Blissful Days After Widowhood

Chapter 125

    Seeing that it was him, the smile on Gu Yin's lips deepened again, and she turned to look at Gu Ye, who was still sleeping like a piglet, and then said softly, "Why are you? Come here, is there something at home?"

    As she spoke, she turned around and opened the door.

    Wu Qingyi took her hand on the window wall, shook her head and said in a low voice, "No, I woke Xiao Ye carefully."

    After saying this, he lowered his eyes again and said a little embarrassedly: "It's nothing at home, it's me... We all miss you a little bit."


    Although they are only separated by a wall now, Gu Yin and Gu Ye are only two people eating, and occasionally they feel deserted.

    There are quite a few people there, and there are still four people left.

    But without their mother and son, it just makes people feel that something is not right.

     Even Mr. Wang, who usually likes to chat with the children during dinner, speaks less, and counts the days of saluting with his fingers every day.

    There is also Wu An, who pretended to have encountered a problem when writing homework at night.

    "It's hard, it's too hard, how can today's homework be so difficult." Wu An frowned, and he was about to leave the door as he spoke, still muttering to himself: "I don't know if Ono is also stumped. If it doesn't work, I have to discuss it with him."

    Even the old man of the Wen family and the eldest man have said that he is a rare good seed in the world in terms of reading.

    Especially, he opened a lot earlier than Gu Ye, he didn't know the homework, ask Gu Ye, can Gu Ye know?

    In the end, Wu An was lifted by Wang's neck and pushed back to the desk.

    Wu An also smiled awkwardly and said, "Don't say it, mother's press, it really opened my mind, I'll be enlightened, I will, haha."

    Wu Qingyi talked about their performance, and Gu Yin laughed while covering her mouth.

    After laughing, she turned her head to look at Wu Qingyi, "Only mother and Wu An miss me, so there is no one else?"

    Wu Qingyi clenched his fist to his lips and coughed lightly, "And our father..."

    Speaking of this, he stopped talking, the father-in-law thinks of his daughter-in-law, it is not a good word.

    He had no choice but to admit: "Well, of course there is me."



    Gu Yin held his big palm instead, "I'll go back in three days."

    Wu Qingyi squeezed her fingertips and said, "I'll save it."

    His dark eyes were like obsidian, shining with an emotional and soft light.

    The two looked at each other quietly for a while, and Gu Yin said with a smile: "Okay, come back soon, I have to go to bed earlier. makeup."

    Wu Qingyi nodded and let go of her hand reluctantly. After two steps, he stopped again, turned and walked back quickly, confirming to her: "We are about to get married. Now, you have no regrets or hesitations, right?"

    "Why are you still asking such a question?" Gu Yin laughed, but then she answered seriously: "From the day I accepted your request to now, I have never regretted or hesitated. I know very well that I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you. But what did I do wrong, so you feel uneasy?"

    Not waiting for Gu Yin to reflect more, Wu Qingyi laughed again, and quickly said: "It's not your problem, it's me... I think too much, but these days I always feel unreal, For fear of waking up one day and discovering that it was just a dream."

    Gu Yin pretended to raise her hand to hit him, but Wu Qingyi subconsciously avoided.

    Seeing that he took a half step back, Gu Yin immediately closed the window lattice without mercy.

    "Go to bed early, you crazy groom!"

    Wu Qingyi's muffled laughter came from outside the window, and then the two stopped talking and went back to rest.

    When Gu Yinfu lay down on the bed again, Gu Ye's eyelids on the imperial concubine's couch flicked, and a crack was opened—

    Oh, forget it, for the sake of the future sister's face, let's spare the uncle this time!


    As soon as the Tanabata dawned, the Wang family recruited people to help Gu Yin put on makeup and change clothes.



    I hope Quanfu people can bring this blessing to the bride.

    There are not many such people, and there are even fewer who can match the lintel of the British government.

    Earlier, the Wang family inquired many times, and heard about a Mrs. Hou, who was in line with this situation, and not only had children, but her children were also living well, the son was promising, and the daughter Married well, grandchildren, grandchildren, grandchildren, is a rare family of four generations.

      , She will be a little bad, and she can't come to comb the bride's hair with her illness, that's too bad.

    So I had to decline.

    Afterwards, Gu Yin heard that just being a hairdresser made Wang spend so much effort, and she was very distressed, so she didn't have to be so busy, this hairdresser was made by Wang. .

    Which woman in the world looks forward to her more than Wang?

    In addition, Wang is now a super-class lady of the country, her husband and wife are harmonious, her children and grandchildren are full, and she is like a mother and daughter with Gu Yin's daughter-in-law. Who can say that she is not lucky?

    Wang thinks about it later and still thinks it can't be done. It is because he is looking forward to Gu Yin too much, so Wang thinks that he is not worthy.

    However, Gu Yin's words also provided her with a new way of thinking. Mrs. Wang asked Gu Ye to bring a message to the Queen Mother and invited the Queen Mother to be a Quanfu person.

    The Queen Mother's parents and husband are both dying, and they all lived to their sixties, which is definitely a longevity in this era. Leaving aside those, who can raise a new emperor who has changed the dynasty and compare her fortunes, who can compare?

    The Queen Mother is naturally willing, and they came to live in Prince Lie's mansion the day before.

    Gu Yin sat down in front of the dressing table, and the Queen Mother and Queen Zhou also came to help.

    "One brush to the head, the second to the tail, and the third to the gray hair and eyebrows."

