Conan’s Mouri Kogoro

Chapter 1898

"I don't have it, I was frightened, I just accidentally bumped into it."

The humanoid koala came down, and Maori Kogoro's big hands were free, so he took out a tissue to gently wipe the tears on Xiaolan's face.

"Really, you are so timid, and you go into a haunted house with people."

"Just look at makeup when you see makeup, and cry like this."

Sonoko couldn't help but leaned over his head, and Kogoro Mouri took out a tissue and wiped it gently for her.

In the dim light, Mami felt that the Moori detective at the moment was extremely gentle.

But before she could react, another tissue came to her face, and her movements were extremely gentle.

Mouri Kogoro wiped it over incidentally, Mami's little face turned a little redder, and she couldn't help turning her head.

What are you doing, Mauri-kun? Isn't he the boyfriend of President Horetsu? Why are you doing this to me? Is it...

"Come on, let's go ahead and see what the **** these people are doing!"

Hearing this, Uchida Mami immediately shook her head, shook off the distracting thoughts in her mind, and followed them forward.

I just saw Xiaolan Yuanzi hugging Maori Kogoro's arm all by himself, with no place for himself, and his small mouth pouted a little inexplicably. Immediately afterwards, she took Sonoko's arm and continued to walk forward.

As the intersection continued, the lights dimmed.

Chapter 0067 Ashamed Asami

The cold wind kept blowing through the window, and there was a strange sound.

The corridor is getting darker and darker, and it is almost impossible to see!

The two women on the left and right were holding Mouri Kogoro's arms tighter and tighter, and he could feel the rapid heartbeats of Xiaolan and Sonoko. I have to say that the haunted houses built by the students in Mihua University are quite standard.

At this time, an unknown foreign nursery rhyme sounded;

Then a wooden door made a 'squeak' sound and opened quietly, as if it had been blown away by the wind;

Inside was a girl in ballet shoes, posing like a robot, with her back to the door;

The terrifying red light came down, which made people panic even more!

"Woo! Dad, I'm afraid!"

The three girls couldn't walk again, and the frightened Mami didn't want to be alone outside, so she subconsciously drilled in.

Soon, she squeezed Sonoko into Maori Kogoro's arms, and came to Mauri Kogoro's left.

Yuanzi became more and more flustered, and hurriedly said, "Senior, don't squeeze me!"

Its small hands are desperately grasping the hem of Maori Kogoro's clothes!

Mouri Kogoro freed his left hand and hugged Mami's back, sharing a little sense of security.

Before he finished speaking, the girl in the ballet shoes began to dance.

Accompanied by the sound of nursery rhymes, the movements are light and accurate, but everyone feels extraordinarily terrifying.

The singing came to a climax, and suddenly, the female ballerina suddenly turned her head, and a pair of strange pure white eyes looked at everyone!

Full marks for horror! ! !

Seeing this scene, the three girls immediately screamed, and wrapped Kogoro Maori to hide against the wall, and their bodies kept jumping.

On the left is Xiaolan holding Mami on the left, Sonoko in the middle can't wait to stick her whole body over, and Kogoro Mouri in the middle is quite enjoying it.

In the darkness, the left hand seems to have caught something, and it feels great!

At this moment, a zombie old man in a wheelchair rushed out of the darkness.

Double hit! ! !

The three girls screamed again, their hair standing upright in fright and sweat dripping out.

Seeing that the old zombie in the wheelchair was heading towards the three women, the **** hands wanted to grab it.


Mouri Kogoro directly flew his leg, kicked out from Sonoko's side, and kicked him directly.

The zombie old man crashed into the ballet dancer's classroom at a very fast speed, and collided with the dancer wearing cataract contact lenses.

"Go! Go!"

Under the urging of Kogoro Mouri, the three girls were dragged and carried forward with the strange force.

Soon the four of them passed the area of ​​ballet dancers and wheelchair zombies, and came to a dark place with no lights at all. At this moment, Kogoro Mouri could feel the wetness of his arms, and he was dripping with sweat.

