City Lady-Killer

Chapter 1320 Su Liqing La Liu Lina double flying

Liu Lina has also been dressed neatly, watching her wearing the clothes of Su Liqing just now, giving people a kind of impulsive impulse.

"Put your hair down and put the glasses in the bag. You are me for the time being, stay in my office, you know what you should do, come with me."

"Pity sister, can you give me back."

"Your is here."

After she finished, she took out the white trousers she wore today in her white dress pocket.

"Pity Qing sister...this..."

Liu Lina asked. Just fiercely soaked the white pants, and certainly not dry now, it is estimated that Liu Lina also knows what is going on. Then Su Liqing pulled up the hem of her skirt, revealing the pink pants worn on her body and said to her, "I am not afraid, what are you afraid of."

"Well, I know, pity sister."

After finishing Liu Lina alternately lifted her legs and put on the white pants.

"Go, come with me."

Two beautiful women of different styles walked out of the toilet in tandem.

When I arrived at the 4th floor stairway, Su Shiqing stopped and took out the fine gold-rimmed radiation glasses and keys that I usually wore from my bag. I said to Liu Lina: "This is the office key, and I am good at it." The package, give me your bag."

Liu Lina ordered her handbag according to Su Liqing’s instructions. Su Liqing also put on her glasses. When she took Liu Lina’s handbag, she did not completely hold it, and the handbag fell to the ground.

"Sorry, I didn't pay attention."

After that, Su Liqing kneels down and prepares to pick up the things scattered on the ground.


"Ah... pity sister..."

Because Su Liqing saw Liu Lina's handbag with a few pairs of unopened stockings, all of which are ultra-thin, and a small bag with a few **** pants, the same as the style she wears today, is a piece of cloth in front. Others are ropes, and there are still a few unused ones. Don't be sure to be the guy of Denon.

Although I know probably, but with a fun attitude, I asked Liu Lina with a puzzled expression: "Why are these used? Stockings and even if it is, what is it?"

"Pity sister, is... because Tianlong...hey...sexuality is coming, and I have to leave the stockings to him after I finish..."

Liu Lina said that the voice is smaller, and she can hardly hear it in the end.

"This guy, you will ask for reimbursement for the money to buy these things later, and you will say what I said."

Liu Lina heard Su’s answer and smiled. Packed up Liu Lina’s handbag and took it in her hand. Then Su Liqing took off the black stiletto heels on her feet and took it on her hand. She said to Liu Lina behind her, “You will open the office door with your key, no matter what you enter. Don't make a noise when you happen, then do what you should do, and don't care about anything else."

After that, I went to the office.

The naked stockings stepped on the cold floor and had a strange feeling. When they came to the office door, Liu Lina opened the office door according to the instructions of Su Liqing. After seeing the scene inside, she immediately understood what was going on. Su Liqing and Liu Lina went into the office and locked the door. Liu Lina walked in front, and Su Liqing went to Tianlong.

"Mr. Auntie, what do you want to play, I have been waiting for a long time."

Tianlong heard the sound of high-heeled shoes and knew that Su Shiqing was coming back. He wanted to use the hand-snapped stockings.

"Do not pull down."

Su Liqing and Liu Lina stood next to Tianlong. Su Shiqing sat on the edge of the desk, put on high heels and tilted his legs, looked at Liu Lina, and then snorted at Tianlong. Liu Lina understands the meaning of Su Liqing, and then goes to Tianlong and serves the Tianlong with her mouth.

"Ah...hey...Pure Aunt..."

Under the service of Liu Lina, Tian Long was so refreshed that his hands were playing with Liu Lina's chest.

"Mr. Auntie, how do I feel a little different."

Tianlong opened the button of Liu Lina's dress, and across the thin, played Liu Lina's breasts.

"Hey...Pity Aunt, sit up, I want you."

After that, Tianlong took Liu Lina up.

"Well... don't move, I will come by myself."

Seeing the flirtation between Tianlong and Liu Lina, Su Liqing unconsciously reached into the short skirt and rubbed through the pants. Liu Lina was already full of spring, and the black stockings legs stood on both sides of the dragon. They held the big dragon in one hand, reached into the group with one hand, pulled open the pants, and then sat down slowly.

