Childhood Sweethearts

Chapter 70

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"What do you think I'm so busy doing?" Er Shao smiled at Zitong with a smile and liked her expression of surprise and joy. I had wanted to wait and tell Zitong later, but now that she is uneasy, then give her a peace of mind. Indulging in Zitong, this is a glorious tradition that Er Shao has developed since childhood.

Tongtong stared at the passbook for a while, then looked up at the second young man: "Sorry, wouldn't you be too wrong?"

"What's wrong? For what we have wronged in the future?" Yun Shao said lightly, but Zitong was a little uncomfortable. Although Er Shao's temperament has always been strong, after all, both of them are girls, there is no need to let her work so hard, thinking of here, Zitong pulled the sleeve of Er Shao, Er Shao looked at her strangely, "How Alright? "

Zitong was a little embarrassed, and the second little looked surprised, when did her woman have been so shy?

"Actually, I actually also have a small vault." Zitong said awkwardly, and the second younger was surprised. "What?" What does Zitong spend money? She knows, after Tongtong's temperament, I don't want to have tomorrow. Small vault?

Zitong knew the expression of the Second Youth League and glared at her, "What are you doing? Do I have to be a prostitute? I wasn't a hip-hop champion last time. I still have the money I saved. Although there is a certain distance from you, But a similar car also came out. "

"Are you serious?" Er Shao looked at Zitong seriously, still thinking she was joking with herself. Zitong frowned and picked up the phone to find the deposit information. "Well, look at yourself, I'm much smarter than you. I put the passbook in the dormitory like an antique, and everyone saves the money in the card. Spend, I put the card at home so I can save money. "

Zitong also deeply understands her bad habit of spending money like running water. In fact, she started to have this plan when she was a sophomore. After all, this is a family of two people. She can't make the second one so hard. She also We must learn to be independent and help the two young people share.

Er Shao hugged Zitong distressedly, "Wouldn't it be too hard?"

Tong Tong shoved her away a little bit shyly, "This is a dormitory, people will see it again in a while, what are you doing so hard? It will be hard work for a while, and I can be the master in the future, after the kind of wife who suppresses the village Drinking and eating meat in a refreshing life. "

"Mrs. Zhaizhai?" Er Shaoxiao's eyes became a slit, and she knew that her woman was different from childhood, and she could never be judged by the ordinary girl's heart.

"Okay, go to sleep now, and I will go back."

Zitong hurried away, and Ershao smiled meaningfully as she watched her escape. In fact, she knew why Zitong ran. The two people's forehead relationship has never involved money. Today, she started it up. She was a bit frail, and accidentally revealed that she still has a small vault. Er Shao shook his head and smiled, this silly girl, thinking about something.


On the day of the senior year graduation ceremony, in order to show solemnity, the elderly of the two families came and stood under the stage, looking at Er Shao and Zitong wearing academic caps, unable to express their relief.

Originally, the two elderly people were going to leave after attending the business ceremony, but Ershao refused to say anything and said that something had to be discussed at night. First, she arranged for the four old men to find a place to settle down.

In the casual dinner, the four years of getting along with each other have been transformed into wine glasses. Usually, Er Shao has great control over Tongtong drinking, but now, watching her cry like a kitten around Chu Ming ’s neck, He didn't stop, Lin Jing did the same, looked at Chu Ming and Zi Tong, smiled and shook his head.

Zitong hooked Chu Ming's neck in one hand and cried with tears. "Puppy, although I usually dislike you, you will shake your tail and won't give me a bone, but to be honest, I still feel very much to you. Love, my feelings for you, I ca n’t tell myself, can you understand the feelings of a mother to a son? "

Chu Ming also had tears on his face, shaking his head: "Tong Tong, although you can't understand anything you say. But I still understand your deep love for me. You can rest assured that we can't be separated after graduation, I think about it Well, if one day my parents broke my leg, I have to go to you. "

Zitong nodded vigorously and took another sip of wine: "You can rest assured that I'm interrupted to pick you up. I also think about it. If one day sees me tired and crooked, you have to be my mother's family, but, Puppy, your belly should be practiced, I think my second less one punch can hit you to flee from the northwest. "

Chu Ming drank a drink, "Tong Tong, look at what you said. You have graduated, can you stop bragging? After blowing your home for two or four years, my ears can hear the cocoon, hey, but say To be honest, Er Shao is with you. It seems to me that the Seven Fairies have a feeling of being in love with Pig Ba Jie. "

Zitong smiled and grinned: "Although my second younger is not so good, it is not too bad."

