Novel info
Alien Snack Bar
Author: Time Seaweed
Alternative names:异界小吃店
Genre: Fantasy, Xuanhuan

Alien Snack Bar

Qin Fei: “Sorry, fried silkworm cocoons are sold out.”
Miaojiang Yanshi seriously face: “Can gold silkworm cocoon be fried?”
Qin Fei: “The octopus is also sold out.”
The Octopus demon is calm and stretches out one leg: “just take it.”
Qin Feihan Yan: “Do you still have some clams?”
The diners with children were so scared that they lost their faces and fled.
There is a snack bar in the outside world.
There is no high-priced egg fried rice here.
No more expensive exaggerated ingredients,
Only delicious street food,
But it does not prevent it from conquering one after another picky taste buds.
[The text is more than a daily comparison, experience life. 】


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