it?"

    Uncle laughed: "I kept it on purpose. When Qin Qing develops, this is the physical evidence that I helped him back then."

    Su Zhihe said: "There's no need to wait." It's already developed.

    Uncle put away the tablet with a smile: "So I have to keep it, and when I need it, I will take it myself, or let my son or grandson take this tablet and go to B The city is looking for you."

    Su Zhihe: "Actually, just make a phone call."

    Uncle laughed: "So am I kidding? Come, drink tea, drink tea."

    Qin Qing had to take the exam for three days, and Su Zhihe drank tea for three days at his uncle's stationery store.

    After drinking tea, the college entrance examination is over.


    Some of the students were former classmates of Qin Qing, who were surprised to see Qin Qing: "Qin Qing!? Really you?"

    Xie Lei raised Qin Qing's hand and pinched Qin Qing's face: "It's not him, it's Yi Rong, I peeled off this layer of skin for you to see."

    Qin patted the paw: "Long time no see."

    Several classmates were very surprised: "You came back for the exam? Great!"

    "Yeah, we thought you didn't pass."

    "Qin Qing, how much is your mobile phone? I'll go home and add you WeChat."

    "Pull him into the group, we will meet after the exam."

    Xie Lei was shocked: "You have a group? Why didn't I know."

    A classmate blinked: "You and I are not in the same class, okay?"

    Xie Lei: "Then my senior year and you are not in the same class?"

    The classmates were also shocked: "Of course not in the same class, you are in the second class of the third year, and I am in the third class of the third year, okay? Did you throw it back to the teacher after you finished the test?"

    Qin Qing interjected: "I can do it, both the second and third shifts are fine."

    Smiles bloomed on the faces of the classmates: "That's for sure, as handsome as you, all the girls in the school are your classmates."

    Xie Lei suddenly remembered something: "The second class is a ghost! I'm from the third class!"

    The noisy school gate carries all the laughter.

    A few days later, Qin Qing still stayed in his hometown in C city, mainly because there were too many classmates gathering, gathering here, playing there, temporarily unable to leave.

    Su Zhihe let Qin Qing play everywhere, and encouraged Qin Qing to attend student gatherings more, saying, "It's rare for my son to have the life that a normal young man should have."

    Friends of the Iron Triangle: "Of course it's normal to leave you, an old man in his thirties."

    "You said Qin Qing was 'not normal'? Take a screenshot."

    Two more days passed.

    Su Zhihe said in the group: "My son didn't even go home, he went out at nine in the morning, and now it is eleven in the evening, and he hasn't come back."

    Friends of the Iron Triangle: "This is a normal life for young people. You, a retired old man, need to get used to it."

    "Raise dogs and fish to relieve the boring old life."

    Su Zhihe: "…"

    Qin Qing has been staying in her hometown for half a month, very full and very happy.

    He thought that he had no friends when he was a student, and he was away from school for so long. His classmates should have forgotten him.

    On returning here, I found that many students had a good impression of him, saying that he used to speak little in the class, but he was a good person, very comfortable to communicate with, and easy to talk to.

    And young people don't consider their interests, they think you are a good person, they can chat with you, and they can play with you when they come out, so they are willing to get along and be friends.

    In just two weeks, Qin Qing made up for the empty window of the past year, and there were many more classmates in the mobile phone contacts.


    Xie Lei took the opportunity to propose: "Can I hold my idol?"

    Qin Qing: "No."

    Xie Lei shouted: "Can't fans hug idols too?"

    Qin Qing: "What kind of hug do you a passer-by fan want?"

    Qin Qingle stayed in her hometown for a long time without thinking, and occasionally heard some news about Sun Fang and Ding Zhong.

    Said that on the eve of the college entrance examination, Ding Zhong ran away to avoid the online loan, and Sun Fang was blocked at the door of the house, asking the mother of the debtor to try, and she had no money to sell the house, and Sun Fang also ran away.

    Up to now, there is no news about the mother and son, and some familiar players tried to contact Sun Fang, but they couldn't get in touch.

    Xie Lei asked Qin Qing: "I went to your place on New Year's Day, didn't I remind you that I was afraid they would find you?"

    "It's such a coincidence that when you don't collect debts, just before you came back, you were called for debts, and people ran away."

    "Hey, do you think he will be my idol?" Su Zhihe's arrangement?


    But Qin Qing didn't think about it and didn't go into it.

    Sun Fang and Ding Zhong had nothing to do with him as early as the moment he stepped out of the house.

