Best Ex-wife: President, Don't Count on Me

Chapter 40 - Her face actually turned red

Wen Nuan went over and glanced at the empty noodle bowl. She looked at Di Juehao implying that since you had finished eating, you could leave now!

Di Juehao was sitting in a stable position, looking up at Wen Nuan with his innocent eyes.

Wen Nuan abused him a low voice. She coldly asked: “You haven’t finished yet?”

Staring at Wen Nuan’s lustrous pinklips, Di Juehao spit out two words in his thinlips: “Not yet!”

Wen Nuan didn’t know why she felt that these two words sounded strange. It was like, was like…Di Juehao’s unbridled gaze gently stroked her face.

Wen Nuan’s face suddenly turned red, with a bit of annoyance: “If you don’t have enough, go home and eat!”

Di Juehao was still staring at her lips. He repliedmeaningfully: “I don’thave itat home!”

Wen Nuan thought: Shit!

She was wondering: Why you didn’t cherish me when I belonged to you?

Wen Nuan suddenly thought of the first month of marriage with Di Juehao. For a total of 30 days, she was left alone in the house!

Wen Nuan’s face instantly turned cold, and a pair of black eyes looked at Di Juehao coldly.

“When did President Di have the habit of staying in other people’s homes?”

Di Juehao felt so embarrassed.

Tonight, after returning home, he stood on the balcony and smelled the scent of noodlesfrom Wen Nuan’s place. Then he ran over subconsciously and didn’t think too much. Normally, he should leave immediately after eating. But when he thought of Fang Yu to live here, how could he feel so uncomfortable?

Di Juehao looked at Fang Yu seriously. His eyes were a bit cold.

Fang Yu trembled nervously, and thought: I didn’t make trouble with you! Maybe President Di wantsto say a few goodbye words to Wen Nuan alone, so he feelsthat I ama trouble standing here?

Thinking about it, Fang Yu scratched her head and looked at Wen Nuan, “Babe, can you send President Di to go out? I will take a showerfirst!”

Di Juehao was shocked: Take a shower!

He was wondering that Fang Yu had decided to stay here the whole night.

The face of Di Juehao was darker and even could drip water.

“You two women live together, aren’t you shameful?”

Wen Nuan thought what a weirdquestion!

She doubted that otherwise a man and a woman lived together?

In Wen Nuan’s heart, she already rolled her eyes at Di Juehao. She looked at him witha colder eye, “President Di, why are you controlling the private life of the employees? Who do I want to sleep with, that is my freedom!”

Di Juehao’s face turned red.

In public, Wen Nuanwas only his subordinate. On the private relationship, she was at most his ex-wife. It was true that he couldn’t make comments on her life.

But when Di Juehao thought of Wen Nuan lying on a bed with this tomboy…

The eyes of Di Juehao turned cold, and the corners of hislips raised a satirical arc. “Wen Nuan, you want a man so badly?”


Wen Nuan was super annoyed.

She thought:If I want a man, I willdirectly find a man. Why should I trouble to sleep with a woman?

However, she did not want to argue with this rascal!

Tonight’s Di Juehao was like eating the wrong medicine!

Wen Nuan didn’t want to say any more. She directly pushed him, “Go out!”

Taking advantage of the action, Di Juehao directly pulled Wen Nuan into his arms, and the ironic expression of hislips was more intense.

“If you feel lonely, just say it. The free coupon that I gave to you is valid for life. Why you bother to make such a big circle?”

Wen Nuan blinked her eyes, implyingthat she did not understand Di Juehao’s words.

The curled long eyelashes were sweeping up and down, like a feather, gently stroking the heart of Di Juehao.

Di Juehao was seduced by her innocent appearance, and hishand on her waist subconsciously tightened.

Fang Yu stood by and she was shocked staring at the two ambiguous men.

She really wanted to go away. Butshe was afraid of Wen Nuan being bullied. Before Wen Nuan identifiedher true love, she couldnot let the girl luredby Di Juehao!

