Billionaire's Little Warm Wife

Chapter 376

"Say it to your father anyway."

"I'm going to see dad in a minute. Mom, how are you and dad now? Don't you still get angry with him about sissy? "

Xiao Mingrui sighs, "you and Xi Ye are not angry. How can I really be angry with him? In the past, he did something wrong, and he was punished by the prison of those years. I just don't think that's a good example for you and sissy. What's more, as a father, it's the daughter who counts. I'm so sorry for you. "

"Dad is very sorry for knowing his mistake now. Besides, I never blame dad for this. On the contrary, I'm really glad dad didn't pick other people's eggs. If you think about it, how wonderful and happy it is that such a lovely child as Sisi should belong to me. "

Xiao Mingrui looks at her daughter and agrees with her.

The heart has comforted clapped her hand, "the gain and loss is yours. Otherwise, when you are with Xi Ye in the future, if you have such a big child, you will be worried. You're the one who can't suffer the most. "

Ning Long's mischievous tongue.

Xiao Mingrui nodded her forehead. "In the future, you are not only Xi Ye's wife, but also the mother of two children. You can't grow up any longer."

"So far, there's no real sense of being a wife." Ning long raised his hand and watched in front of his eyes. The diamond ring on the ring finger is very shiny.

It had been hanging around her neck before. On the day of registration, Xiao Xiye solemnly put the ring back on her hand.

Until now, she thought of that moment, still feel excited.

"There is no sense of reality now, which is inevitable. When you go back and wait for your wedding to be held, you will naturally have a sense of reality. These days I will discuss with your father and Mrs. Cui to choose a suitable time for your wedding. "


Ning long has a yearning heart.

In the past, I just thought that the feelings between her and Xiao Xiye would never be made public. Not to mention a public wedding.


Think of the wedding, and then think of the dream before, the heart can not say the sweet.

"Grandfather hasn't woken up yet. I just don't know what it would be like to wake up and know these things. "

"I wish he could wake up before your wedding. I think it will be more difficult for him to accept Xi Ye's life experience. However, as long as he can help you, he can think of it. "

B-ultrasound, the child is just a humble little yellow spot.

However, Ning long looked at, still feel excited, tears. This child is bound to be unable to follow another.

With excitement back to the ward.

On the corridor, Xiao Xiye is standing at the window. The hospital couldn't smoke. He had a cigarette in his fingertip, but it didn't light up.

Ning long can only see his back, so he doesn't know what he looks like at the moment. Mrs. Cui was also standing at the door, looking at his back with a complicated look. She seemed to want to come forward and say something to him, but she was afraid and did not move forward.

It seems that Mrs. Cui has already told him. But what is his mind now?

Xiao Mingrui patted her daughter's hand and whispered, "go and see your uncle. I'll talk to Mrs. Cui. Just in time. Let's talk about your marriage. "


Ning long nodded. Xiao Mingrui and Mrs. Cui go in together. Ning long walks to Xiao Xiye.

She was already walking very lightly. But as soon as he got close, he had turned around. Four eyes opposite, each other's mind is clear at a glance.

He threw the cigarette into the garbage can and opened his arms to her. Then she stepped forward and threw it into his arms.

Hold each other hard.

Ning long conveyed all the comfort to him with this hug.

Between each other, silence for a few minutes.

Xiao Xiye was the first to say: "what about the inspection results?"

"Good. You can rest assured that my mother took it in. "

"Well." He was a little relieved.

Ning long looks up at him. The tangle between his eyebrows is obvious.

She raised her hand and pressed it on his brow.

Xiao Xiye grabs her hand and holds it in the palm of his hand. "You already know that?"

"Well..." Ning long nodded.

"Why don't you tell me?"

"This kind of thing, I think, needs Mrs. Cui to tell you personally."

