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Birth of a Wealthy Heir, I Swelled [Rebirth]
Author: Orange Boat
Alternative names:生了豪门继承人我膨胀了(重生)

Birth of a Wealthy Heir, I Swelled [Rebirth]

In the fifteenth year after being wrongly held, Yi Wei returned to his biological parents.

He is regarded as a treasure by his parents, his elder brother is a younger brother, and Bai Yueguang in his fiance’s heart is not him.

As long as he didn’t care, he could live well, but he did something stupid because he cared too much, leading to a miserable ending.

He didn’t know until after his death that he was just the cannon fodder that was repeatedly sent down in the book. Under the protagonist’s aura, no matter how hard he tried to make himself excellent, it didn’t work.

After the rebirth, he is not rare in any kind of affection. No one loves him so he loves himself more.
Originally thinking about this life, while enjoying life freely, he watched a grand drama of the heirs of the giants waiting for a good opportunity to avenge himself. However, it is because he is the only heir to the wealthy heir. He seems to be completely out of the question.

1: Sweet Pet Shuangwen, the Lord accepts, has a child plot, accepts adulthood

2: Overhead modern world, has nothing to do with the real world, same-sex marriage background, private settings, please do not test.

3: It’s difficult to adjust everyone’s mouth, and each has its own advantages. If you don’t like this type of essay (don’t like the plot or the person setting), please escape immediately, and don’t force yourself to look down.

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