Almighty Coach

Chapter 9 Mistaken child

Zhao Shouliang did come to deliberately trouble. The reason why he brought such a large group of parents was to give Li Dai a great embarrassment in front of more people. The training venue for eugenics training is also in the youth activity center, but it is only on the playground on the other side. Zhao Shouliang can't find it in a few minutes.

In fact, Zhao Shouliang is only an ordinary coach in the sports team, and he is not outstanding in the city sports team. Otherwise, it is impossible to take private work in the training class. The really powerful coaches in the sports team are busy taking athletes to participate in the competition. How can there be free time to train a group of junior high school students to participate in the sports middle school entrance examination.

The so-called work stay aside, I want to see later. If the other party is a coach from a sports school or university, Zhao Shouliang may still be afraid of a three-pointer and will not go to a head-on conflict. Even if the physical education teacher in the middle school comes out for private work, Zhao Shouliang will not easily offend people, but Li Dai only A student who has not graduated, how can Zhao Shouliang put it in his eyes, and he will be offended if he offends. What's more, each student source is a lump sum, if you can grab the students from Li Dai, Zhao Shouliang can also get a lump sum, 12 students have a 12,000 yuan commission, so it seems to Zhao Shouliang This is not just for trouble, but also for money.

Zhao Shouliang ’s previous words like “wrong children” were actually deliberately told to Li Dai. He just wanted to cause Li Dai ’s idea to humiliate him. At this time, when Li Dai came to refute, Zhao Shouliang knew he had succeeded. He grinned awkwardly while looking at Li Dai. He said disdainfully: "Boy, you are just in your early twenties, are you almost a few years older than the students who took the middle school entrance exam? Just like you are here to teach others, isn't it What a mistake! "

"The strength of the ability has nothing to do with age, the key is the effect of training, and older people may not have much skill, like the mediocrity of your age is not everywhere!" Li Dai said tit-for-tat.

"Boy, you dare to talk to me like this, knowing who I am?" Zhao Shouliang asked himself and then said, "My name is Zhao Shouliang."

"Zhao Shouliang? It turned out to be him, no wonder he came here to find fault!" Li Dai didn't like Zhao Shouliang's person, aside from his peers, he said that Zhao Shouliang deliberately pits into talent education, it means that others are not good. .

Li Dai felt that for an unscrupulous person, don't be so polite, he smiled slightly and said, "I know you, you are the Zhao Shouliang who escaped!"

"Run away? What escape?" Zhao Shouliang put on a dignified look.

"Do I have to make it clear? Then I won't save your face." Li Dai sighed deliberately, and then said to the parents behind Zhao Shouliang: "This coach, Zhao Shouliang, was originally educated in our talents. But later I felt that I was not capable enough to teach our students, so I ran away and went to what eugenics training! "

"What are you talking about!" Zhao Shouliang said sharply.

"Nonsense? I didn't say nonsense! At the time of enrollment, weren't you still educating us? Later, when you saw that the students here were more difficult to train, and you didn't have the ability to let them take a high score, they simply ran away. Yes, I admit that our students are generally overweight and the training is slightly more difficult, but they will not run away from the class before they run away! "Li Dai continued to whisper.

"Nonsense! You're completely talking nonsense!" Zhao Shouliang seemed a little angry.

"Hey! I might be talking nonsense about this kind of thing. I didn't need to talk nonsense. Did Zhao Shouliang's education become a talented person? You can ask me if I'm talking about it. I also have witnesses here!" Li Between Dai's speeches, he waved Huang Xiaoming forward. He patted Huang Xiaoming on the shoulder and raised his head to ask Zhao Shouliang: "Coach Zhao, this is a student of our talented coach. Should you have seen it? When he signed up, you were still in our talented education."

Parents looked at Zhao Shouliang suspiciously, and Zhao Shouliang also felt this. He didn't expect Li Dai's "mouth evacuation" skills to be so strong. A few simple nonsense made him fall into the passive.

"What have I seen him! That's right, when he signed up, I was still educated!" Zhao Shouliang snorted and said, "I was a good athlete for more than ten years. After seven or eight years of coaching, there have been a lot of professional athletes I have brought myself. I can train professional athletes of the Municipal Sports Industry Brigade, can several middle school students get me hard? I need to escape? I am a high-paying job changer! "

The parents behind immediately started whispering.

"Coach Zhao makes sense, he is a coach of the municipal sports team, can't he bring a few middle school students!"

"Coach Zhao has more than enough professional athletes. How can he be stumped by a few fat middle school students?"

"I was almost fooled by this little young man. With Coach Zhao's ability, it must be someone else's job with a high salary."

Li Dai was not in a hurry, he continued to pat Huang Xiaoming on the shoulder and said: "Coach Zhao, I remember that you not only met this student. When you signed up at that time, you gave a promise. Say as long as you let You can do five or six pull-ups after two weeks of training. Is there something about this? "

Zhao Shouliang also remembered that this happened, but he did not immediately admit that UU was reading He was worried that Li Dai would give himself another set, but Zhao Shouliang carefully thought about it and felt that the original promise was no problem Then he nodded: "Yes, although this child is a little fatter, but if I put it here for training, I can still do 6 pull-ups in the physical education exam."

Zhao Shouliang directly changed "five or six" into "6" to show his ability. And the voices of the parents behind also sounded again.

"6 pull-ups, that's 12 points, isn't it a pass?"

"Such a fat child can make him do 6 pull-ups, really deserves to be a professional coach of the sports team! If you change to other coaches, Ken does not have such a good training effect."

"We found Coach Zhao at the beginning, which was so correct. If my son can do 6 pull-ups during the entrance exam, I will be content."

The voices of the parents came into Zhao Shouliang's ears, which suddenly made him look proud.

"Mistaken children!" Li Dai suddenly said.

"What are you talking about?" Zhao Shouliang asked back.

"I'm saying that you misunderstood your children." Li Dai said a word, and then said: "I will give you back these four words intact, and they have given you two weeks. Such a long time can only let students Do 6 pull-ups, is this not a mistake?

After listening to this, Zhao Shouliang laughed. He said with contempt: "Boy, do you really don't understand or are you deliberately pretending? You can make him do 6 pull-ups in such a short two weeks Upward, that is, Zhao Shouliang dared to make this guarantee, and replaced with a general coach, who dares to give such a commitment! "

"That's why you misunderstood your children." Li Dai patted Huang Xiaoming's shoulder and said, "Xiao Ming, go to the horizontal bar and do a few pull-ups to show everyone!"

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