Xiao Xiye doesn't say anything more, just hugs her again. Ning Long's face, close to his chest, listening to his steady and powerful heartbeat, whispered: "I know you can't accept it, just like I knew I was actually a mother and daughter. It took almost three years to make it out. "

"All of a sudden. When I was a child, your grandmother was very kind to me. They said she was partial to me. Who would have thought that she and I were not related by blood? "

"What if there is no blood relationship? The adoptive mother and the parent mother are both mothers. Don't try to be a bull's-eye

Xiao Xiye pinched her small nose. "Now it's your turn to teach me."Pause for a moment, definitely look at her, "little girl, when the new DNA is detected, if it is true as Mrs. Cui said, we immediately announce the world and hold a wedding."

Ning long smiles. Wedding

It's been a long time.

He, and she, are the same

A month later.

A piece of news appeared in the media, Xiao Xiye is not Xiao's family, but the son of Korean lady Cui.

Two months later.

Another piece of news, bombing the front page again.

Xiao Xiye marries his niece Ning long.

This strange love, in a heated discussion, finally ushered in the grand wedding of the century.


pregnant in October.

Under the expectation of all, Ning long was born at last.

She gave birth to a lovely white girl. The old man has been in charge of naming the younger generation of the Xiao family, but he has not woken up yet, so the name of little princess Xiao has been in suspense.

Although the name has not married, but Ning long has given her a lot of names.

Ning long hurt her to the bone. Of course, the same is true for sissy. Since the birth of these two children, the focus of her life has been almost on them.

They cry, and she suffers. They laugh and she's happy.


Xiao Xiye, who has been neglected for a long time, is depressed. All the time at home and children for favor, but not only can not compete, but also run the risk of being despised by his son.

On the first day he came back from his business trip, Xiao Xiye came out of the bathroom in the evening after taking a bath, thinking of being gentle with his own woman.

This business trip lasted half a month. Xiao Xiye originally wanted to take Ning long to accompany him, but Ning long was not happy. The child is so young that she can't lose it.

Xiao Xiye can understand, so he has to give up. Outside half a month, every day video, phone, looking at her and children, can not say the satisfaction.

But now

As soon as I saw the picture on the bed, my face turned black.

Sixiba took Ninglong's right arm.

Little princess Xiao took Ning Long's left arm.

She didn't know what she was happy about. She pulled Ning Long's hair and giggled. It's lovely.

Xiao Xiye's heart almost softened when he saw it. However, when I think of my own rights and interests, I feel very hard. Without saying a word, she fished out Sisi first, and the other free hand fished out the little princess.

"Ma Ma Ma Ma... "

The words of the little princess are not very clear. Two small hands are still waving in the air, the big black eyes have been looking at Ning long.

Ning long is distressed to see.

"Xiye." She called him. Xiao Xiye stares at her and ignores her. Just carry the baby out.

"Dad, we're going to sleep with mommy. Mommy said yes Sissidao.

"She said yes, but I didn't say yes."

Xiao Xiye directly throws his son back to the bed, and the little princess gives it to him. "Take good care of your sister, and don't disturb me and your mommy."

“…… Oh Sisi held the baby in her arms and muttered, "Daddy is not as cute as mommy at all..."

It's fierce and cold. I don't know how Mommy will marry dad.

But it's true that dad is handsome and powerful.

Anyway, as long as there is a father, there is no injustice.

Two children throw to another room, Ning long is not at ease. When Xiao Xiye turns back from the next room, he happens to see Ning long come down from the bed in his pajamas.

He frowned.

Hold her directly, throw her on the bed and press her back.

"What for?"

"To see our children, of course."

Xiao Xiye bit her, "now your husband needs you to see more."

Ning long lost his smile.

He looks so sad. It's really fun.

Holding his head and biting him back, "what do you want me to think?"


since her marriage, she has become more and more fond of teasing him.

Ye is still full of freshness to Xining. The one that burns at a little bit.

He couldn't stand her, covering her lips and kissing her all the way. The movement on the hand never stops.


one night, I was full of enthusiasm.

Next door, Sisi couldn't coax the little princess. In the end, the little princess broke the sweetness and tenderness here with a loud cry

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