CEO is a little Scheming

Chapter 346

Looking at his son's swaggering expression, Chen Shengjie was not angry. After criticizing him in his heart, he was unwilling to lie down.

He should have known that his son would revenge himself like this, and he would not bully his son at this critical time.

After silently converging the resentment in his heart, Chen Shengjie was unwilling to retreat into his quilt.

Maybe it's because he's never been far away. Xiaodong has difficulty falling asleep, even tossing and turning.

Chen Shengjie's sleep was relatively shallow. Xiao Dong was so upset that he didn't sleep all night.

At dawn, Chen Shengjie and Xiao Dong stayed up all night.

When sun Xingqi gets up, what she sees is the two dark circles of God's synchronization. She had a look of consternation.

Sun Xingqi was a little embarrassed. After looking up and down at Chen Shengjie, she joked: "what did you two do yesterday? Didn't you sleep? Ah, I said Xiaodong, if people are not used to bed, I can understand why you follow the black eye circles, my husband? So it hurts to stay up late with him? Well, good dad, good. Let's go and take the children to wash. We'll meet them soon. Don't be late again today. Don't learn from your father. It's a bad habit, you know? "

Chen Zimu nodded seriously, and even the little east nodded.

It is clear that the culprit is Xiaodong, but the child pretends not to know at the last moment. Chen Shengjie is about to cry.

Chen Shengjie took the initiative to clear his throat and said with a serious face: "it's not righteous. How does little dongdadi teach you on weekdays? We are powerful and unyielding, and we are big men..."

Chen Shengjie's words haven't had time to finish, sun Xingqi on one side has taken the initiative to come up to the front and interrupted: "what's big?"

Her eyes were big and bright, as if she could talk.

But at the moment, what Chen Shengjie saw in her eyes was all threatening.

Before he had finished his vows, Chen Shengjie swallowed them immediately and changed his lines in an instant: "adults don't remember villains. My wife forgives me. You are an adult, I am a villain

Sun Xingqi nodded with satisfaction and patted her chest: "Chen, dogleg, wash up. They should be ready for it. Don't they have to climb the mountain today? Cheer up! You're taking three kids. Xiao Dong, Chen Zimu, and I don't know

At the time of saying the last word, sun Xingqi was not ashamed, on the contrary, she was right. That's the expression.

"good, you has the final say."

Chen Shengjie compromised.

After a simple wash, the four came to the restaurant downstairs. At the moment, Su haoze and Cheng Antuo have already taken a lot of food, talking and laughing.

When he saw Chen Shengjie, Su haoze immediately stood up and looked Chen Shengjie up and down for a long time. Then he said, "ah Jie, it's so late. I think your eyes are dim. Pinch your fingers. No, I don't think it's necessary to pinch your fingers. When I think about it on my toes, I think you must not have slept well last night. You are so listless. You must have struggled too much last night. You see what I said, sun Xiaoniu is so bright and ruddy... "

On one side, Cheng Antuo smiles and looks at all this quietly. And sun Xingqi is a fearless appearance, quietly located in the side of Cheng Antuo, stealing her breakfast.

At the mention of last night, Chen Shengjie's face is very ugly.

Knowing that he should have strongly opposed sun Xingqi's suggestion, Chen Zimu should have studied how to operate and how to be a good leader in city A.

Such a disturbance, he could have been warm fragrance nephrite beauty in the arms yesterday, but finally rushed to empty, still sleepless all night.

Chen Shengjie's face darkened slightly. After a moment, he countered: "Su haoze, your toes are too bare, right? You can do divination, right

However, in Su haoze's eyes, the reason for Chen Shengjie's black face is that he is not satisfied.

After Chen Shengjie didn't explain, Su haoze took it for granted that he was acquiescent. "Ah, young people today Tut tut. "

"Eat your food!"

In the end, Cheng Antuo still can't see it any more. He reaches out his hand and grabs Su haoze's sleeve rudely, and forcibly pulls him back to his seat.

A few people frolic, but the atmosphere is more pleasant.

After the meal, Chen Shengjie got on the bus with his family. Before he started, he was already sweating.

On one side, Su haoze cocked his legs and started the accelerator: "it's good to come out with you. I don't have to do any chores. I'm also a fragile baby and need to be cared for by others."

It turned out to be all eyes.

Fortunately, Su haoze was not surprised at the result, and he didn't pursue it too much.

After confirming that there was no mistake, he started his car slowly.The mountain to climb this time is not too high. When Chen Shengjie was faced with physical collapse, several people finally arrived at their destination.

Xiaodong and Chen Zimu changed their swimsuits quickly, and immediately plunged into the unique hot spring on the mountain.

Sun Xingqi rarely did not move, just quietly sitting in place watching this scene.

For a moment, her heart was filled with emotion.

Calm down and think about it. Unconsciously, she has been with Chen Shengjie for such a long time, and her child has grown up

Just when sun Xingqi fell into her own memories, Chen Shengjie suddenly went around behind her, reached out, took the initiative to cover sun Xingqi's eyes, and said softly, "what do you think? So obsessed. I didn't even notice that I was near you. What's on your mind? "

Originally intended to take sun Xingqi out to relax, but unexpectedly she was not interested.

Sun Xingqi didn't rush to push Chen Shengjie's hand. Instead, she asked with a smile: "husband, I just suddenly feel that this kind of life is very happy. It's the life I have been pursuing before. You say, we can keep it, right?"

See sun Xingqi's mood is not right, Chen Shengjie did not dare to continue joking at the moment.

He took the initiative to release his hand, sat down directly along sun Xingqi's right hand and asked: "that's nature. As long as I can give you, I will give everything. If I can't give it, I'll try my best. As long as you like it, it's enough. What's the matter? I suddenly said such sad words today. What happened? "

However, sun Xingqi did not answer, but took the initiative to stick his lips.

Her answer is very definite.

This man, she'll be with her for the rest of her life.

Sun Xingqi's initiative is no doubt like a fire. Chen Shengjie doesn't care so much at the moment. He reaches out his hand and clasps the back of sun Xingqi's head. He goes deep into the kiss.

Just when Chen Shengjie was going to take the next step, he suddenly felt that his body was empty and his whole body was directly out of balance. Then he and sun Xingqi went into the water.

Looking back, Su haoze on the edge of the hot spring smiles treacherously.

"Oh, I'm sorry. The sole of my foot slipped suddenly. Chen Shengjie took you into the water. No wonder I did. Oh, my wife, help me. Chen Shengjie is going to hit someone... "

At first, Su haoze was still teasing Chen Shengjie, but after seeing his sudden change of eyes, Su haoze immediately turned his head and yelled for help without looking back.

Good things are destroyed. How can Chen Shengjie swallow this breath.

He covered the edge with his hand. With a little force, he jumped directly to the hot spring. Without saying a word, he directly chased Su haoze.

Su Hao's ears were full of ghosts.

Sun Xingqi silently looked at this scene, and finally couldn't help laughing.

Perhaps, the ideal life she is pursuing has been possessed from the very beginning when she met Chen Shengjie.


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