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Boss O is Pregnant with My Child
Author: Tuyi
Alternative names:霸总O怀了我的孩子[女A男O]
Genre: Romance

Boss O is Pregnant with My Child

Accidentally entered an ABO novel, and before Mu Er realized that he had an extra organ, he was confused and completed the first great harmony in his life with an Omega.
But when he woke up, the man had disappeared, and Mu Er thought it was just a dream.
Unexpectedly, a few months later, when Jiyou was pointing at the handsome face of the man in the news to her excitedly praising the most outstanding Omega on the planet, she was suddenly tied to that man.
Mu Er was nervous and puzzled, she asked, “Sir, you…”
The man unbuttoned his suit, pointed at his slightly long belly, his face flushed, and he said to her, “responsible.”

(Privately set like a mountain) (O pet A) (Mines clearance: the author’s female lead)
One sentence introduction: Mr. Ba came to me with the ball to take charge
Purpose: Life is precious, and we must be responsible for it.

Content tags: childbirth sweet text through books
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