Counter Attack

Chapter 288 Fanwai dance

At the end of the year, the LED Industrial Park undertaken by Wu Zhiwei Company was completed as scheduled. After the end of the year, the industrial park will be officially put into production, and the future profit amount will be calculated in units of “100 million”.

After a huge celebration dinner with the company's leadership and subordinate employees, Wu Zhiwei and Chi Yu still rushed to their small world - Guo Chengyu's private club.

In addition to the pool of Wu Wu Guo Jiang Er Wang, there are six people in the luxury box, as well as some buddies of Guo Chengyu and Chi Yu, as well as service staff of private clubs. Dozens of people gathered together, singing, dancing, chatting, drinking... The scene was not lively.

Wu Zuowei was one of the most active ones. After a while, he ran here and touched two cups with others. After a while, he went to the other side and sweared a few words. At the end of the game, Wang Shuo went to the front and the arm stretched to Wang Shuo’s arm.

"I said, why don't you say a few words of congratulations on the day when I am overjoyed?"

Wang Shuo snorted, "Beautiful you."

Wu Zhiwei showed a sly smile and deliberately rushed to Wang Shuo’s ear and whispered, "Is it true that I have a good harvest in my love business, are you jealous?"

Just finished, there was a sting in the arm. Looking down, a snake's head is being drilled back from Wang Shuo's cuff.

As a result, Wu feared to rush to the pool and complained.

"You are so good to let me bite me."

Chi Yu took Wu Zhiwei’s hand and looked at it. There were only two faint red seals, so he simply snorted and said, “Nothing, not a poisonous snake.”

Wu Zuowei did not breathe a resentful remark: "Is it a snake that can be bitten?"

Chi Yu pressed Wu Zhiwei's head on his lap and licked his ear and asked, "What do you want?"

"Look at him two sentences!" Wu was afraid of his teeth.

The pool is dumbfounded. "A big day, isn't it good?"

Wu was too angry to bite the pool and thigh the roots. The pool had already drank a little wine, and the chest was burning. Lifting Wu Zhiwei from his leg, ignoring the attention of dozens of eyes in the box, he pushed Wu Zhiwei into the corner of the sofa and put his hand into his clothes.

Wu was astonished and throbbed, and even begged for mercy.

"Don't make trouble, don't make trouble, everyone is jealous."

They are having fun here, Jiang Xiaoshuai and Guo Chengyu are jumping more joyful.

Guo Chengyu was originally a dancer, and the skill of Jiang Xiaoshuai did not prevent him from following the rhythm of Guo Chengyu. Guo Chengyu's two hands are drawn on Jiang's waist and hip line. Jiang Xiaoshuai is an Ou Faner, leaning against Guo Chengyu's eyes and looking forward to it. It is very provocative.

Wang Shuo sneered at the two pairs and couldn't help but mutter: "I really admire them. I have been soaking together for two years. I don't see my head all day, but I still have a lot of interest."

Wang Hao did not say a word at the side. The seemingly indifferent eyes covered the censorship and visits of dozens of people.

"I talk to you, do you hear it?" Wang Shuo repeated the previous vomiting.

Wang Yan said with a blank expression: "Two years will indeed wipe out the enthusiasm."

"That is..." Wang Shuo was quite satisfied with the response and said: "I think they are deliberately loaded."

Unexpectedly, Wang Hao followed by a sentence.

"At this time, only the looks can turn the tide."

The more Wang Shuo heard this, the more he did not agree. Finally, his eyes were faintly projected onto Wang Yan’s face.

"What do you mean, I am not good enough?"

Wang Hao’s mouth glides over the faint smile, and it’s fleeting.

The small snake in Wang Shuo's cuffs was drilled again. As a result, he encountered a reinforced iron bone and bite back and drilled back.

The atmosphere in the room is getting hotter and hotter, I don't know who proposed it.

"Chi Shao and Guo Shao, are you a golden partner who hasn't had the same stage for the day? Look at this good day, don't you show it?"

Guo Cheng Yu Lehe said: "It’s not appropriate to drag the house with you."

Wang Shuo followed suit. "What is wrong? What if you sing a song and dance? You have no ghosts in your heart, are you afraid of people saying it?"

"Yes! Come one! Come one!"

"one comes!"


I couldn’t stand the invitation of everyone, and Chi Yu and Guo Chengyu were on stage.

The spotlight hit the center of the stage, reflecting two heroic shadows.

I chose a old English song with a strong sense of rhythm. I took Mike and first glanced at Guo Chengyu. After the two men showed their smiles, they began a formal performance.

Together with the song, Wu Zhiwei immediately held his breath. Although in the days when his mother died, I was fortunate enough to hear that I sang a few words. But at that time, I was in a bad mood, and it was not the style that Chi has been good at. I didn’t hear him singing. Now, with such a bright scorpion, Wu Zhiwei’s whole heart is crisp, should he be so nice? Do you want to have such a model?

Needless to say, Guo Chengyu, the body of the gas field, not dancing, a dance brightens the eyes of everyone.

