After Rebirth, I Became the Scum Gong’s Uncle’s Destined Omega

Chapter 93 end

    Noticing that Su Liang's situation was not right, Lu Taipan's expression changed drastically and he immediately called the medical officer.

    This time it was the older and strict Beta Medical Officer who followed Snake Cave this time. He quickly rushed to the cabin and made a preliminary inspection of Su Liang.

    Then, looking at the various data sent from his personal terminal, his expression became a little more complicated.

    The response of the medical officer made the Lord of the Snake Cave extremely nervous.

    "How is he?"

    Lu Taipan asked.

    "In the previous mission, Lu Zhizhao injected Xiaoliang with muscle relaxation drugs, and then Xiaoliang was severely allergic to that person's pheromones. The superposition of negative factors may have caused damage to his body. is it serious?"

    Lu Taipan suffered from pheromone disorder and could die at any time when he was in the snake cave, but the owner of the snake cave never had any mood swings because of this. However, at this time, Lu Taipan's reaction seemed to be completely panicked. The medical officer couldn't help raising his eyebrows. He didn't immediately respond to the nervous Lu Taipan, but suddenly turned to look at Su Liang, who was dizzy beside the bed.

    Because of the dizziness, the young man looked unusually well-behaved and younger than he actually looked... The medical officer sighed.

    “How are you feeling? Do you think you can get up and eat something?” he asked.


    Su Liang was a little dazed, then he nodded.


    "That's good." The medical officer clicked on his medical terminal and said at the same time, "I'll send someone a high-energy nutrient solution right away, the taste may not be very good, but time Nervous, you can eat as much as you can..."

    How much can I eat? The medical officer's advice made Su Liang even more confused.

    After doing this, the medical officer turned around with a serious face and met Lu Taipan.

    "Sir Snake, you need to free up a spaceship as soon as possible, preferably a material ship - a material ship usually has a larger living space and is more stable. The most important thing is the other remaining on the material ship. The alpha pheromone is less. But even so, you still need to arrange for someone to perform a deep pheromone cleaning on the ship, especially without any alpha pheromone residue, because in your situation, if you notice it later Information from other Alphas might be too hyper. I'll make a list, and you're going to make some soft arrangements for that ship..."

    Su Liang was still confused when she heard this, but Lu Taipan's eyes gradually lit up.

    A conjecture appeared in his mind.

    "Mr. Medical Officer, what's wrong with me?" Su Liang bit her lip and couldn't help asking.

    The medical officer gave him a clear answer at this time.

    "Your differentiation is complete."

    He said.

    But then, the medical officer added another bombshell that made Su Liang have no idea what expression to make—

    "But probably because your differentiation was delayed for too long, so after your differentiation was completed, you immediately entered the Q phase."

    “…issue, issue q?”

    Su Liang was completely dumbfounded.

    This is news that is completely beyond his expectations.

    He originally thought... this special period is still far away from him. After all, after differentiation, it usually takes half a year or a year for a normal Omega to usher in the first time in his life. Expect.

    During this period, Omegas will send very strong messages and have a strong desire for Alpha. It is a desire that cannot be suppressed by the human will. This will be a very difficult test even for Omegas who have already been paired with markers.

    Not to mention, there is no mark, but there is another Omega with a high matching Alpha on his side.

    The medical officer glanced at the boy who had not recovered at all, sighed silently in his heart, and turned his head to look at the Lord of the Snake Cave beside him. The man who killed decisively in the past also seemed a little flustered and nervous at this time.

      With a grim face, he used an instrument to check Lu Taipan's physical condition. The result was completely unexpected, the man in front of him had actually felt Su Liang's change.

    After all, Lu Taipan was already a mature and older Alpha, and his body had already sensed Su Liang's changes and responded to him.

    If Su Liang was a medical officer, he would probably understand why his stern and reserved Mr. Si seemed so tyrannical, panicked and vulnerable just now. But now, the young Omega was completely stunned.

    At this moment, the metal door suddenly slid open.

    The housekeeper pushed the cart and sent a large bag of high-energy nutrient solution into the cabin.

    "Master Su Liang, considering that you are currently in a special stage, I have prepared for you all the flavors you may like." The eyes of the artificial intelligence lit up like light bulbs, of course, too much for himself Bright eyes, the AI's response was that it accidentally broke the android expelling's binocular laser projection.

    Seeing Su Liang's amazing nutrient solution, Su Liang felt more relaxed.

    "I don't think I can use that much."

    He whispered.

    According to the amount of nutrient solution prepared by the housekeeper, he can probably drink all the spaceships back to the Earth Alliance.

    "Master Su Liang, you need to take in enough nutrient solution as soon as possible. If you have time, please go to the sleeping cabin for a short hibernation to deal with the next... process."

    The medical officer also saw it at this time. Su Liang, who has been beta for many years, did not realize the seriousness of the situation at all. He couldn't help raising his voice and reminded.

