Almighty Coach

Chapter 37 Haunted training room

"At five o'clock in the afternoon, it's time to get off work." Li Dai looked at the wall clock on the wall, stood up and stretched, then packed his things and prepared to leave.

"Ding Ling Ling Ling ..." The phone's voice happened to ring at this time, Li Dai frowned, and a sense of boredom rose in his heart. It was almost time to get off work, but something happened suddenly. Anyone who encountered it would feel a little depressed.

"Hey, hello, I'm on duty." Li Dai answered the phone.

"Xiao Li, isn't it? I'm an old Zhang from the General Affairs Department. I see it on the duty watch. Today is your duty." The other end of the phone said.

"Teacher Zhang, hello, this is Li Dai, are you okay?" Li Dai has heard the other party's voice, speaking to a teacher surnamed Zhang from the General Affairs Department. Li Dai often receives some training from him in the daytime. Used equipment.

"This is the case. The old money food in the training room on the third floor of our school experimental building was poisoned and troubled. He was sent to the hospital an hour ago. When he left, he did not lock the training room. We have a lot of valuables in the training room. Equipment, you will go to the doorman to wait for a while. I will let the key of the training room be delivered. People will arrive after about 20 minutes. You take the key to the experiment building, tidy up the training room, and then lock it Come to the door. The key to the training room is also temporarily kept by you. "Teacher Zhang said instructed.

"Okay, I'll go to the doorman now." Li Dai agreed to come down, packed his things, and went to the doorman's duty room.

Twenty minutes to say yes, but Li Dai waited for more than half an hour in the guard's duty room, and the person who sent the key arrived. The person who sent the key was also sorry, and repeatedly explained that it was late because of traffic jams on the road.

The daytime in winter is relatively short, and Qingcheng is also a city on the east coast. Therefore, the sky is dark at this time. Li Dai had to walk towards the laboratory building under the dim street lights.

"It's really cold today." After a cold wind blew, Li Dai shrank his neck. In fact, this "cold" is more of a psychological effect. After all, it is now a winter vacation. There are no more students on campus, Li Dai Walking alone on a large campus, the sense of openness around it will inevitably give people a cold illusion.

Without students, the experiment building was dark and there was no light at all. Li Dai used his mobile phone as a flashlight and walked into the experiment building. The surrounding area was quiet, even making Li Dai feel a little eerie and horrible. Li Dai was hard to find I turned on the light switch of the stairway corridor, but after pressing it, I found that the light was not on.

"Is the switch broken or the light broken? The property department hasn't come to repair it yet." Li Dai was helpless and could only continue to use the mobile phone for lighting and went straight to the third floor.

"The largest room in front is the training room. I heard people say that the training room was transformed into a meeting room." Li Dai approached the door of the training room and it didn't close.

"This is my first time to come to this training room. Where is the light switch?" Li Dai used his mobile phone to face the wall, hoping to find the light switch.

"OooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooootheThei's cries suddenly sounded.

"What voice? Is anyone crying?" Li Dai's heart tightened, and suddenly felt goose bumps rose.

"Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" The crying voice sounded again.

"I heard that the school site of the Physical Education College used to be a mass grave, shouldn't it be haunted here? Or was there a female college student in this house who was trapped by suicide and hanged himself?" Li Dai's mind Several bridges of ghost stories emerged instantly.

"Do n’t be scared, do n’t scare yourself! Do n’t think about it! Damn, I already know that when I read online novels today, I should n’t have read some of these supernatural works, and honestly look at the inspirational story of Long Live Coaching How good! "Li Dai tried hard not to think about those ghost stories, but his thoughts were completely out of control, and the plot of ghost stories continued to flash in his mind.

"Let's go the best way, lock the door and go!" Although Li Dai thought so, her legs didn't listen, and even began to tremble.

"Lock the door, lock the door, lock? What about the anti-theft lock? Oh, just hang it on the door!" Li Dai took the anti-theft lock over and grabbed it in his hand, he had to lock the door.

"Don't lock the door!" A woman's voice suddenly sounded, Li Dai turned her head to look in the direction of the voice and saw the figure of a girl.

"Female ghost!" Li Dai didn't look closely at his eyes, and turned to fright and fled.


Li Dai ran out of the experiment building, and came to the dim street lamp in front of the experiment building. After passing the panic, he gradually calmed down.

"Am I overreacting, would that be an individual just now? But now that it's winter vacation, the students are all home for the Chinese New Year, how can there be someone else." Li Dai looked back with a guilty conscience.

It was at this time that the ringtone of the mobile phone rang and a strange number appeared on the caller ID.

"Hello, hello!" Li Dai took the phone immediately ~ www. ~ Xiao Li, right? I am old money in the training room on the third floor of the experiment building! "The other party's voice is a little low, as if very weak.

But this voice made Li Dai ecstatic, and was just scared, and now he heard the voice of living people, which made Li Dai feel like a sound of nature.

Just listen to the other party and then say: "I am hospitalized with food poisoning, and I still hang the bottle. I will definitely not be able to go back tonight. The key to the training room on the third floor, you should have already obtained it? I forgot to mention the matter. Yu Feifei has been training in our training room for the past two days. "

"Yu Feifei? Same name as that world champion." Li Dai said.

"It's not her name, it's her," Lao Qian said.

"Yu Feifei? You mean the world champion swimming in Yu Feifei? The one who broke the world record? Yu Feifei in the swimming slam?" Li Dai asked immediately.

"Yes, it's her." Old Money replied affirmatively.

"She is a world champion, how come she came to train with us?" Li Dai asked with some disbelief.

"Do n’t forget that Yu Feifei is an athlete in our province, and her personnel relationship is still in the provincial sports hall." Lao Qian eased his breath, and then said: "Yu Feifei came to our training here, which was arranged by the provincial sports team. It is to let her do physical training here, and we only arranged for her to come alone, and we also need to keep it secret, so few people know this matter. I think it is to prevent others from interfering with her training, after all The world champion is somewhat privileged. And speaking of the training facilities, our university is not inferior to the provincial sports team. "

"Yu Feifei is here!" Li Dai suddenly remembered that the "female ghost" he had just seen looked a bit like Yu Feifei.

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