Chu Mingya: "You misunderstood Bajie."


At the end, Er Shao and Lin Jing, who looked at the wrong momentum, quickly pulled the two away. A table of people cried with a headache and cried, and Chu Ming also hugged Lin Jing's waist without letting go, "Quietly, I love you all Do you know that love is in the bones? "

Lin Jing didn't speak, and looked at her tenderly, Zitong shouted in Er Shao's arms, shouting: "Sorry, I love you like dogs love bones, do you know?"


Seeing that these two people had to quarrel everywhere, the second was helpless and carefully fed tea to Zitong.

Lin Jing looked at Er Shao and Zitong with a slight smile, and Er Shao looked at her, "Sure?"

Lin Jing looked at Chu Ming lying on his lap and rubbed her hair: "Well, yes, all these years, she has worked hard."

Er Shao smiled happily: "It's not easy, okay, no matter how sooner or later, I figured out that it's happiness. It has been delayed for so long, and I will be happy together in the future."

"Well, you too."

Lin Jing ’s heartfelt blessings, she could n’t say what she was grateful for. At the university, she felt that Er Shao was like a brother who always supported her silently and took care of her. Er Shao was more like Chu Ming and Zitong. Delicate like a spring rain, it has been moisturizing and supporting everyone.

Er Shao looked at Lin Jing's unspoken words, and smiled lightly: "Some words, just be at ease, friend, for life."

Lin Jing lowered his head, masking the heat and humidity in his eyes, looking at Chu Ming's red cheeks, warm in his heart. Although they have been around for a long time before they finally joined hands in the circle of happiness, once held hands, she will never let go. For so many years, Chu Ming has been insisting, and this time, she has to insist.

When Zitong was dragged into the taxi by Ershao, she got a little sober when she got off at the destination. Zitong rubbed her eyes and looked around: "Sorry, where is this?"

It seems that this community has not been here, and the surrounding environment is very good. Although it is dark, it can still see the greening environment around the community through the moonlight. The second younger parked the car and smiled and said, "Okay, get off, Parents are waiting. "

"Ah?" Zitong was shocked when he mentioned his parents. He jumped out of the car and immediately took a bag to find chewing gum. "Why didn't you say it earlier? What are your parents waiting for? Comforting us, I'm afraid we're too sad to graduate?"

"Okay, let's go."

Ershao took Zitong's hand and resolved her uneasiness with a smile. She was held by Ershao's slightly cool hand. Zitong burped and nodded: "Well, if they say I drink, you have to do it for me Stop it. "

"it is good."

The promise of Er Shao made Zitong's psychology down. She was led by Er Shao to a unit building. When she came down to the unit building, Zi Tong smiled, "Unit 3, do you remember? I told you before, If we have a home, we need Building 3, Building 8, Haha, March 8, which is in line with us. "

"It happened that we went to the eighth floor." Er Shao looked at Zitong with a smile, Zitong licked his lips. "What a coincidence, do my parents have friends here?"

"Well, we have a stronghold here."

Er Shao has been laughing, Zitong's head is drunk, and his reaction speed is obviously not as good as before. stronghold? Could it be that parents are going to live with them?

Confused, Zitong followed Er Shao all the way up the elevator to the eighth floor. When the door was opened, Zi Tong had just entered the house and didn't even change her slippers. She saw her and the Er Shao kindergarten in the center of the living room. The photo, the photo is very large, was taken by Dad Hong secretly. In the photo, Zitong grabbed Er Shao's mouth in one hand, grabbed her bear biscuits in one hand, and snotted bubbles from Er Shao's cry, Zi Tong was dumb Suddenly, the four elders embraced together and laughed and laughed: "Yo, this mistress knows to come back."


Zitong turned his head and looked at Er Shao as if dreaming, Er Shao smiled at her with a smile. Under Zi Tong's gaze, a bunch of keys came out of his hand like a trick, Zhu Lip lightly opened and said softly: " Tongtong, are you willing to be my hostess? Will you live with me forever? "

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