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Chapter 427 : Emperor Falls, Emperor Comes Out

Zhao Yan never dreamed that the reincarnation secret realm could lead to such a series of follow-ups.

The Jade Emperor who disappeared after disbanding the Great Wilderness Heavenly Court was actually the real messenger behind the club.

No wonder the club can steal the origin of the Great Thousand World without being discovered. Only the Jade Emperor, who is also an Immortal Emperor, has the means to hide the sky from the heavenly emperors of all walks of life.

But the Jade Emperor alone can hide from all the Immortal Emperors? This is a bit too sloppy.

And why did he steal the source?

But in any case, the scourge of the club, the heavens and the world, was completely exposed.

Next, the Jade Emperor must face the encirclement and suppression of the heavens and the world. What means does he have to resist?

Of course, it's not Zhao Yan's turn to worry.

Because it has nothing to do with him.

The sky fell down and there was a tall one on top.

But soon he knew he was wrong.

An imperial decree of Jiuxiao Tiandi spread throughout all the small worlds under his jurisdiction, including the Jiuxiaojie of the Great Thousand World.

Signs that all the immortals formed an army to attack the Jade Emperor outside the territory, and the reason was that the Jade Emperor stole the origin of the world, and even colluded with the demons, which should not be tolerated by the world.

Zhao Yan suddenly realized again.

No wonder the Jade Emperor would say that he was waiting for the Heavenly Emperor Jiuxiao outside the territory, no wonder he had the confidence to be positive and rigid.

It turned out to be controlling the extraterritorial demons.

There are a large number of extraterritorial demons, and the high-end combat power such as the Immortal King and Immortal Venerable is more powerful, which is enough to compete with the heavens and the world.

The only downside is that there is no Immortal Emperor.

But now they have the Jade Emperor.

But if the Heavenly Emperors of the Three Thousand Great Worlds were to strike together, even the Heavenly Demons outside the Territory would not be able to hold it!

What else does the Jade Emperor have?

Zhao Yan, as the golden immortal of Jiuxiao Realm, is naturally a member of the sign, otherwise he is a deserter.

This kind of war between worlds does not require any formations and intrigues, it is just head-to-head.

The comparison is the strength of the world heritage.

While Jiuxiao Tiandi mobilized the Jiuxiao Realm, he also took letters from other great worlds.

Because the behavior of the Jade Emperor did not hurt a single world, but all the worlds in the heavens and the world.

No one will tolerate him.

Moreover, Emperor Jiuxiao also intends to take this opportunity to quell the threat of extraterrestrial demons in one fell swoop.



A huge Great Wall stretches like a giant dragon and floats above the galaxy.

On the other side of the Great Wall, countless extraterrestrial demons were like dark clouds, and they couldn't see the edge.

Within the Great Wall, immortals from all over the world are coming, hundreds of millions, and the war is brewing.

Immortal emperors came one after another.

Every time an immortal emperor comes, the name of the immortal emperor will sound in the galaxy, which is the voice of the avenue.

Zhao Yan was also among the rushing team.

He was reunited with his family, because Chen Yurou and the others were also among the ones who had been symptomatic.

And Bai Siwen had been waiting for them for a long time.

"I didn't expect to meet again so soon."

Bai Siwen and Zhulong came together.

"Yeah, things are impermanent, do you have any first information on the front line?" Zhao Yan asked with a smile.

Bai Siwen nodded: "Really, that is, I saw Xiao Bailong in the enemy camp."

"Since this little white dragon is in the hands of the Jade Emperor, the golden lotus must also be in the Jade Emperor's hands." Zhao Yan said.

He can now be sure that the Gu Yi that he exchanged with him at the beginning must have been stolen by Wen Renyao.

He took advantage of that exchange to capture the little white dragon from the secret realm of Yaochi and gave it to the Jade Emperor.

Zhulong said bitterly: "Made, Xiaobailong and Jade Emperor were originally a group, the original dragon rebellion was a joint effort by Xiaobailong, a bastard, and Jade Emperor. At the beginning, he also voluntarily merged with the extraterrestrial demons."

"The aura of the Great Wilderness is exhausted because the Jade Emperor is guarding himself against theft and draining the source. In order to cover this up, he and Xiao Bailong set up a dragon rebellion, taking advantage of this rebellion and unknowingly sought out Buddhist monks, including the 12th-grade golden lotus. how many treasures."

"Afterwards, he will use the excuse of depleted spiritual energy to disband Heaven and let everyone find a way out. He will hide behind the back and form some club to continue stealing the origin of other worlds. And these things, who can suspect him? He is really cunning. ."

"How do you know?" Zhao Yan was stunned.

No wonder there are so many things that can be exchanged in the club. It turns out that most of the exercises and magic weapons were taken by the Jade Emperor from the Dragon Clan?

After all, as we all know, the dragon family has many treasures.

Bai Siwen sighed: "This is what Xiao Bailong said, and now they don't hide it anymore."

"But no matter how strong the Jade Emperor is, he is only one person, where is the confidence?" Zhao Yan was puzzled.

Zhulong said bitterly: "Who knows, but that person is used to being cunning, and he never does things he is not sure about. He must have his own backing."

"This may be the reason why he stole the origin of the heavens and the world." A female voice suddenly sounded.

A few people followed the prestige and saw a female fairy with divine light shining behind her flying over.

Zhao Yan felt a little familiar, but he quickly reacted: "Disciple see the Queen Mother of the West."