"Hmm... um..."

Liu Lina squats repressed, but constantly undulating the dragons. Tianlong untied the button in front of Liu Lina, and his mouth sucked the blush.

As the pleasure continues to hit, Liu Lina has been unable to continue to serve herself for Tianlong. Tianlong also felt that the woman’s movements had slowed down, and she held Liu Lina’s willow waist and kept going up.

Liu Lina was bitten by the silver dragon, and her hands clasped to the head of Tianlong. Su Shiqing has no time to pay attention to the matter of Tianlong and Liu Lina, one hand across the clothes to lick their own, one hand continues to move on. Thus, the sound of water, the shackles of Liu Lina and Su Liqing, and the excitement of Tianlong, created a dark atmosphere in the dark yellow office.

"Auntie, aunt, stand up, turn to climb the desk, I want you from behind."

After Tianlong finished, he pulled Liu Lina up and Liu Lina turned around. The right leg of the stockings was lifted up and taken off, so that the black pants fell to the left foot, and then the hand was used to grasp the dragon. Guide yourself.

On the side of Tianlong, both hands stretched out to the front and played Liu Lina. Liu Lina held her hands on the desk, her hands clenched her fists, her eyes blurred, and the sand mouth was slightly open, giving a small embarrassment.

"Mr. Auntie, I found out how your day is like a small one?"

Although Tianlong knows it sooner or later, Su Shiqing does not want to disrupt his plan, and he responds: " don't come to the hospital often, one loves love, so it gets smaller. ”

"Okay, then I will make them bigger now."

After that, Tian Long’s hand or pinch or lick, and Liu Lina’s squeaking and squeezing, can’t control her own.

Seeing that the doubts of Tianlong have been dispelled, Su Shiqing asked: "Dragon, you were in the office some time ago, is this regular Liu Lina?"

Liu Lina is already approaching. When she heard the words of Su Shiqing, the pleasure swarmed and contracted, secreting a large amount, some of which dripped directly on the floor, and more flowed to the inside of the black open stockings. Draw a trail of water that flows all the way to the inside of the milky white high heels.

This sentence also stimulated Tianlong, and the attack on Liu Lina was obviously accelerated.

"Peace aunt, how do you know? I am such a Lina sister. Ah, pity aunt, I want. Ah..."

"...Dragon, shoot it all at me, um... I have to come. Ah..."

Tianlong’s deep into Liu Lina’s and began. The fiery blow against Liu Lina's tenderness, Liu Lina was so uplifted her mouth and half a piece, her hands pressed **** the desk, the black stockings legs were tightened up, the stockings feet were also raised from the toes, and the heels were also separated from the high heels.

Su Shiqing also because both hands are stretched into the skirt, the **** of one hand, holding the pink beans in one hand, and the legs of the legs of the Erlang are constantly tilted up, so that the stockings are separated from the back of the stockings. Shoes, exposed to the air.

After the dragon was shot, he rested on the back of Liu Lina for a while, then pulled out and leaned against the office chair behind him. With the pull out, a large amount of Liu Lina's outflow, falling on the inside of the white dress pendulum and along the black open stockings have been flowing into the high heels.

Liu Lina couldn't help but crawl on the desk and gasp. At this time, Su Liqing had already awake from it, and then walked down from the desk to the dragon's armpit, grabbed the covered and filled with Liu Lina's containing imports, and then held the dragon in both hands. The hands are constantly sucking and have been soft. If there was no man's cooperation, I couldn't satisfy Su. The metamorphosis caused her to swallow all the liquid left on the dragon, and slowly the dragon regained its glory.

Su Qingqing spit out, turned around and said in a near-squeaky tone: "Dragon, I want, I want Tianlong to love the back of the poor."

Not waiting for the dragon to promise, she took the short skirt to the waist, removed the pink string that was in the leash, and fiddled with her back and forth, and sat down against the back door.



At the same time, Su Shiqing and Tianlong were happy, and the one who was just half-hanging now got the man’s fiery Su Liqing as a mother who was stunned and continually squeezed the essence of men.

