Cold CEO's Little Liar

Chapter 365

Qi Yun sighed and said, "what about you?"

Jim naturally guessed the reason why Qi Yun called. Only Ye Yuqing could make his voice sound so unstable. "If you have something to say, don't beat around the bush. Is it because of Yu Qing?"

When the phone stopped, Jim laughed, "when did Mr. Qi become so self-confident and decadent?"

"Don't talk nonsense. I'm not calling to make you complain." Qi Yun's voice was low and he had a lot on his mind.

"What do you mean by calling this evening? Not just to say good night? " Jim deliberately picks out the topic to make Qi Yun unable to stop himself.

"Ye Yuqing has not paid much attention to me." Sure enough, Qi Yun doesn't fight himself, and his voice sounds very agitated.

"Have you come here to learn the Scriptures?" Jim said with a smile, "it's you. If she's not happy, I'll have to coax her. I'm a friend of both of you. I can't just care about you, don't you?"

"All right, hang up." Qi Yun naturally listens to Jim's voice, and he can't wait to see his joke.

Jim called to him quickly. "Well, that's impatient?" Jim sat upright and said, "women, it's good to be noisy. Besides, there's a little treasure between you. Yuqing is really different from ordinary women. She is proud and stubborn, but no matter what, she's also a woman. She's still a woman who loves you. She just can't let go of so many things. It's up to you. Take your time. I'm sure she'll let go."

Qi Yun knows and understands what Jim says, but it's hard to think of Ye Yuqing's love for him, and he can't help it. It seems that his heart is torn open and his breath hurts.

"Well." He didn't answer anything, only answered softly.

Jim listened to his voice and said, "if you get out, I'll give you a move."

"What?" Qi Yun doesn't have a solution at all. He has used both soft and hard ones, but they have no effect. He can only listen to Jim's good solution.

"Bitter meat." Jim waited for a few seconds, but he didn't hear Qi Yun's statement. He thought that he should disdain to do this kind of thing. "If not, I'll think of something else..."

"First, hang up." Then, instead of giving Jim a chance to speak, he hung up the phone and turned around with his mobile phone in his hand. He was seriously thinking about Jim's words.

If he really used the bitter meat plan, can ye Yuqing's relationship with him really recover to the beginning? How do you know if you don't try?

In fact, ye Yuqing has already forgiven Qi Yun. She is just not at ease. There are too many things happening in this period of time. Xiaobao is not feeling well recently. Now she has no heart to think about what happened between them.

Early in the morning, ye Yuqing cleans up and has breakfast with Xiaobao. Last night, he didn't receive Qi Yun's phone call and information. I don't know if he is busy or if he has been rejected by himself. He has compromised or given up too many times. He is always uncomfortable.

"Mom, what's the matter with you?" Looking at Ye Yuqing's absent-minded appearance, Xiao Bao reaches out his little hand and gently pushes Ye Yuqing's hand to wipe silk.

"It's OK. Here, eat quickly. After eating, mom will send you to school." Take back your thoughts, smile and pass the silk to Xiaobao.

After dinner, just take the bag to go out, the mobile phone rings, take out the mobile phone to see is Qi Yun's number, the bottom of my heart how much calm a lot.


Just said a word, the other end of the phone is a worried voice, said Qi Yun had a car accident, let her hurry out of the hospital.

Ye Yuqing flustered all of a sudden, traffic accident? hospital? She raised her heart to her throat. She only asked which hospital, then she took Xiaobao all the way to the hospital.

Xiaobao is very sensible. Seeing that ye Yuqing is so worried, she only follows her silently and doesn't ask much. She only knows that her mother is very worried and nervous now.

As soon as ye Yuqing arrives at the gate of the hospital, he sees Qi Yun who is being pushed to run to the hospital.

"Qi Yun?" Ye Yuqing ran forward, holding the bed and calling his name while walking.

He had blood on his body and also on his head. She was very distressed. Tears fell down. "Qi Yun, I'm Ye Yuqing..."

She reached for Qi Yun's hand.

"Dad..." Xiaobao saw that ye Yuqing was crying, and then he saw that Qi Yun was lying, crying even more fiercely, "Mom, what's wrong with dad?"

Ye Yuqing then remembered that Xiaobao was still following him, holding his little hand with one hand, holding the bed with the other hand, and then walking in. Looking at the doctor, she asked, "doctor, how is he now? Is the injury serious? "

"At present, there is no life-threatening, but it can only be determined by entering the operating room to check the injury." He was pushed into the operating room.

Looking at the closed door, ye Yuqing was very sad. Her tears couldn't stop flowing down. She should have made her stand with him before. She should have told him that he didn't care about everything before. She just wanted to have a good life with him. The three of them had a good life, but now

"Mom, does Dad hurt?" Xiao Bao stopped his tears and asked Ye Yuqing.Ye Yuqing leaned over and held Xiaobao in her arms, stroking his head, "Dad is OK, don't worry, he will take care of you."

Xiaobao nodded cleverly, "does Dad still love us?"

After a pause, Ye Yu nodded heavily, "of course, Dad loves us, and we love him too..." At this point, the voice has choked.

At this time, the operating room opened, ye Yuqing suddenly got up, wiped tears, "doctor, how is he?"

"It's OK. It's not very heavy. I'll send it to the ward right away." With that, the door behind him was opened again, and Qi Yun was pushed out. He was awake. Seeing ye Yuqing and Xiao Bao's red eyes, he suddenly felt a little reluctant.

"What's the matter with you? Is there anything wrong? " Asked Ye Shangqing, holding his hand in front of the rain.

