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The Master of Collection will say goodbye to all the book friends who have been there.

The deposit was completed on January 28.

The official update is January 31st.

The book was issued on October 16, 2018, and ended on January 31, 2020.


Report on the final results of the collection master.

After sending all the content, the cumulative data of my little broken book is as follows:

Total words: 385W words

Total subscription: 112500

Average order: 66

High order: 667

Collection: 11197

Recommended ticket: 2.08W

Days of continuous update: 471 days

Starting point and total number of QQ reading payers: 1921 (minimum penny count)

It's almost 4 million words, and this data can only be like this.

It can be said that it is very punitive.

In fact, I just got more than 20 average subscriptions when I first went on the shelves. At that time, I knew that there was a high probability that the collection master would not be able to get up.

But alas, I don't want to give up my hard work.

So I plan to keep writing.

It's even more stupid later, and wants to attract passers-by through crazy explosions.

However, in the nearly one year that continuously occupied the top ten of the game ladder list, it was because there were too many bursts, which caused the number of chapters to be too large, and then the subscription could not keep up. Already.

Until now, I need to add a subscription close to 2000, that is, if a book friend subscribes to my 2000 chapters, I can increase an average subscription.

Uniform ordering determines the standard for subsequent recommendations to the editor. I don't even get a three-digit uniform order, so I took an APP recommendation once it was on the shelves.

At that time, it was also the only APP recommendation I had enjoyed.

Other recommendations are all up-and-coming categories, irritating serial recommendations of these two countdown categories, and even the latest updated recommendations that are not ranked.

A few days ago, I asked the editor cheekily if there was an upper limit for exemption. I was told that my grades were too poor and there was no opportunity. This was also a major reason that led me to speed up the completion of the book.

Looking back now, apart from the poor writing, there is no other reason.

Millions become gods, and it must be established in the early stages of the shelves.

I have gone through the three thresholds of one million, two million, and three million, and I still haven't broken it. There is really no way out.

The master of collection collects a thousand dollars a month, preferably 2000+ at a time. Although this money is not a lot, it also allows me to not ask my family for a meal during school. All of it is myself. Give money.

The small goal set now is to try to achieve even three digits in the next book.

As long as there are three digits, that is progress.

In fact, the explosion of the code collection master also made me realize where my ultimate hand speed is.

When you are in good shape, you can go over ten chapters a day, and then you can do six, seven, eight, or ninety chapters under normal circumstances.

In those days of more crazy code words, my hands are really crooked.

With such a hand-speed foundation, I would like to slow down the codewords in the future. When it is really fast, I can code it.

The collection master is finally finished, and I will be relieved for a while.

The recent epidemic situation is serious, I hope to see the book friends here take care of your body ~ ~ The school start time has been postponed, I don't know when to go back to class.

I will rest comfortably for a while and then slowly return to work on the next book.

The next book is still a game, and I want to write more cheerful and funny.

It would be better if there are still people who are willing to follow.

Thank you to all the book enthusiasts who have collected the book so far and thank you for your company.

See you in our new book!

Finally, put the group number of the book friends group: 648283720, if you think the book is OK, you can add them to play together.

In fact, there is everything about the Master of Gathering now, just like the sentence that Seraph's Second Sense ability wields the sharp gun Brionak.



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