Age of Adepts

Chapter 1532 End of fate

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Since the taste of the sweetness, Glim has loved this bliss!

Whenever the effect of a bliss disappears, he can't wait to swallow the second one, and then fight against the magical effect with the chip and his spiritual perseverance.

And his spiritual strength is also stimulating and growing in this kind of confrontation and tempering, and it is far stronger than the previous way!

Under the clothing, repeated resolute confrontation, a little bit of venom discharge, a strange illusion of boiling in the mind but disappearing again...

I have to, Grim really has the resilience and perseverance that other people can't match. It is hard to rely on one's own strength, to survive the most difficult period, in exchange for the rampant rise of spiritual attributes.


Perceiving the body's full and powerful mental strength, Grimm is ecstatic.

In a twinkling of an eye, after several years passed, only 20 of the 20 bliss fruits let him swallow. According to the calculation of the chip, if he swallows a bliss, his mental strength will skyrocket to 53 points.

This... for a big wizard who has just advanced to the 5th stage for less than a hundred years, it is so fast!

So, with the infinite ambiguity of success, Grimm resolutely swallowed the ecstasy.

However, when the bliss was in the stomach, Grim felt a bit wrong.

It seems different inside!

Yes, there are some strange things that are not in the bliss pulp.

It is a pity that at the moment when Glim was found to be uncomfortable, a mad and familiar mental fluctuation suddenly spread from his body.

"Hey, boy, we met again!"

Gumanes remnant!

It... It was hidden in the bliss pulp, escaped the scanning and detection of chips and witches, and now invades its body.

"Hey, I don't know the little guy who lives and deaths. Since you know that my old man is waiting for the resurrection, I dare to personally deliver it to the door. Hey, don't swallow you, I will blame my name!"

"Well, well... Gumanes, you are awkward, actually knowing how to hit the West, using mysterious fragments to open my attention. It turns out that your real goal is bliss!" Glim screamed exhaustedly.

In his mind, the warning tone of the chip has already turned into a piece, and the warnings projected are blood red and red.

"Warning, warning, the subject control is being lost... A terrible soul is invading the subject, and the subject's mental protection is not enough to resist this level of invasion..."

"Drop, the subject has lost 6% of body control..."

"Chip, hurry up and think of a way, how can you expel the other party?"

"Drip, can not be expelled ... the power gap between the two sides is too large, the main mental strength is not enough to resist the invasion, the existing resistance will disappear in 31 seconds..."

"What about the book of darkness? Vulcan beads? Transfer them all out and cover them with artifacts!"

"Drop, two artifacts are bound to the soul of the subject, and the other party invades the soul of the subject... Initially, the other party wants to encroach and devour the soul of the subject, and control the complete body of the body..."

"Then use the artifact to deal with it!"

"The body control of the subject's loss already includes two artifacts. Each time the opponent invades part of the spiritual space, he can enjoy the same proportion of subject control..."

"Since you can't control them, let them blew! Even if you completely destroy this body, I don't want it to fall into the bastard!"

"Drop, the control of the subject has fallen to 72%, and has lost the authority to make the artifact blew..."

"Then don't hesitate, just execute the Soul Plan!"

It seems that Grim’s panic and incomprehensibility has been felt, and the spiritual fluctuations of the Gumanre’s remnant have suddenly emerged.

"Kid, I don't think you can make this body crystal-clear. It's pretty good! Hey, after my old man swallowed you, it will be more perfect and more powerful for you. Little guy, your understanding of the flame is still too bad. It is a waste of so much resources and power. You can rest assured that when your soul is completely in my hands, I will correct these mistakes one by one..."

"I want to blew myself... Hey, there is my old man, you can't do anything, you can only slowly watch yourself lose everything!"

Glim is not stupid, naturally knowing that this is a heart attack tactic. If you lose your fighting spirit because of fear and frustration, the opponent's invasion of spiritual space will only be faster...

However, he knows how it can be!

After all, what he is facing now is the remnant of the 8th-order flame master, even if it is smashed by people, once it invades him, it is not a 5th-order wizard.

Therefore, as time goes by, Grim’s resistance is getting weaker...

Finally, in the 31st second of the invasion of Gu Manres's soul, Glim's mind stunned and gradually lost his soul consciousness!

After a full quarter of an hour, ‘Glim’’ body moved slightly, and the neck slammed, and the whole person recovered.

"Ah... what kind of body is this! How is there still such a small human body? What the little guy is thinking, the human body can match the perfect flame body! Hey, transform the body and It takes a lot of time to spend..."

Glim stood up and slowly moved his limbs, trying to mobilize all the power he could control.

Driven by the spirit, a book-type witch appeared in his left hand, and a hot and hot bead also flew out of his chest.

"Two 5th-order artifacts... Well, this gathering of fire beads is in line with the origin of the flame. Although the strength is weak, it is worthwhile to cultivate. Damn, what is this broken book? How is it stored? The venom ability? The bastard, the idiot, don’t you know that the consequences of power are not serious?”

It seems that he is not satisfied with the original attribute of the book of Darkness. When ‘Glim’ screamed, he gave the 5th-order poisonous Remy out of the artifact. At this moment, the poisonous Remy also lost the resistance, like a fragile puppet doll, was burned to ashes by a golden flame.