Qi Yun smile, shake his head, "cry? I'm fine. Don't worry

The doctor explained everything, the nurse changed the drops and went out, leaving only three members of a family in the ward.

"Dad, do you hurt?" Xiao Bao came to the bedside and asked softly.

Qi Yun reached out and touched his little face, shook his head and laughed, "it doesn't hurt. My father is a man, and I have to protect Xiaobao and my mother."

Hear here, Ye Yu's fine heart suddenly soft, before all, all in the past, why should she embarrass herself? It's easy to be with her in the future.

Qi Yungang, what does Jim want to say.

"You are..." On seeing ye Yuqing, he quickly stopped talking.

Ye Yuqing didn't want him to see his crying, so he said, "hungry, I'll buy some food. You talk first."

Qi Yun wanted to stop her, but knew that she had no face. She must be embarrassed that Jim was here. She nodded slightly and said, "be careful."

Ye Yuqing nodded and went out of the room, while Xiaobao stayed.

As the door closed, Jim stepped forward and looked at Xiaobao. He was sitting on the sofa playing.

"I said, you really go out, I said a bitter meat plan, you really dare to let yourself hurt? Are you a real injury or a fake injury? " Jim doesn't know whether to believe it or not.

Qi Yun laughed, "what do you say?" The answer made Jim more curious.

"It seems that Yuqing has changed her mind. She doesn't want to be angry with you any more. You can use it. It's much more realistic than I imagined..."

But the voice did not fall, the door was opened, when they saw the person standing at the door, they were stunned.

"Yuqing..." Jim knew he was in trouble.

"Mom's angry." Xiaobao saw Ye Yuqing's face and knew that she was really angry.

Qi Jun's face is also beautiful.

"So you think I'm stupid, don't you? Is it fun to make such a joke

Qi Yun's heartache, looking at Ye Yuqing's anger, he knows that he has done wrong again.

"It's sunny." After all, I can only call her name in a hurry.

Ye Yuqing leads Xiaobao to run out, and doesn't want to stay for a moment.

Qi Yun pulled out the needle and rushed out of bed.

"Ah, Qi Yun, you..." The words haven't finished, Qi Yun has already run out of the ward.

Jim looked at the needle dripping with the medicine. "Is this really hurt?"

When Qi Yun came out, ye Yuqing was out of the hospital. His uncle took Ye Yuqing by the arm and said, "Yuqing, listen to me."

Ye Yuqing didn't speak, but her tears were flowing. She didn't look back at him, only stood still.

"I didn't lie to you. I'm really hurt. Originally I wanted to come here with a bitter plan, but I met a little girl crossing the road on the way. I was hurt just to save her, but it's not serious."

Qi Yun's tone has never been soft, but also with a pleading explanation.

"Dad is so powerful!" Xiao Bao said to Li, awesome thumbs up.

Qi Yun can't laugh or cry. He walks up to Ye Yuqing, "I didn't cheat you. If you don't believe me, look at my injury."

Then he pulled his trousers up and down, with bruises all over his ankles, arms and head.

Ye Yuqing is also angry. He scares him in this way, but now he's really hurt. He's not angry for a long time.

"Why not tell the truth?"

"I'm not afraid of you."

"You can't cheat me in this way. Do you know how worried I was just now? When you enter the operating room, my heartache is about to suffocate, if there is no you, how can I do? What about Xiaobao? Do you know you're going too far? "

Listening to Ye Yuqing's words, Qi Yun suddenly laughed, took her hand, and wiped away her tears with the other hand, "is this a confession to me?"

Ye Yuqing stares at him, but he can't help it

"No one will destroy us any more. I will never leave you."

Qi Yun's words make ye Yuqing a Leng, "what do you mean?"

"I wanted to tell you tonight." Qi Yun took her hand and walked back, "Xu Yu and Haiyan were caught.""Caught?" Ye Yuqing was a little surprised.

"It's too cheap for them to do anything unjust." If they can, Qi Yun will make them never come back.

Ye Yuqing slightly paused, "what about Sun Jing?"

"Sun Jing was bailed out by her family and sent abroad. His father came to see me. Our two families always have some friendship. I only asked her to never appear in my life again."

Ye Yuqing is moved. She has known Qi Yun's sincerity for a long time, but she can't let go of all kinds of things before. Now, everything is in the past. What else can she be stubborn about?

It's enough to look around and love people.

"Still angry?" Qi Yun asked carefully.

Ye Yuqing glared at him, "what do you say?"

Qi Yun knows that she is not angry. She bends down and holds Xiaobao. She takes Ye Yuqing in her other hand and goes to the hospital.

On the way to see Qi Yun slightly frown, "your injury is OK?"


Ye Yuqing heard quickly want to hold Xiaobao from his arms, Qi Yun clasped her hand, "coax you, it's OK, as long as you are by my side, no matter how serious the injury is."

"Don't say anything unlucky. I don't like it."

Qi Yun didn't want to worry her, nodded, "OK."

At the door of the ward, I see Jim and Xu mu.

"Is this a reconciliation? It seems that the bitter meat scheme still works Jim teased them.

"I'm so happy that your family can finally be together." Xu Mu is happy by Zhong.

"When you're healed, how about we travel together?" Jim suggested.

"Really? I'm going too! " Xiaobao's hands are very high.

"OK, let's go together." Qi to promise, holding Ye Yuqing's hand tightly.

After that, they went to Hawaii together and opened a new chapter in their life.

Happiness is sometimes easy to get, as long as you know how to cherish, will never slip away.

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