"Pity, you are very busy, it makes me very comfortable."

"Ah... Bad Tianlong, you... what are you talking about, shame... um..."

The words of Tianlong’s words made Su Shi’s inner humiliation become a catalyst, and Tianlong’s constant friction rubbed Su’s. This kind of pleasure is transmitted to the front, so that Su Liqing DC, dripping onto the leather office chair.

The **** rope often ran back to the original taste because of the intense movement, so that Su Shiqing could not fully devote himself to it, so Su Liqing lifted his left leg and quickly pulled it out from the inside. The pink pants were tangled in the right side. On the thigh.

A little pause made Tian Long stand up in the waist of Su Shiqing. He felt that the clothes on Su Shiqing did not seem to be the texture of today, so he asked: "Aunt Qing, you changed clothes?"

"No, Tianlong, don't ask, the love behind, the front is not yet."

So Tianlong put the waist of Su Liqing and helped him into the flood of Su Shiqing. On the side of Tianlong, both hands were groping on Su Liqing, and it became more and more strange. When he asked the button of Su Liqing’s shirt, he asked Su Liqing: "Pity Aunt, you are not wearing this suit today, how are you now?" ”

After that, he has skillfully untied the front buckle of Su Liqing's pink lace, and the rough big hand is holding the pair of plump rabbits.

"Well... Tianlong, do you know if you look at it yourself?"

So, Tianlong pulled down the blindfolded stockings and opened his eyes to see the scene of the spurt: a woman in a black suit western skirt held her hands on the desk, and the tall dagger could barely see wearing a pair of fine gold wires. Border glasses, brown hair with a comfortable hair bun, black narrow skirt to the waist, slender legs wearing transparent ultra-thin open stockings, pink pants curled on the right leg of the thigh, wearing on the feet A pair of black stiletto heels.

While a woman in a white dress is lying on the desk, the placket is wide open, the black full bra has been untied, plump with the breath, a pair of slender legs wearing black cardigan stockings, black pants have been It faded to the left foot and bare feet, and a pair of milky white stiletto heels were placed on the feet.

Because Tianlong did not open his eyes for a while, and the curtains closed the dim light, he thought that Liu Lina is now with him.

"Lina sister, how are you? Ah, pity aunt."

Tianlong thought that it was Su Liqing who was lying on the desk. When he was excited, he tried too much and felt that he had to open the mouth of Su Liqing.

"Ah...Dragon, don't be so strong."

Su Liqing turned his head and stared at him, and Tianlong saw Su Liqing’s costume of Liu Lina, and suddenly understood what was going on.

"Small... I usually think that you are pure, in fact, you are more than anyone. I am going to die today."

"Ah...Dragon.........I am not...I was forced by you...I am a husband..."

"Is it? I will not only force you, but I will shoot you in today, let you go back to your husband. Ah... it’s really tight."

"Don't.........Dragon... I don't want... Don't shoot into me..."

The chaotic dialogue with Tianlong made him constantly increase his strength, and Su Li’s legs were soft, and his nose had already touched Liu Lina.

"It’s a big one, isn’t your husband rarely touched? I’ll help out.”

"I... my husband is rarely touched... oh... But they belong to my husband... husband, don't... don't touch..."

Looking at Liu Lina's chaos, but also a lot of Tianlong's above, the ambiguous atmosphere prompted Su Liqing could not help but use his tongue to lick the top.

"Oh... pity sister... don't be jealous... um... dirty..."

Liu Lina moaned.

Su Liqing completely ignored Liu Lina's request, using her tongue to clean Liu Lina over and over again, and the liquid mixed in her mouth continued to swallow, as if these were the sweet springs that supplemented her.

Liu Lina has been unable to pay attention to Su’s invasion of her.

", I want, shoot into you, I want you to get pregnant."

"Don't... Tianlong... um... don't... ah..."

After a burst of madness, Tianlong’s death and death came against Su’s, and the grandiose opened the mouth of Su’s husband, began to launch ammunition, and a stock spurted out and hit the wall of Su’s. Breaking the dike, mixed with a little from the inside of the legs of Su Liqing two stockings into the high heels, dripping to the floor.

