Almighty Coach

Chapter 23 The role of explosive aura

Although the 100-meter sprint is the simplest track and field event, there are many techniques in careful study, but most of the 100-meter sprint techniques are used by professional athletes. For beginners, they only need to master some of the most basic The technology is enough, the main energy of the beginner should still focus on enhancing explosive power and improving personal speed.

There are many training methods for enhancing the explosive power of the lower limbs, but the core is nothing more than weight-bearing and increasing resistance, such as weight-bearing jumping, weight-bearing squats, pulling people, pulling tires, etc.

As for speed training, it is nothing more than repeated runs. In order to avoid the impact of "speed obstacles", you can also use the competition training method for regular speed training, so that there is a comparison between athletes, which can stimulate the athlete's maximum speed. .

Training equipment, Li Dai has already bought. For example, a weight-bearing sandbag that is tied to the leg. If you buy it online, you can buy a set of thirty or forty dollars, and it is also free shipping. Li Dai went to the sporting goods mall and bought ten sets at a wholesale price, which is cheaper than buying from e-commerce. Then Li Dai bought some used tires from the second-hand auto parts city. Hanging a rope can be used for resistance training. These are not worth a few dollars.

Sports training is originally Li Dai's specialty, so naturally training is indispensable to Li Dai. In this regard, Li Dai's experience may not be as good as those of professional coaches, but the training methods are not inferior to others.


Lunch break, Li Dai fiddled with a set of leggings sandbags.

"The sandbags for leggings are much better than the ones I used when I was a kid. I remember that the sandbags were really filled with sand. The sand easily leaked out of the cracks. If it fell into the shoes, it would be very abrasive. Now the leggings In the sandbags, small steel **** and lead bars are used, and the material is more comfortable than before. "Li Dai arranged a row of leggings neatly, and then looked at the experience value he got.

Although there are only 13 students, Li Dai gained the experience of 18:00 through this morning, which is the same as the experience of training 36 students in the previous sports entrance examination counseling class.

"With so many experience points, in the same period of time, there are only 13 students, but the effect is similar to the previous 36 students, which is equivalent to three times the experience." Li Dai was surprised, but also felt a little bit happy.

The system's voice immediately explained: "I told you a long time ago that different training targets have different experience points. The group of small fat men you trained before are not even as good as" five slags "in sports. So you will have very little experience; but now the high school students you train are strong avatars among their peers, and the experience points you gain will naturally increase. of."

"As a result, if there is really a world-class athlete to let me train, wouldn't my experience fly up!" Li Dai has secretly made up his mind that if there is a chance, he must be a professional athlete as a coach, Be a real coach.

Li Dai took out the list of trainees. Everyone's athletic ability value has been detected by Li Dai. The athletic ability value of everyone is above 65, and the highest one has reached 71. This is for 16 Seven-year-old sophomores are already a very high number. You should know that Li Dai ’s athletic ability is only 80, but Li Dai is at the pinnacle of his youth, and because of his professional needs, Li Dai usually does more physical exercise. The main energy of high school life is definitely It should be put on study, not much time is spent on sports.

In the afternoon, Li Dai again detected the students, but all the sports ability values ​​remained the same without any improvement, but Li Dai was not disappointed. The higher the sports ability value, the more difficult it is to improve. This is what Li Dai has already discovered.

"I used to train some teenagers with ability value 20, so the progress is very obvious, but now I want to train young people with ability value above 60, the progress rate is much slower." Li Dai secretly said.

"It's not just that." The voice of the golden avatar sounded, and then said: "At that time you had the experience card of a first-class coach, you can enjoy the training effect of the first-class coach, and now you are just a third-rate coach, first-class coach and third-rate coach. , There is a huge gap in training effect! "

"Upgrade, it's still faster to upgrade." Li Daimo sighed silently, once again focusing on the training ground.


At five o'clock in the afternoon, although the sun was still hanging high, the sun was still dazzling, and the heat was still rolling in the air, but it was almost time for school.

After a day of training, all the students were exhausted ~ www. ~ So Li Dai bought a dozen ice creams out of his own pocket, each one sent one, and everyone sat together and began to rest.

After a hard day's training, everyone is in a state of fatigue. At this time, sitting on the ground and blowing hair, holding a bottle of sweet mineral water in his hand, there is an ice cream in his mouth, no matter what taste, but it is definitely one A very pleasant thing.

Li Dai let them rest for a while to recover some physical strength, while he was sitting by the door, looking at the end of the road, he was waiting. Soon after, a black Land Rover SUV appeared in Li Dai's sight.

"Here is Chen Haiyang's father." Li Dai turned his head and asked, "Chen Haiyang, how is the physical recovery?"

"It's okay, but the legs are slightly sour." Chen Haiyang replied.

"Slightly warm up and prepare for the 100-meter test. Let your dad look at your training results today." Li Dai said.

Chen Haiyang ’s father parked the car, opened the door and walked down. Li Dai also came over at this time. I saw that Li Dai took out the electronic timer again, and then delivered it to Chen Haiyang ’s father, and said: "It's a coincidence that you are here. I'm about to test Chen Haiyang. I'll trouble you to give it a second time. It's just for you to take a look at the effect of my training today."

Chen Haiyang's dad had been thinking about it and then his son would leave, but Li Dai said that he still took over the electronic timer. After all, his son was training here for a day, and he, a dad, wanted to know how it worked.

When Chen Haiyang was tested in the morning, Li Dai was not included in the system's training list, but now Chen Haiyang has been added to the training list by Li Dai, which also means that Chen Haiyang began to enjoy The role of "explosive aura".

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