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Cold CEO's Little Liar
Author: Xiang Nai Er
Genre: CEO

Cold CEO's Little Liar

A few years ago she had fled him with a million, a few years later she had returned with her child, and a premeditated marriage had brought together two people who were supposed to be strangers. She hated his identity, his infidelity. He resented her betrayal, her departure.He thought that he would be cold-hearted towards this little liar. However, when he saw her crafty and intelligent eyes, he couldn't say any of those ruthless words. Not to mention that she had a soft and silky bun by her side.When all the misunderstandings were resolved, he finally knew how much he had hurt her. It was deeply engraved in his memory, and he was dripping with blood. Fortunately, it was not too late."Let me go." The woman said no, but her body was as soft as a spring in his arms."Little swindler, you're still not telling the truth?" The man dubiously kissed her on the corner of her mouth and said, "This is just the right punishment. Let's make another Erbao."Fortunately, it was not late, and you were still by my side.


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