Tianlong did not pull out, holding Su Liqing sitting in the back of the office chair. Su Liqing fell asleep because of a long time.

"Mr. Auntie, aunt and aunt, wake up, I am leaving. You are not saying that we have a helping object in the hospital to take care of it?"

I don't know how long it took, Su Shiqing was woken up by Tianlong. The misty eyes slowly opened, and Liu Lina stood blushing beside Su Liqing, and the clothes had been sorted out. Su Liqing and Tianlong still maintain their posture, and they feel that Tianlong is firmer and inserted in Su Shiqing.

I looked at the clock on the desktop, it was already 11:30 in the afternoon. I didn’t know it for 2 hours. I really did have the help of the Civil Affairs Bureau to implement it. She herself was weak.


Su Liqing stood up with the arms of the office chair, and the Tianlong’s pull out was irritating, so that Su Liqing could not help but swear.

Su Shiqing turned to look at Tianlong, smiled and asked him: "I don't know if Tianlong is satisfied or not?"

"My good pity aunt, too satisfied, I love you."

After that, Tianlong stood up and opened his hands to hold Su.

"Go, I have to change clothes with Lina."

Then I signaled that Liu Lina took off her clothes.

When Liu Lina took off her clothes, Tian Long took advantage of this time and pressed Su Liqing on the desk. She inserted the back door of Su Liqing and saw Liu Lina take off her clothes. Su Liqing endured The pleasure is to push the dragon away, quickly take off his clothes and hand it to Liu Lina, and walk in with the original clothes.

After a while, Su Liqing put on her clothes and heard Liu Lina’s. She saw that Tianlong continued to sprint behind Liu Lina. I don’t know which hole was inserted, pink on the desk, I don’t know if I just wore it. wear.

Su Liqing walked angrily. He wanted to stop the dragon, but he didn't want to go and didn't have time to talk. Tianlong grabbed Su Liqing and kissed Su Liqing's lips, but he continued to insert Liu Lina.

After a while, Liu Lina "ah ah..."

The ground was a few times, and it was reached again. The whole person was soft and sat on the ground as the dragon was pulled out.

Just pulled out from Liu Lina, Tian Long turned Su Liqing to his body and pressed Su’s back with his hand, so that Su Liqing had to hold the desk, and then picked up Su’s skirt and put The thin band of the pants was removed and inserted into the back of Su Shiqing.

After that, less than a minute later, Tianlong once again shot into Su Liqing, and the whole person was kneeling on the back of Su Shiqing.

Su Liqing endured the pleasure of half-hanging, looked at the time, already 11:45, so, too lazy to blame him, gently called him up, let him quickly sort out, to implement the help object. Tianlong held Su Liqing tightly, kissed Su’s cheek, pulled out, and stood straight to sort out the clothes.

Looking at the dragon's wet, Su Liqing turned around and squatted in front of him, gently using his mouth to help Tianlong work hard, then picked up Liu Lina's pants on the desk and wiped the water around it. Liu Lina was already awake at this time, standing next to Tianlong, helping to organize the clothes of Tianlong. When he left, Su Liqing returned the pants to Liu Lina. After Liu Lina lowered her head, she put it back.

Su Shiqing opened the office door and looked around. No one was walking. At this time, the people in the hospital were either busy in the clinic or they were already working in the ward. Few people would be in the corridor. If it was later, It may be that someone else has hit them, and then, whoever they are in the clothes, can see what they have just done.

Su Liqing and Tian Long and Liu Lina entered the elevator. The elevator quickly arrived at the underground parking lot. Tianlong asked Su Liqing to give the car key to Liu Lina and let her come. He said that there are some things to ask Su Shiqing to discuss.

Seeing his serious look, Su Liqing did not suspect him, thought it was a serious matter, he should have him, sit in the back row.

After a while, Su Liqing opened the door, a pair of smooth slender legs wearing milky white high heels crossed the door, Su Liqing's face blush with anger looked at the back of Tianlong's back, and then returned to the hospital by elevator.