    The Queen Mother smiled and helped Gu Yin to comb it, and the work of combing the bride's hair in the back was naturally not done by her old man, but by the combing lady.

      After sitting for a long time, and the people invited by Wang's are light and quick, she didn't know why she fell asleep leaning on Wang's body.


    In the back, she put on a red gold bead crown inlaid with oriental pearls, and then several embroiderers held the wedding dress. People can't open their eyes.

    Gu Yin has already tried it on, so she is very familiar with wearing this wedding dress, but it took half a quarter of an hour to pack it up.

    Wang looked at her from the side—the thick makeup complemented Gu Yin's already beautiful face, and the well-cut wedding dress with exquisite and gorgeous patterns was even more beautiful. It made her body fit, and her flesh and bones stopped evenly.

    She felt red eyes.


    In the back, Mrs. Wang put the red hijab on Gu Yin with her own hands, and Wu Qingyi also brought someone to greet her.


     Chef Xu went to the door alone and blocked the door.

    Wu Qingyi and others expected this for a long time, and it depends on what question they use to embarrass others.

    Considering Wu Qing's lack of literary talent, the people on Gu Yin's side naturally won't have the problem of writing and writing, and only let him make a makeup poem first.

    Wu Qingyi soon read a makeup poem similar to limericks.


    So everyone considers him to pass the first level.

    After that, Gu Ye asked the question. He asked the servant to carry a lot of firewood and let Wu Qingyi chop the firewood.

    After all, what his mother loves most is cooking, and cooking is naturally inseparable from firewood.

    This kind of rough work is what Wu Qingyi is used to doing.

    The people who came to accompany him to pick up his family are also good soldiers in the army, how can he just watch him end?

    They immediately sent people to the British government next door to look for something, there must not be so many axes, so they found something like a sickle and a kitchen knife, and joined the ranks of chopping wood.


    Song Shiliu, the dowry maid, was a little itchy when I saw her next to me!


    There are two levels in total, one is for exams, and the other is for martial arts.

    Everyone let go.

    At this time, the sun is rising, the sky is bright, and it is time for the bride to go out.

    According to the rules, the bride is carried by the bride's matchmaker or her husband's brother.

    Gu Yin has no brothers here, but Xi Niang does, but that Xi Niang looked at a middle-aged woman who was thinner and weaker than her and half a head shorter than her, although Wang said, This Xi Niang is definitely a powerful person, but Gu Yin's bead crown jewelry is definitely not light!

    Perceiving her hesitation, Xi Niang hurriedly said, "Don't worry, bride, the little lady is really strong, and she will definitely carry you out of the house."

    Gu Yin thanked her softly, lying on Xi Niang's back and just walked out of the door.

    Suddenly her body became lighter, and Wu Qingyi had already gently picked her up from Xi Niang's back.

    She hurriedly released the hand around Xi Niang, steadied her hijab with one hand, and wrapped her neck with the other.

    Everyone burst into laughter, "The groom is impatient!"

    "You haven't bowed yet, why is the groom in such a hurry, isn't he afraid that the bride will crush you in the future?"

    Wu Qingyi ignored everyone's teasing, put Gu Yin on the ground, and squatted down in front of him.


    After Gu Yin fell down steadily, Wu Qingyi stood up lightly.

     Chef Xu and others laughed louder and louder, "My master has climbed on the head of Master!"

    Gu Yin wished she could spit him on the spot.

      And it's not the ready-made things in the warehouses of the British government or Lie Wang's residence, they were all prepared by the Wang family during this time.


    Since these are prepared, it is definitely not as simple as just carrying it from King Lie's mansion to the British mansion next door, and you have to walk around the capital.

    Before leaving, Wu Qingyi rode his horse and walked beside the sedan chair, and said softly to her, "You can just do whatever you want inside, we won't come back until noon."

    The wedding process naturally asked Gu Yin's opinion first, so she knew these arrangements for a long time, so she responded softly inside.

    The grand and lively wedding and send-off team set off from here and circled the city, attracting countless congratulations.

    At noon, the sedan chair returned from the other end to the gate of the British government.


    These steps are naturally absent here, Wu Qingyi directly carried Gu Yin all the way back to the new house.

    Naturally he couldn't stay in the new house too much later, so he let Mrs Wang take care of her.

    Wang didn't follow them to go around the city for a week, and came here long ago.

    The hijab cannot be lifted, but Wang has a coup. When she was making the bridal bead crown, she had two gold rings, one on each side, on the edge of the red hijab. Location.

      Let her neck loose!

      Mouth fat.

    Gu Ye and Wu An also came in from time to time to see her and talk to her, and it was not difficult for them to spend half an afternoon.

    At dusk, it is time to salute.

    Gu Yin was helped out of the new house and went to the hall.


    "Worship the world—"

    "Two Worship High Church—"

    "Husband and wife worship—"

    In the high-pitched singing of the ceremonies and the sincere congratulations of everyone, Gu Yin went to the church step by step, but she was also in a trance...

    Wu Qingyi said she couldn't believe that all this was true. In fact, why not her?

    Although she is not from this world, but these people present are her family, her friends, and her partners. Under the witness of these people, she married her love people.

    Everything is beautiful like a dream that people don't want to wake up from.

    At this moment, her eyes were sore, her heart was soft, and she felt the satisfaction and peace she had never had before.

    "The ceremony is done! Send it to the bridal chamber!"

    The red silk in Gu Yin's hand was taken, and her hand fell into the scorching big palm, with a little trembling and incomparable firmness, her two hands were tightly clasped.

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