Almighty Coach

Chapter 6 I only need 1 day

Children like to behave in front of their parents, as does Huang Xiaoming. When Li Dai points to his name, Huang Xiaoming wants to walk to the horizontal bar without hesitation. He wants to perform in front of his father.

"This child weighs 150 pounds. It looks almost as heavy as my son."

"Is he going to do pull-ups! Guess he can do one?"

"Enough choking, my son seems to be thinner than him, but I can't do a pull-up."

"Mr. Li said just now, let him show the results of the first day of training, maybe this child can do a pull-up!"

"What's the use of being one? It takes 6 to pass!"

The sound of the parents ’discussions reached Huang Xiaoming ’s father ’s ears, and he felt a complex emotion rise in his heart, with depression, shame, and expectation.

"In front of so many parents, if they can't even do a pull-up, they really listen to things without face. I hope Xiaoming can do a pull-up." Huang Xiaoming's father sighed silently in his heart.

At this point, Huang Xiaoming had reached the horizontal bar, and Li Dai shouted: "Recall the action essentials, don't be nervous, just treat it as training."

Huang Xiaoming nodded silently, stretched out his arms, and jumped on the horizontal bar.

Everyone's eyes were focused on Huang Xiaoming. I saw that Huang Xiaoming's hands were hanging on the horizontal bar, and then with a violent effort, he completed a pull-up very standard.

"Oh, I really did a pull-up!"

"The posture looks very standard, and it's not too hard."

"The movement seems to be quite skillful. This child hasn't practiced in vain for a day, he has worked hard!"

Several parents' discussion sound came into Huang Xiaoming's father's ears, a sense of pride came into being.

"Good boy, good! No shame on me, go back tonight and let you play with the computer for an hour!" Huang Xiaoming's father thought silently.

However, Huang Xiaoming, who was hanging on the horizontal bar, did not come down, but exerted force again.

"The second one! He did 2 pull-ups!"

"Unexpectedly, this little fat man could make 2 pull-ups!"

Many parents expressed a sense of envy in their tone. Some parents even patted their children's shoulders and said, "You look at others, you are almost fat, you can do 2 pull-ups!"

Huang Xiaoming's father's expression is no longer so serious, but there is a kind of spring breeze. The son shows his face in front of others, and naturally feels happy when he is a father. He just wanted to praise Huang Xiaoming a few words, but saw Huang Xiaoming on the horizontal bar for the third time.

"3! He did 3 pull-ups!"

"Isn't it possible, such a fat child, can do 3 pull-ups?"

At this time, many parents' voices were shocked, and there was a hint of vinegar in the vagueness.

But Huang Xiaoming on the horizontal bar has not stopped, he is still continuing to exert his strength, doing the fourth pull-up.

"He made another one, already the fourth!" Zhu Zhenye's mother exclaimed, but this time, she did not get any response, because the other parents all stared at Huang Xiaoming with wide eyes, they seemed to be I ca n’t believe what I saw before me.

This fourth pull-up, Huang Xiaoming is more strenuous than just now, and even his movements are deformed, which is not as standard as before.

But the four pull-ups are not the end. Huang Xiaoming paused for three or four seconds, accumulating a little force, and moved again.

In the fifth pull-up, Huang Xiaoming's arms began to tremble because of his strength. The muscles of his arms were already tight. This time, he did a very difficult movement. He may not be able to hold it at any time, but he did Clench your teeth tightly and keep on exerting force.

"Come on, son!" Huang Xiaoming's father clenched his fists and cheered Huang Xiaoming silently in his heart. At the next moment, Huang Xiaoming's chin finally crossed the height of the horizontal bar.

The fifth pull-up, success!

All the parents on the scene looked at Huang Xiaoming with a dull face. With Huang Xiaoming's fat body, it doesn't look like a person who can make 5 pull-ups in a row.

"Huang Xiaoming, come down!" Li Dai's voice sounded, Huang Xiaoming immediately released his hands and landed on the ground, his mouth wide open and began to gasp, five pull-ups, for him also reached the limit.

Li Dai took a step forward, approached Huang Xiaoming's father, and asked directly, "Are you satisfied with the training effect on the first day?"

"What?" Huang Xiaoming's father was obviously absent, and did not react for a while.

Only listened to Li Dai and then said: "You just said that coach Zhao Shouliang can train Huang Xiaoming to do 5 pull-ups for two weeks?"

Li Dai repeated what he said just now, but at this time, the same sentence changed its taste in everyone's mind.

"5 pull-ups, that coach Zhao needs two weeks of training time, and I only need one day!" Li Dai's voice rang again, and the words fell into the ears of several parents. . seemed like a heavy hammer, hitting their chests, making them feel trembling all over.

Let Huang Xiaoming do 5 pull-ups, which is what a professional coach needs to do in two weeks. The young man who has n’t graduated from the university can only do it in one day. This contrast brings shock. It felt like a giant dragon turning over the river and the river, making them unable to calm down for a long time.

Is that the Zhao Shouliang coach is not good enough?

of course not! Since Zhao Shouliang's coach can teach in the municipal sports team, there must be two brushes. At least in Yuzhou, it can be regarded as a first-class coach, otherwise he cannot enter the municipal sports team.

So it is not that the coach Zhao Shouliang is not good enough, but that the young man in front of him is too powerful, and his ability is far more than that coach Zhao Shouliang.

"How is this possible? A college student who has not yet graduated, will be more capable than a professional coach of the sports team?" Even if I saw it with my own eyes, there are still several parents who feel incredible.

"Maybe it was the nursery he found. Let's deliberately play such a show for us!" A voice sounded, although the voice was very small, it came to everyone's ears.

"Who do you say is a childcare!" Huang Xiaoming's father was the first to be unhappy and immediately retorted.

"Is it clear to my heart!" The voice sounded again. At this time, everyone already saw that the person who spoke was Zhu Zhenye's mother.

The most fierce person who just called back money is also the mother of Zhu Zhenye. What she grows is a bitter and harsh look, and at first glance is not a good person.

Li Dai didn't take it seriously. He smiled slightly and said, "Zhu Zhenye, go to the horizontal bar, let your mother see if I am looking for a nursery!"

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