    But the medical officer's voice quickly softened in the next second: "In the next few days, you may not have a chance to eat food at all."

    The medical officer rubbed his eyebrows with worry.

    How come at this time, he gave Su Liang a distressed look.

      How to sleep, the body fat rate should be lower than when you were in the snake cave... This is not a good time to enter a special period, but at this time, there is no way.

    On the other side, Su Liang listened to the medical officer's instructions and couldn't help blinking.

    "It's not like that..."

    Su Liang retorted the medical officer very quietly in her heart.

    Two days later.

    Xue Yinhuan boarded the transfer boat dizzy and returned to the main ship of the Snake Cave spaceship from "Eden".

    The baby-faced viper, who was always full of energy on weekdays, is now a disheveled face, and is planning to go back to his room to make up for sleep. He saw the director of the medical department rushing over from the other end of the corridor in a hurry. When he saw him, the director's eyes suddenly lit up.

    "Captain Xue, it's great, you are here!"

    Xue Yinhuan was stunned, inexplicably, he had a bad premonition.

    "I don't care about the medical department."

    He pointed to himself.

    But the supervisor ignored him and grabbed his arm with both hands.

    "Did you not watch the mission update? The Lord Snake has temporarily handed over the top control to you. There is just a small problem in the medical department that requires you to make a decision."

    Then, a few minutes later, Xue Yinhuan stood bewildered in front of the special confinement room of the medical department.

    He looked at the strange Alpha behind the isolation window, and he finally understood why the supervisor was holding on to him.

    In the confinement room, the immature young man was the former master of the Lu family, Lu Zhizhao. But now looking at Lu Zhizhao's appearance, it is obvious that he has fallen into complete madness. This madness is not even the same as the madness caused by mental breakdown. After all, if it was a mental breakdown, Alpha would not be like Lu Zhizhao now, so he would cry bitterly from time to time. He knelt in the corner and kept whimpering strangely at the void.

    "Yes...I was wrong, please forgive me...I'm back, I'm back...I didn't think about lying to you..."

    "Sorry, I'm so sorry!"


    "Why don't you still want me?! I was careful this time, I really knew I was wrong..."


    "He, what's the matter?"

    Xue Yinhuan couldn't help asking.

    The director of the medical department, like Xue Yinhuan, also had a bleak face: "The previous target Lu Zhizhao defeated the spirit sea in the mission, and his spirit power reached B level, but then he showed S-rank."


    "According to our preliminary test, the target used the special medicine provided to him by the Ning family in order to re-upgrade his mental power level. Of course, he was very cautious before using it. A safe, diluted version. But…”

    "Okay, I see, side effects, right."

    Xue Yinhuan said with a dull expression.

    The supervisor nodded.

     "That's right. The Ning family's drugs still caused irreversible damage to him."

    There is a price to pay if you want to boost your already severely damaged mental power again.

    For Lu Zhizhao, the price he paid was insignificant compared to some people, but for himself, it was a bit cruel.

    Once the darling of heaven, is now trapped in an extremely painful and hopeless nightmare.

    He can no longer return to reality, and can only relive his nightmares in madness over and over again.

    "...We currently have no way to give him any effective treatment, but if it continues, he is likely to die due to prolonged madness and physical exhaustion."

    The little supervisor showed a toothache expression.

    "Another way is to use the special helmet provided by the Covenant that isolates the mental power from the body, but if that is the case, it means that the target will keep repeating his nightmare, Even if his spirit is completely unbearable, but because his body can still support, he will continue... This is close to the rumored punishment of the Covenant. I am not sure about this level of 'treatment' on him Comply with the Basic Law of Humanity.”

    Xue Yinhuan had a splitting headache upon hearing these two choices.

    "Ah, ah, it's annoying... I'm not good at this kind of thing. Otherwise, I'd better ask the boss-"

    Xue Yinhuan wanted to slip away subconsciously, but at this moment, someone next to him took his words very calmly.

    "You don't need to go to Lord Snake, he is not currently on the spaceship. And he should not have the time to pay attention to such trivial matters."

    "Black Mamba? Here you are!"

    Xue Yinhuan looked at her friend in surprise. The Black Mamba still had an expressionless expression on his face. He turned his head to look at the medical director, and then said calmly, "Give Lu Zhizhao the Star Alliance helmet directly and keep him alive."

    As soon as she heard that Black Mamba made a decision for herself, Xue Yinhuan immediately nodded and agreed to the second plan.

    "Oh, forget it, that's right, Lu Zhizhao is indeed the young master of the Lu family to put it bluntly. Let's talk about it when he supports the Earth Alliance."

    Xue Yinhuan muttered, and the result was just right, repeating indifferently with the Black Mamba.

    "It's really too cheap for Lu Zhizhao to die here..."

    Xue Yinhuan was startled.

