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Big Data Cultivation
Author: Chen Fengxiao
Alternative names:大数据修仙
Genre: Fantasy, Xianxia

Big Data Cultivation

Feng Jun, a double-degree graduate of 985, was unemployed after graduation. He struggled hard in the city, but he still couldn’t put down the shelf. His situation can be imagined.

Until one day, he and his phone were hacked by lightning, and suddenly found that he could turn into data and enter the app.

What can avatar data enter the app? There is so much you can do, imagine it … wait, deposit in mobile banking? Stop it, that can’t be changed!

Of course, this is not all, and then he also found that he can freely enter the Xianxia plane …

Let’s follow Feng Jun and embark on a wonderful journey of cultivating immortals. “The season of falling flowers meets the king again.”

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