All three girls were frightened into a cold sweat, with their daughter the most serious.

Obviously, his physical fitness is about to reach the limit of human beings, and he is still frightened by these ghosts.

This look is as outrageous as during the big radiotherapy.

Xiaolan couldn't help but spoke again, accompanied by sobbing: "Dad, I can't walk anymore, my legs are weak."

Yuanzi also looked shivering: "Uncle, let's take a break, let's take a rest, I'm a little dizzy too!"

Too frightened, coupled with too much work on the coffee table at home in the morning, Sonoko felt a little exhausted at this moment.

Mouri Kogoro naturally had no objection: "Okay, let's take a break then."

He is not afraid at all, not to mention that the ghosts here are all pretending to be people, or pretending to be props, even if there is a ghost, he will not be afraid.

Maybe they will be very happy, but it would be a good thing to refine these ghosts into puppets!

However, Uchida Asami, who had been screaming just now, was completely silent at this moment.

Its small head rested on Maori Kogoro's left shoulder, and the long black hair fell down, and the expression on his face could not be seen.

Shouldn't it be the wrong person? If you really catch a ghost, it will be a big trouble!

After carefully sensing the heartbeat coming from his left hand, it was extremely disordered, and still belonged to a human heartbeat, and Mouri Kogoro felt relieved. At this time, Mami no longer pressed against Mouri Kogoro's left shoulder, and she couldn't help but raise her head.

His eyes looked in the direction of Maori Kogoro from under the cover of the sea. They were crystal clear and full of water rhyme, as if he was scared to cry.

It was just that the surroundings were too dark, and she couldn't see Kogoro Mouri's expression, so she opened her mouth, as if she wanted to say something.

And Maori Kogoro, who has strong night vision ability, saw her face and looked very embarrassed, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

But the haunted house doesn't seem to plan to let them rest.

Suddenly, a light came down, and the figure of a little girl holding a doll turned her back to the crowd, blocking the road ahead.

Immediately after that, the child was innocent, and a silver bell-like laughter sounded.

Crying is normal in this eerie environment.

But the happy laughter is very strange, this time even Kogoro Maori felt a little scalp numb!

This had a slight impact on Maori Kogoro, and the performance of the three girls became more and more unbearable, screaming and trying to stick to Maori Kogoro. Mami, who wanted to say something, didn't say anything at the moment.

She followed Yuanzi Xiaolan, and her body completely leaned up.

Maori Kogoro's eyesight was still very vicious, and he immediately recognized that the little girl blocking the road was fake, made of wood and fabric.

Laughter is played on the sound.

It is also true, where can a little girl be found in the university to help with acting.

Besides this kind of environment, I am afraid that few children can withstand it.

But the little girl blocking the road is fake, but the mechanism on the wall next to it is real.

When the group passed by the fake child and their attention was attracted, the window on the wall disguised as a painting opened, and then there would be people disguised as Sadako clawing at the wall.

This art of war has even been used, which is really innovative!

"Dad, I don't want to play anymore, let's go, stop playing."

Mouri Kogoro said in a warm voice, "That little girl is fake. The exit is in front of you. After a few more steps, you can go out after the final scene."

"If you're really scared, then close your eyes and I'll take you out."

Hearing that the mouth was just ahead, hope flashed in the eyes of the three women, but instead they had courage.

Yuanzi hurriedly said: "Then let's go, let's go, we have finally come here, how can we stop like this, at least we have to challenge successfully!"

Mouri Kogoro took the three girls and slowly walked past the little girl who was blocking the road.

Seeing that his daughter was really unable to hold on, Mouri Kogoro asked the Ant-Man robot to block the window.

The person disguised as Sadako couldn't open the window and come out to be scary.

Soon, everyone passed the little girl smoothly and came to the end of the corridor.

Opening the door, the word 'emergency' came into view. Under the green curtain and the dim operating lights, an operating table appeared in front of everyone.

And the word 'exit' is behind the operating table, and you only need to pass through this operating table before you can go out.

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