Novel info
Becoming the Male Lead’s White Moonlight
Author: 夜月瑶歌
Alternative names:成了男主的白月光[快穿]

Becoming the Male Lead’s White Moonlight

In the beginning, when they all thought that she was “he”….

ML #1: We will be brothers for life!

ML #2: This time I’ll reluctantly let you have the #1 seat.

ML #3: I will properly repay royal teacher!

ML #4: Ah Rong is my closest little brother, I trust him.


MLs: I’m seriously such a fool.

MLs: What do I do, I think I’m gay. I fell in love with my bro/rival/teacher….


MLs: I’m straight! As straight as steel!

MC is a girl crossdressing as a boy, she knows how to fight, and naturally possess the gold finger halo from the author.

All the ML(s) is the same person, 1v1, sc, HE


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