The dark book of the instrument was destroyed, and immediately the dazzling green aura, the violent shaking and the turbulence, looming the sound of the soul before the death of the soul.

"Hey, change the property for me!"

Grimm snorted, and the left hand was transmitted into a golden flame and burned into the dark book. The violent and fierce flame of the original source burned and modified the original attribute of the book.

This kind of ability, such a means, can never be mastered by a 'small little' 5th-level witch. But this absurd scene has actually happened, and it is still changing to a more terrible, more horrible side!

It took only a quarter of an hour, and the book of darkness, which was originally a double attribute of knowledge and poison, changed greatly and became a book of flames that could carry any knowledge of flames!

The means to forcibly change the origin of a 5th-order artifact is that it is difficult to do with powerful gods. Even if Sinai, the 7th-order **** of fire, is here, maybe it can, but it is impossible to be so relaxed.

From this, you can taste it. At this moment, ‘Glim’ has such powerful and horrible flame ability and knowledge!

After the transformation of the book of Vulcan beads and flames, ‘Glim’ looked at the storage space on his body. The spirit was explored inside, and he could not help but laugh.

Take a look, what is this?

There are 5 fragments of the gods, and there are a large number of divine and divine powers. The various resources and high-order items are also abundant.

Such a thing, if placed in the eighth-order flame master, may not even have a look at the interest. But now, he has just resurrected, and he can only inherit the body and equipment of this little fire witch.

Therefore, with such a collection, this level of 5th level can be considered extravagant!

‘Glim’ once again felt very satisfied with his vision of picking prey.

The little guy’s soul has not completely destroyed. I don’t know what strange method he used. He even blows up the soul into countless pieces, hiding in the body.

What makes ‘he’s even more surprised is that this body seems to have a relatively independent mechanical soul, which is silently covering the souls.

Such a means can only be delayed for a while, until the ancient Manuels remnants completely control the body and bring their souls back from the fire element plane. Under the flame of the soul of the 8th-order flame master, no dirt can survive.

It was with such confidence that Gumanres had temporarily put them aside and began to correct and modify his future body.

With the world altar outside the Wuta, Gumanes once again opened up the resource secrets and threw all kinds of high-end resources that had been stored for tens of thousands of years into the storage space. Then I opened a virtual door with my hand and took out a lot of good things from it.

Dragon enslavement contract...

The treasure house of the Kingdom of God...

Eight-order flame stone...



These are the treasures and resources that they have stored in the past, but because of the war, this is discarded in the space of flames and silence for so long.

Now, ‘he’ is resurrected, and naturally they will be collected one by one!

And when ‘Glim’ silently changed everything, the witch tower shook and slammed, and it suddenly broke.

Gumanes suddenly raised his head, only to find that the barrier of the fire element plane was opened by a big hole, a Titan giant with a shape of up to 10,000 meters was waved to interrupt the witch tower, holding a pair full of lightning The giant eyes of the storm stared at him.

"Gumanres, you really resurrected! When I got this information before, I thought it was a fake. I couldn’t think of it. It’s true, I could beat you up 13,000 years ago, now Naturally, you can kill you once again. You alienated the evil flame of the will, let me die!"

In the next second, Raytheon Titan waved his hand and rolled the violent will with the violent will.

Such a horrible power, let alone kill a 5th-level sorcerer, it is more than enough to annihilate this piece of fire element space.

"Bastard, which **** betrayed me? Mesa, is it you? The carrier you gave me, now sell me to Titan, I curse you..."

In the face of the Titan's blow from the world, the ancient Manuels remnant with only 5th-order power is naturally unable to confront it.

He was also fierce and decisive. He immediately blew the 8th-order flame stone that he had just arrived at, and then, by the moment of the explosion blocking the Titan giant, he tried his best to open a plane portal and madly escaped into it. .

However, at the moment of the escape, the thunder of the Thunder Titan was also bombarded, and the horrible thunder and lightning wave entangled his body. As a result, the entire body burst into a plurality of fragments and disappeared into the open portal.

"The abyss... Damn, I sniffed the stench of the abyss. Gumanes, you thought you could escape my chasing after fleeing into the abyss, hey, you wait..."

Raytheon Titan also waved a hand and annihilated everything around the melting fire altar, which slowly withdrew from the barrier of the fire elemental plane.

And their ups and downs have driven far beyond the upper limit of the fire elemental plane. Therefore, the force of the flame and the power of the Thunder are constantly raging in the void, and the resulting aftermath of the force also causes the plane space within a thousand miles to be reinstated into chaos, and everything is broken down into indistinguishable eyes. Dust.

The lava lake, the flame throne, the melting fire altar, the surrounding flames and the flame creatures that lived above... all of them have disappeared, all turned into a chaotic storm of madness and engulfing each other.

And when all this returned to calm, the eyes of a destiny in the void suddenly opened.

It constantly scans the space and perceives the violent and fragmented plane system that remains in the chaotic storm.

In the end, it stared at the place where the portal was opened.

"Glim, I sacrificed the title of the woman of fate, and I can only help you so much. Can you survive from this catastrophe, can you see it from the abyss, you see yourself..." The silent sigh of Lucia came out silently in the eye.

Immediately, the eyeballs are shattered, and the power of destiny returns to chaos...

The whole world is quiet again!

(End of the book!!!)

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