This female fairy is the Queen Mother of the West who taught him the exercises in Yaochi Wonderland.

"Niangniang." Zhulong also respectfully paid homage.

The Queen Mother of the West nodded slightly: "This palace is also only now aware of the Jade Emperor's conspiracy. The aura of the Great Wilderness is exhausted, and pity me and other homeless people. The Jade Emperor is not to blame. This time, I just want to get to know him."

"Amitabha, good, but sad and sighing, the Jade Emperor has fallen into the evil way, and it is time to escape."

The Tathagata Buddha and others from the Great Wilderness Lingshan came.

Afterwards, more and more gods from the Great Wilderness appeared one by one and gathered to the Queen Mother of the West.

Because the Jade Emperor used to be the head of the male fairy.

The Queen Mother of the West is the head of the Heavenly Fairy.

The status of the two were on an equal footing, and now that the Jade Emperor had gone the wrong way, the Queen Mother of the West was naturally the supreme leader.

"Hahaha, it seems that the old friends of the past and the new friends of today are here. I am very happy."

A loud roar of laughter sounded.

I saw outside the Great Wall, a huge figure with three heads and six arms, each holding different magic weapons, appeared, like an ancient **** and demon.

Today's Jade Emperor is more like a demon than an immortal.

"Jade Emperor, your time of death has come."

Emperor Jiuxiao shouted coldly.

He didn't take the Jade Emperor seriously.

The Three Thousand Worlds Three Thousand Emperors, the Jade Emperor is only one of them, and also stands on the opposite side of them.

How can it be their opponent?

"The person who can kill me hasn't come out yet, why do you think I want to capture the origin of all realms!"

As soon as the Jade Emperor said this, everyone had a bad guess, which turned out to be correct.

I saw the aura on the Jade Emperor keeps rising.

It quickly rises to a whole new level.

Although he is still an Immortal Emperor, everyone has a feeling that he is stronger than every Immortal Emperor.

"I ingested the origin of all worlds in order to transcend the realm of emperors, three thousand emperors in three thousand worlds, how can you and others be called together with me? I! Be the only one!"

"Three thousand worlds, only I am eternal!"

He showed different expressions on his three faces, and showed his arrogance, domineering, and pride to the fullest.

"How can you be an emperor by disregarding the living beings in the heavens and the world for your own selfish interests? You should be punished!"

Emperor Jiuxiao roared and took the lead.

The other Immortal Emperors did not speak of martial virtues, and they also sacrificed their imperial soldiers to attack the Jade Emperor.

But the scene quickly became chaotic, because some immortal emperors attacked other immortal emperors around him.

The abbreviation is: Beat my teammates.

"You..." Emperor Jiuxiao was furious.

The Jade Emperor laughed proudly: "Steal the origin of the heavens and the world, thinking that I can do it alone? You are really stupid! Haha, stupid!"

"This world, below me, doesn't need so many emperors, so you can die."

No wonder he stole the origin of the heavens and myriad worlds without being discovered for so many years. It turned out that he colluded with other immortal emperors and used methods to cover up the matter.


"Break the Great Wall! Dominate the heavens!"

The extraterritorial demons saw this scene with high fighting spirit and took the initiative to attack the Great Wall.


Zhao Yan and other immortals also sacrificed magic weapons to kill the enemy.

For the safety of his family members, Zhao Yan gave them a bodyguard for the artifacts on his body.

After the war, the sky collapsed, and the worlds were directly strangled by the residual power of the battle and turned into rubbish.

This battle, dark and dark, lasted for a hundred years.

The gods keep falling.

Space is broken, time is chaotic.

Later, it was called the Domain of the Fallen Emperor.


Thousands of years later.

In the Domain of the Emperor's Fall, even after a thousand years, the rain of blood continued, and the thunder flashed.

You can faintly hear the roar of the former Immortal Emperor.

A young man wearing a golden crown and black clothes with a majestic spirit strolled here in the void, with a child about four or five years old in his hand.

"Father, why did you bring me here!" The child held his fingers in confusion.

Zhao Yan said lightly: "To worship, without the fallen emperor, there will be no heavens and worlds, no father today, and no you today."

He looked at the forbidden area where the blood was pouring down, and his thoughts seemed to return to the battle a thousand years ago.

Although the Jade Emperor and a group of evil emperors who embarked on the attempt were few in number, they once had the upper hand, because they had been secretly refining the origin of the world, and their own strength was stronger than other immortal emperors.

Later, Emperor Jiuxiao and other immortal emperors took the method of self-destruction to prevent the catastrophe in order to save the life of the heavens and the world.

This war is finally over.

After the war, there were only less than one thousand of the three thousand Immortal Emperors left, but many emperors were vacated because of this.

Five hundred years ago, Zhao Yan became the first person in the Nine Heavens Realm to become the Emperor of Heaven and became the Lord of the Nine Heavens.

He did not change his imperial name.

Still calling himself the Nine Heavens Emperor.

Jiuxiao is not a name, but a spirit.

At the beginning, it was Emperor Jiuxiao who took the lead in self-destruction.

"Oh." Zhao Xiao seems to understand, although he looks four or five years old, in fact, he has just turned one year old.

He is the son of Zhao Yan and Chen Yurou.

The bloodline of Emperor Zun, just born, is a fairy.

Born holy.

Zhao Yan took him to bow three times to the forbidden area, and then touched his head: "Let's go, your mother is still waiting for us to go back to our hometown together."

"Is your hometown the blue star born by your father?"

"No, it's the Great Wilderness."

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