It turned out that just in the back row, Tianlong suddenly forcibly took off Su Liqing's underwear and stockings and stuffed them into Liu Lina's handbag. When they drove away, Su Liqing was still holding the button on the dress. ......

Back to the hospital, I thought I could find the gray stockings I put on. I know that Su Liqing couldn’t find the whole office. It’s definitely that Tianlong just took it away. Su’s husband had to go to work in a vacuum. .

As soon as he entered the working state, Su Liqing would become a capable OL. I don't know how long it took. When Su Shiqing was sorting out the information, the internal telephone rang.


"Hello, pity, I am Guo Yuying."

"Hello sister, you are looking for me?"

"Well, I have to give me a copy of the hospital's financial information last week, and this week our department's plan will be indispensable."

"Okay, Yuying sister, I will take it."

"Thank you, pity."

"You're welcome."

Su Liqing hung up the phone, took the information that Yu Yingjie wanted, and sent it to her.

Speaking of Yu Yingjie, she is a beautiful young woman. She is already in her thirties. She has been married for 5 years and has no children. Her husband is Qin Jianhao. She is the general manager of a branch of a state-owned enterprise overseas. Gather less and more. The height is 1 meter 63, the thin legs are hips, and the double **** are a level 36D with Su Liqing, but because she is not tall, she looks more bumpy. With a pair of standard Jiangnan beauty's face, soft and weak, wearing a pair of thin metal frame glasses, there is always a mourning between the eyebrows, looks like a deep sorrowful woman.

Yu Yingjie is the manager of the logistics department of Kanghua Hospital. Since Su Peiqing came to Kanghua Hospital, she had a good relationship. Su Shiqing came to her office and gently tapped it. After hearing the message, please come in. She opened the door and walked in, and closed the door.

"Yu Yingjie, this is the information you want."

Su Shiqing went to the desk of Yu Yingjie and put the information on it.

"Pity, come, sit..."


Tianlong had just flowed into her and slowly flowed out. Sudden stimulation made Su Liqing shrink, and a large part sprayed from the inside. A small part wet her slender legs and the inside of the high heels, and the rest directly hit the floor.

"Pity, what's wrong? Uncomfortable?"

Yu Yingjie stood up, her face worried, ready to walk around the desk.

"Yu Yingjie, I am fine. It may be something that I didn't hurry at noon. Now I have a stomachache. I am sorry to go to the toilet first."

And the flood of out, from two holes through the long legs into the high heels. Su Shiqing has not considered so much, and if he has not finished speaking, he ran into the bathroom of Yu Yingjie’s office.

Entering the bathroom, Su Liqing picked up the skirt and saw several light white water trails extending from the inside of the two legs to the high heels. Su Shiqing arbitrarily took out a few sheets of paper towels placed in the toilet to clean the embarrassing liquid. Su Liqing squatted on the toilet and squeezed it hard. Another spurt out from Su Liqing...

Su Liqing sat on the toilet for 10 minutes, only to feel that the body has been basically eliminated, then stood up and took out a few paper towels to wipe, put down the skirt, press the water button on the toilet, then wash your hands and open The door went out of the toilet.

Out of Yu Ying’s office, I saw Yu Ying’s sister standing on the floor next to the water mark and leaning against the desk. She looked at Su Liqing with a strange smile, then opened the right hand palm and gestured to Su Liqing. A small piece of water, exuding the luster of the enamel.

"Pity, what good things have you done today?"

"Yu Yingjie, you... you bully people."

Su Liqing went to the front of Yu Ying sister and made a blush.

"I want to die, you are so crazy in the office, you just don't know how long I knocked you."

Yu Ying sister gently gave Su Liqing a burst of chestnut.

"Yu Yingjie, don't say it..."

Su Shiqing seized the hand of Yu Ying’s sister.

"Well, a little woman, when you just ran to the bathroom, I saw something flowing in your leg, let others see it, see what you do."

"Okay, my good Yu Ying sister, I invite you to dinner tonight."...

After that, Su Shiqing had been arguing with her sister Yu Ying in her office. From the conversation, she found that Yu Yingjie seemed to complain a little about her husband, but when they talked about their love, their faces were filled with happiness. ......

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