Novel info
Bringing a Son to Marry a Giant
Author: Yuè Zhī Xī
Alternative names:带着儿子嫁豪门
Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi

Bringing a Son to Marry a Giant

Su Xiaoying saw Su Mu and a certain president’s intimate photos. So he called the president father.

Su Mu was scared that his heart and liver trembled, and he quickly hugged his son.

Su Mu: “Don’t call him dad.”

The president pinched his little face. “If you don’t let him call me, then you call me.”

In the evening, Su Mu called the president Dad more than a 100 times. His tired lips quivering…

The president asked after the incident: “Tell me, when did you steal me a son?”

Su Mu shrinks his neck. “I didn’t. I gave birth to him.”

President: “I don’t remember having anyone else but you.”

Su Mu instantly sheds tears: “Dad, we are all your good sons.”


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