The tacit understanding of the two people is not covered. When the eyes communicate, countless electric sparks follow the music.

Wu Zuowei and Jiang Xiaoshuai began to look proud of them. Hey, this is our family! Slowly, the box began to sound a less harmonious creak, and the leader was Wang Shuo who was hidden among the crowds.

"Together, together, together, together..."

The voice is getting higher and higher, and the positions of Wu Zuowei and Jiang Xiaoshuai are a little shaken.

"That..." Wu is a little bit awkward. "Do I think the trick is so superfluous?"

Jiang Xiaoshuai also shared the same feeling. "Look, people are slap in the face, don't you shout two songs?"

"Do you want to... follow a piece?"

"I see it."

"together together together……"

After the trouble, the golden partner automatically disintegrated, each of them.

Lin Yanrui drank a lot, then went to the pool and said, "You sing to so many people, it seems that you haven't sang to us yet! Chi Shao, this is why you are not thoughtful. How is this today? The day when the company is overjoyed, the days of our general scenery, you don’t sing the song, what does it mean?”

This time, even Guo Chengyu followed suit. He listened to Chi Yu for so many years, that is, he did not listen to his singing love songs.

Regardless of those people, Chi Yu asked Wu to ask: "Would you like me to sing to you?"

Wu was stunned for a moment, and his mouth showed a smug smile. He pushed the pool to the middle of the crowd and grabbed Mike. "I don't want to sing the English song, I want to listen to the local."

Chi has learned so many love songs, or was originally happy to learn from Wu. I have forgotten it, and now I can pick it up one or two.

"Then come to a poem for you."

When the words came out, there was a scream in the box. Pool? Cold and sturdy pure man, singing such a soulful song, how much more exciting? !

Guo Chengyu waved and everyone was quiet.

"Love is a strange thing. I started to be out of control. Love is a skill. I started to be even myself. I have done too many stupid things for you and me. The first one is to write poems for you..."

Chi Min’s voice is full of masculine taste, but the hearts of everyone are crisp.

"Write poetry for you, stand still for you, do the impossible for you, play the sentences of all love songs for you. I forgot to say that the most beautiful is your name..."

Everyone who pours a house, especially Wu Zhiwei, who can't do "the amount of alcohol," will not be smirked at this moment.

At the end of the song, the applause thundered and the cheers began.

Jiang Xiaoshuai also followed suit. "I said that I am afraid! People have sang to you. How can you still have one more? Don’t you just love to sing? Nothing is still old, and today it will give us a bright light. chant!"

Wu is afraid of grinding his teeth, you are absolutely deliberate, I will sing after I sing, I am not swearing at me?

But there is no way, the voice is higher than a wave, Wu Zhiwei was pushed down the cusp.

"Sing and sing!"

Wu feared to take over the Mike in the hands of Chi.

"Then I will sing a "stable happiness"!"

This is a song that Wu Zhiwei just learned. At that time, it was impressed by the lyrics.

"I want to be steady and happy, to resist the cruelty of the end, and to have a home in the middle of the restless night. I want to be steady and happy, I can touch it with my hands, every time I reach into my arms, there is your temperature. ......"

If the pool sings rhythm and look, Wu is afraid to sing is sincerity.

Although it will occasionally go to the tone, it will not keep up with the rhythm, but the clear biting and simple and pure expression can make people feel uneasy.

Even Wang Shuo, who was still screaming, stopped at this moment, and his head rested on Wang’s shoulder and fixedly looked at Wu Zhiwei.

"I want to be steady and happy, to resist the pain of loss. I will not be lonely on my own path. I want to be steady and happy, I can use my life to be long, no matter where I am, I will not get lost. I want to Steady happiness, this is the happiness I want..."

Chi Yu looked at Wu’s eyes and was particularly peaceful, especially contented.

When I sang it, I was still very generous. As a result, I sang the applause and Wu’s face turned red. I rushed back to the side of Ikebukuro and said something to my face. "It’s a shame to sing the wrong words again."

Chih's big hand ran smoothly on the back of Wu's head, and it was rare to gently appease.

"pretty good."

This song also sang in the heart of Jiang Xiaoshuai. He just turned around and wanted to exchange his experience with Wang Shuo. He found that the shackles were not moving on Wang’s legs.

"He... won't fall asleep?"

Wang Yan sighed.

Jiang Xiaoshuai was surprised. "Can you fall asleep like this?"

"You are so happy, he is jealous."

Although Wang Wei said this when he was expressionless, Jiang Xiaoshuai heard such a hint of tenderness from these words.

"Kiss one, kiss one."

There is still a squatting over there. I usually like the pool of the cold field. I am especially supportive here. I put Wu’s face on the face and said, "Wait, I pick a place."

Finally, I picked the "big iron head" and put it on my head. It was called a hot one, and the heart was hot.

"No, the pro-head is not counting, come one more."

"another one."


In a dark corner, Wang Hao took the sleeping Wang Shuo and left the door quietly.

"Counterattack / Chai Eggs against the love of the enemy"

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