To be honest, Di Juehao was a very attractive man. As long as he hookshis fingers, few women could resisthis charm. If Wen Nuan shookher decision because of the children, she would be deceived by him…

Thinking of this, Fang Yu violently cleared her throat: “Uh huh!”

Wen Nuan suddenly woke up and quickly pushed Di Juehao away. A pink face was already red, and even the tipsof herearswerered like rubies.

Di Juehao’s cold eyes fell down on Fang Yu, like sharp bloody knives. He wished to immediately smash her body.

Fang Yu shrunk her neck.

She knew that she had completely offended Di Juehao. The company’s bathroomswould be cleanedby her since then!

Fang Yu thought that Wen Nuan should save me!

Fang Yu looked at Wen Nuan like a pitiful girl.

Di Juehao also looked to Wen Nuan. When his gaze fell on Wen Nuan’s little red face, his eyes were instantly getting dark, like a deep and fascinating bay.

In Di Juehao‘s memory, this woman never blushed in front of him!

Five years ago, no matter on the wedding night, or when they were talking about divorce, even when she was taken to the beach to be bullied, her attitude was always indifferent and cold. But now, she actually blushed!

In just a few days, he wassurprised to find that this woman couldlaugh and cry, could be cute and innocent, couldquarrel and retaliate…

It turned out that revenge on his ex-wife was actually so interesting!

Di Juehao’s thin lips are lightly curled. On his refined face suddenly showed an enchanting smile. Everyone would be attacked by his appearance.

Looking at his face, Wen Nuan’s heart skippeda beat. She secretly abused at Di Juehao, but her face showed a shy expression, and she would like to dig a hole to bury herself!

She pinched her fist and licked her little white teeth, screaming: “Go away!”

Di Juehao looked at Fang Yu. The warm color in his eyes had vanished. He was coldwith an invisible pressure.

Fang Yu suddenly became cleverand realized the situation. She asked a bold question: “President Di, maybe I leave, and you will leave?”

Di Juehao thought that this tomboy finally knew my intention.

Di Juehao moved his eyes coldly to show the agreement.

Fang Yu suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good, let’s go, and leave Wen Nuan a quite space!”

After that, she took the lead to go to the door.

Seeing that Di Juehao did not move, Fang Yu stopped at the door and looked at him straightly. The meaning was very clear: I want to supervise you!

In the eyes of Di Juehao passed afaint anger. Thenhe turned around and went inside.

“Scared! What does he mean? Why does he go to the room?”

Fang Yu quickly went inside. She saw that Di Juehao walked through the room to the balconyand climbed it over easily.


Actually Di Juehao entered the balcony in the next door!

“This, this is…”

Fang Yu pointed to the empty balcony. She was shocked as if the scene was purely illusory.

Wen Nuan supported her forehead awkwardly, “I just forgot to tell you that Di Juehao livesnext door.”

Wen Nuan thought that Di Juehao was really a bad man!

Instead of walking out ofthe door, he climbed overthe balcony. Di Juehaodeliberately describedtheir ambiguous relationship in front of Fang Yu!

Fang Yu stared at Wen Nuan for a while before she said: “Baby, you will die!”

Wen Nuan covered her face.

Once upon a time, in the face of the ruthless Di Juehao, she could handle everything and calmly solve all the problems.

But now, Di Juehao was like being possessed by the soul of another human being. When he was playing rogue from time to time, she really got lost.

Wen Nuan didn’t know why she couldn’t be as calm as she used to be.

Di Juehao always had the ability to make her mad!

Seeing Wen Nuan’s dumbfounded face, Fang Yu secretly sighed and reached out to pat her shoulder: “Figure it out yourself, I am leaving!”

Sending away Fang Yu, Wen Nuan closed the door. The first thing was to lock the sliding door leading to the balcony. The second thing: hang the house on the website to sell it quickly, even at a cheap price!

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