Alternate World: I Started With Two SSS Templates

~ Finish this testimonial

This is the first time Xiaoyu has written this, which is really rare. He started writing in April last year, and he has written a few books and eunuchs. This book is finally finished.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the grades first, the second prize in the essay writing, if one is good or not, it’s okay, I can eat more meals. As for the others, um… let’s change the topic.

After finishing the book yesterday, several old readers left comments, "How come it's over?" In fact, this is really the ending that Xiaoyu had in mind when he opened the book.

As for the dragon clan, the phoenix clan, and the abyss demon, um, that's really just the background board! ! !

In fact, the protagonist of this book is "Tai Xia", this book is the beginning of a series, Tai Xia Feisheng Biography, and finally, Tai Xia achieves the myth of Da Luo! ! !

The next book is already being prepared. It will be released this month. The exact date is still uncertain. As for the subject matter, I am still thinking about it! ! !

Okay, that's it, see you in the next book!

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