    In the current situation, it is impossible and has no chance for them to pester him again.

    Qin Qing didn't answer Xie Lei's question, but said, "I think about what major I want to study."

    Xie Lei: "?"

    Qin Qing: "Study medicine."

    Xie Lei was shocked: "Damn it, that major is simply not learned by people, right?"

    Qin Qing said arrogantly: "Xueba just let you know."

    Xie Lei's perspective on the problem is very clear: "Anyway, you are willing to support you because of my idol's money, and by the way, a medical student."

    Qin Qing: "Did you spend your money?"

    Xie Lei: "Damn it! Don't be so crazy!"

    It turns out that Qin Qing's madness is not only in his chatting attitude, but also in his grades.


    Su Zhihe was even more happy than Qin Qing, and specifically asked the professionals to see how the school majors should be reported.

    Coincidentally, Qin Qingxuan's school is in the college recommended by professionals, but not in city B, but in another first-tier city, city S.

    Su Zhihe was like an old father who chose a school for his son, and made a decision with a big wave of his hand: "Report! Report this!"

    Based on Qin Qing's understanding of Su Zhihe: "Do you have a house next to the school?"

    Su Zhihe: "No, I can buy it now."

    Qin lightly pinched Su Zhihe's face: "Dad, you are really rich."

    Su Zhihe also pinched Qin Qing's face and sighed: "After earning so much money, I finally have a place to use it."

    "My son is studying hard, coming out to be a doctor, and helping the wounded."


    Two years later.

    Qin Qing wore a white coat, pressed the voice to her mouth, and walked to a certain building while sending a message to Guan Yiyun.

    "It was hacked because there are your competitors on the market, you have a rival, and there are more than one."

    "You just need to look at the recent artists who are similar to yours and whose development direction is similar to yours. Among these people, who is more active recently, you can almost guess who is hacking you. Hot search."

    "Ask your agent to find a lawyer for you, issue a lawyer's letter, and be tough."

    "Take care of your fan base, and let them not control the comments. Your fans will help you to control your reputation. Is your agent team eating rice?"

     "Don't pick up the variety show recently, and change the manager after a while."

    "He doesn't care about your questions, he came over and asked me, am I your agent?"

    The voice was sent in one go, the phone was stuffed into the pocket, Qin Qing climbed the stairs upstairs.

    A group of students happened to be out of class and came down the stairs. Almost all of them were girls. You didn’t need to think about it to know that they were in the nursing class.

    Someone in the class knew Qin Qing and shouted, "Senior."

    Qin Qing raised his eyes and nodded at the girl who called him.

    A group of girls turned to look at him, giggling.

    There was a brave man in the crowd, relying on the crowd, hiding in the crowd and shouting: "Senior, do you have a girlfriend?"

    Qin Qing went upstairs in a hurry and replied, "I have a boyfriend."

    My boyfriend lives next to the school and runs between B city and S city every day.

    Although I am not filming, I still have to be busy with my family business.

    The front foot of the family also criticized him for finding a student, and the back foot knew that the boy was a medical student of a top medical school, and his attitude changed subtly.

    Su Zhihe "cheated" an eight-digit "student fund" from his eldest brother of course.

    The eldest brother asked worriedly: "I don't feel bad for money. When he graduates, won't it be the time for you to break up?"

    Su Zhihe: "?"

    Big brother: "Look at you, you have stopped filming for the past two years, and you have stopped filming. The entertainment industry will no longer find this person."

    To sum up in three words: You are not worthy.

    Su Zhihe shamelessly said: "Then you give me more money, I'll be a little more confident."

    The elder brother frowned and looked surprised: "Are you zero?"

    Su Zhihe: "…"

    Big brother restrained his expression and restored the seriousness and majesty of the big boss: "Cough, call Xiao Qin to come over during the holiday and have dinner together."

    I thought again: "Forget it, he is so busy with homework, so don't call him. He will definitely remember it when he is called, and he has to come out in time."

    Su Zhihe was speechless: "When I was busy filming, I never saw you being so considerate of me."

    The eldest brother said the truth: "Which brother will feel sorry for his younger brother, do you feel sorry for Guan Yiyun?"

    Su Zhihe: "I only feel sorry for my son."

    The son also loves himself.

    Buried in a pile of schoolwork, unfinished books, unfinished content, also want to hug the actor.

    Qin Qing closed the book, left the library, and sent Su Zhihe a message: "I'm back? I miss you."

    Su Zhihe replied: "I'll go home now."

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