Almighty Coach

Chapter 32 Big treasure

Coach Chen Yuejin returned to the rostrum. A person next to Chen Yuejin approached and asked, "Old Chen, did you want to take the 10 seconds and 75 candidates just now and want to take him to your provincial body? go with?"

Chen Yuejin did not conceal, and nodded directly: "I have given him a quota for independent enrollment."

"Quota for independent enrollment? You don't have too much province. You can get the quota for autonomous enrollment after running for more than ten seconds. This candidate is really profitable. I said, veteran, you don't worry that he is just lucky today. Okay, maybe you ca n’t play it so often, maybe you ca n’t run so fast? If so, you can choose a parallel! ”This speaker is very familiar with Chen Yuejin, they are the same age, so they talk It's easy to let go.

"Pharaoh, you don't understand this. The 100-meter sprint project, people who can run within 11 seconds, have already entered the category of human quasi-limits. A human quasi-limit data is not simply supernormal. It can be done because the limits of the body are there. It ’s like staying in a room, no matter how high you jump, you ca n’t exceed the height of the roof, because there is a ceiling there, the higher the ceiling, You can jump higher. So the 10 seconds and 75 results is like a high ceiling, which has proved that he has the talent to become an athlete. "Chen Yuejin said, while the old king on the opposite side seemed to understand Nodded.

Just listen to Chen Yuejin and then say: "The coach who taught him looks like he was in his early twenties and looks like a college student, but it's really young! I heard it was still a training class. This young The coach is very lucky, and he can happen to meet a talented student. This is a rare experience for him. "

"Yeah, one of the students was fancyd by you, and also got the independent enrollment quota of the Provincial Sports University. Based on this, this young coach will definitely be full if he starts another training class next year!"

You chatted me one by one, they obviously didn't attribute Xu Qingliang's achievement to Li Dai. After all, Li Dai is too young. In any field, young people are always often overlooked.


In a blink of an eye, the candidates of the twelfth group were admitted, and at this time, 6 of Li Dai's 8 students had already completed the test, and all 6 of them had reached the national second-class athlete standard.

The 12th group of candidates who are about to take the exam did not have Li Dai ’s students, so Li Dai did not pay attention to the runway, but called Chen Haiyang to the front and whispered the test notes.

At the other end of the stand, Zhao Shouren stared at the track, because Wang Lei, the best student in the 100-meter sprint training class of the sports school, was about to take part in the twelfth group test.

"Wang Lei, you are the trump card of our sports school. Come on, you must be selected by Chen Yuejin!" Zhao Shouren silently prayed.

The gunshot of the order sounded, and eight candidates rushed out at the same time, and Wang Lei is worthy of being the top student in the training class of the sports school. At the beginning, he rushed to the front and achieved the leading position. Far left behind.

"Wang Lei, good!" Zhao Shouren clenched his fists again, his face flushed.

"Cross the line, first!" Zhao Shouren took a deep breath. He knew that Wang Lei's result should be within 11 seconds, but whether he could move Chen Yuejin in the end, it is hard to say.

"Wang Lei's result came out, 10 seconds 84!" Coach Zhou first took the lead in cheering, obviously this is a very satisfactory result.

"Look, another score within 11 seconds."

"This candidate should be the training class of the sports school, the people of the city sports school are applauding there!"

"It seems that the coach of the sports school also has two brushes, and can also teach a candidate within 11 seconds."

"The 10 seconds and 75 seconds ago, I heard that I got a quota for autonomous enrollment of a provincial sports university, or coach Chen Yuejin personally gave it. I don't know if this 10 seconds 84, can I enter the coach's eyes!"

While discussing, everyone looked at Chen Yuejin on the podium.

On the rostrum, Chen Yuejin also noticed this 10-second 84 result.

"10 seconds 84? Another candidate who ran into 11 seconds, transferred me this candidate's information." Chen Yuejin said.

The assistant next to him immediately retrieved Wang Lei's information from the laptop. Chen Yuejin also nodded with satisfaction after reading it.

"The graduating high school graduates can run for 10 seconds and 84, which is considered a material." Chen Yuejin thought for a few seconds and stood up again.

"Why? Lao Chen, this fancy candidate again? This one is slower than the one just now, can this also get into your eyes?" The Lao Wang next to him suddenly asked.

"Hey, I am also a clever woman who can't cook without rice. Some of the top-notch good seedlings in high school these years have been attracted by universities in big cities, and I can't miss it if I can meet it." Chen Yuejin said, to the chairman Walked offstage.


"10 seconds 84? This result is quite good. Although his performance is not as good as Xu Qingliang, but in terms of talent, he may be stronger than Xu Qingliang. It is probably the same as Chen Haiyang. It is also a C + talent. Unfortunately, the distance is too far, I His talent cannot be detected. If this candidate also has the bonus of explosive aura, his score will definitely exceed Xu Qingliang. "Li Dai sighed secretly.

Li Daizao has discovered that with the improvement of the athlete's own level, the effect of explosive aura gradually weakens. For example, when the 100-meter score is 13 seconds, the explosive aura can bring a speed increase of 0.6 seconds, and when it is within 11 seconds , The speed boost brought by the explosive aura is less than 0.2 seconds. According to Li Dai's estimate, UU reads www. waited within 10 seconds, the speed of explosive aura may be less than 0.1 seconds.

After all, in the 100-meter sprint, explosive power is only one of the necessary conditions. The higher the level of athletes, the closer the explosive power level is, and the lower the explosive power aura can increase the speed.

However, for performances within 10 seconds, the athlete's level will be calculated in units of 0.01 seconds, and a 0.1 second increase is already an astronomical figure.


"Coach Chen Yuejin has come down, he is here for us!" Zhao Shouren suddenly felt his heartbeat started to accelerate. He knew that Chen Yuejin's arrival meant that Wang Lei was very likely to win the second place for independent enrollment, and The position of vice principal also began to beckon him.

Zhao Shouren immediately stood up from the stand, quickly adjusted his entire outfit, and was ready to personally meet Coach Chen Yuejin.

At the same time, the gunshot of the order sounded, the candidates of the thirteenth group started the test, and Chen Haiyang was in this group.

By the track, Chen Yue progressed steadily and walked in the direction of Zhao Shouren,

On the track, Chen Haiyang drove his horse and rushed forward.

After 11 seconds, Chen Yuejin was less than five meters away from Zhao Shouren, and Zhao Shouren could already clearly see Chen Yuejin's face.

In the same 11 seconds, Chen Haiyang was far ahead, and the first one without suspense crossed the finish line.

Zhao Shouren's face was full of smiles, stepped up to meet him, and took the initiative to reach out his right hand, said at the same time: "Coach Chen, hello, I am Zhao of Yuzhou Sports School ......"

Zhao Shouren's words were not finished yet, but Chen Yuejin suddenly stopped, and looked straight at Chen Haiyang, who had just crossed the finish line, with a trace of horror in his eyes, as if he had discovered a big treasure.

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