    Is it an illusion, just now... He actually felt that the Black Mamba looked a little terrifying.

    Xue Yinhuan couldn't help but look up at the Black Mamba. The other party seems to be a little different from usual? Noticing Xue Yinhuan's sight, the Black Mamba turned his head.

    "What's wrong?"

     he asked softly. Xue Yinhuan shook his head, and felt that the strange aura he detected on the Black Mamba at that moment was really just an illusion.

    As the most honest and bullied Black Mamba in the Snake Cave, how could it really have such a ferocious aura.

    Xue Yinhuan thought happily.

    Then, his attention soon turned to another place: "Wait, you haven't told me, why is the boss not on the boat? Why doesn't he even care about ordinary things? Now, hand over the **** control to me... Could there be any hidden traps set up by the Canaanites around here?!"

    Speaking of the last sentence, Xue Yinhuan's eyes lit up, and the whole person was instantly eager to try.

    Then he received a very subtle glimpse of the Black Mamba.

    "Cough, this..."

    Meanwhile. In an isolated area in the center of the fleet, there is a spaceship that looks a little lonely.

    The operation of the spacecraft runs extremely smoothly under the control of automatic artificial intelligence.

    However, in the carefully arranged cabin inside the spaceship, the teenager felt that he was in the midst of a tyrannical storm and waves.

    The passage of time seems to have no meaning.

    The huge heat and impact made Su Liang's brain blank.

    Finally, the raging storm finally stopped, and in this brief calm, Su Liang lay on the bed absentmindedly.


    The strangeness that made him unacceptable before seemed to have become a normal reaction of his body, even if he moved a little, he could feel that he was... becoming strange.

     Very sleepy.


    Although there is still the aftertaste left by the wind and waves in her body, Su Liang still feels sleepy.

    He wanted to sleep, but his body made him completely unable to calm down.

    It wasn't long before the man left, he felt as if... as if another craze was slowly rising.

    Seems to have sensed his change, and the familiar pheromone wrapped Su Liang's body again.

    The boy shrank almost instinctively, opened his eyes, and looked at the man who was getting closer...

    “…no more.”

    He said subconsciously.

    "Drink this."

    The man was dripping with water droplets all over his body, it was ice water.

    The hypothermia allowed him to get himself out of the bed briefly, away from his soft and juicy Omega.

    Lu Taipan held Su Liang in his arms.

    When feeding Su Liang the nutrient solution, he stared deeply at the tooth marks on the back of Su Liang's neck. Unlike any time before, now he can clearly feel that his pheromone is overflowing from the deep tooth marks.

    A very domineering and powerful mark, which is very obvious because of the multiple overlaps.

    He still remembered the violent cry and convulsions that Su Liang made at that time. It was the worst time Su Liang cried, and Lu Taipan... Lu Taipan was the only time he didn't feel soft-hearted towards Su Liang like that.

    On the contrary, not only is he not soft-hearted, but…

    Lu Taipan pressed the tip of his tongue against the tip of his tooth, then lowered his head and licked the tooth mark.

    Su Liang suddenly stopped drinking the nutrient solution.

    "Mr. Si?"

    "It's good."

    Lu Taipan's eyes were dark.


    "I, I want to take a break."

    Su Liang raised her head pitifully, whimpered and made a small request to her partner.

    "Really, I can't take it anymore."

    He was really about to cry.

    "Why can't you stand it?" He heard the question from the Lord of the Snake Cave.

    The man's voice was calm, and it sounded as if he had regained his composure, which made Su Liang heave a small sigh of relief.

    "I'm so tired."

    He complained.


    “…muscle, sore.”

    "Anything else?"

    "Belly, belly is really bloated..."


    Su Liang's voice gradually became unstable.

    He finally realized that the Alpha by his side had never calmed down at all!

    Innocent, the eyes of Omega who met such a bad-hearted Alpha for the first time were stained with hazy water.

    "Mr. Si, you...don't do this..."

    Su Liang struggled to break free from the man's arms, the boy walked forward on his knees, trying to escape from the bed, but before he could climb out a few steps, someone grabbed his waist and dragged him directly go back.

    "Isn't it okay, I can do whatever I want?"

    The man's voice is also hoarse...

    With the movement of her fingers, Su Liang's resisting whispers were once again dyed with sweet whispers.


    At this time, there are still eight days before Su Liang is finally carried away from this cabin while crying.

    There are ten months before the birth of his first child, the future Supreme Commander of the Alliance.

    There are still two years before he establishes the "Frontier University", which is the most legendary and top military university in the entire galaxy.

    It will be thirteen years before he becomes the first Omega region governor in the history of the alliance, and leads the forty-eighth district to become the deputy center of the Earth Alliance.

     And Su Liang still doesn't know anything about her magnificent life.

    He only knows one thing at this time…

    "I love you."

    Lu Taipan, the master of the Snake Cave, kissed his mouth and repeated it over and over again.


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