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v32 Chapter 164 Lava Beastmaster

Monkey King looked at Han Lingsha's behavior, but he smiled and didn't explain much.

Fuxi, as the emperor of the God Realm, has vast magical powers and omnipotence. She is so nervous and understandable; but if you tell them that Fuxi has been demoted because of him, what kind of expression does she have?

Only the Chu Hanjing sisters deeply looked at their newly recognized master, Emperor Fuxi, but they were of the same level as their former master Shennong. Such existence, this new master even dismissed it? Could it be that in the God Realm, the status of the new master is higher than that of the Emperor Fuxi? It should be impossible, right?

Han Lingsha clapped his hands and changed the subject: "It's not too early anymore. The chat ends here, Brother Wukong, we are very close to Chenzhou. Why don't we go to Chenzhou for a rest?"


A group of Yujian came to Chenzhou, and just entered the Shengping Inn, but they met an acquaintance.

"Yeah~ Uncle Ziying, why are you here?" Xuanji looked happy when she saw Murong Ziying and his party.

"Master Wukong, it's a coincidence. I didn't expect to meet here." Su Xi waited to stand up and bow his fists in salute.

And the woman next to her was even more surprised. She enthusiastically pulled Monkey King to her side and sat down: "I didn't expect to see Master Wukong again. This is really fate. Come on, Master Wukong, sit down. I have been thinking about your wine for nineteen years! I must not get drunk tonight!"

Seeing that the table was full, Han Lingsha and the others sat down at the table and looked at the strange woman curiously.

Monkey King looked at the woman a few times and said, "It turned out to be Su Xin. Your appearance has changed quite a bit. You almost didn't recognize it. You just want my wine but don't want me. This sounds a little sad. what!"

Su Xin immediately said with a bold face: "How can it be! To Master Wukong, I think about it day and night too! I misused the word, so I will punish myself for a cup!"

With that, he drank a full glass in his hand.

When Monkey King saw this, he smiled. This Su Xin seemed to be more bold than before. It seems that he has been walking the rivers and lakes for a long time, and he has also been contaminated with a lot of rivers and lakes.

"Why are you together?" Monkey King said as he took out an exquisite bottle of fine wine. When Su Xin saw it, his eyes flashed suddenly.

To say that she became a drunkard, it was completely infused by Monkey King. Nineteen years ago, when Monkey King was still in the Qionghua School, he was idle and bored, so he casually took a female disciple to have a drink with him, and This female disciple happened to be Su Xin.

Such a little girl could not withstand the temptation of the wine that Sun Wukong took out. Since then, her love for wine has become uncontrollable, and Sun Wukong also has an additional drinker.

It's just that Monkey King's departure made her very sad, and she happened to have a dispute with the same school, and was punished, so she left the Qionghua faction in anger.

Under the influence of Monkey King, she has gained a lot of benefits. The wine alone has already benefited her a lot, and she has also received a lot of suggestions from Monkey King. Therefore, the cultivation level is also good. After leaving the Qionghua faction, she has not looked like In the original book, she was rescued by a puppet master when she encountered danger, so now she has nothing to do with the puppet master.

When Suxi heard this, he immediately looked at Sun Wukong with a bitter look: "It's not that the senior sister in charge ordered me to find Suyu anyway, otherwise I will not be allowed to return to the Qionghua faction, so I can only find Su. Xin came to help. She has been walking around the rivers and lakes for so many years and her experience in finding people is much richer than mine."

Su Xin can't wait to open the bottle cap and fill Monkey King and Suxi with a glass, then Xiao Mi can't wait to take a bite, her complexion instantly becomes ruddy: "Ah~ it's this kind of delicacy, I really miss it~~"

Suxi glared at Suxin with an angry look: "We're talking about business, you can keep me back."

"Ah~ I'm sorry!" Su Xin waved his hand with a big face, and looked at Monkey King: "Master Wukong, you know Suyu best, do you know where she will be?"

Monkey King smiled and nodded.

Su Xin was overjoyed when she saw this. She was just asking casually. I didn't expect Master Wukong to know?

Suxi couldn't wait to say: "Really? Where is she?"

Monkey King: "You will go all the way along the Eastern Imperial Sword. It will take about four or five days. If you see an isolated island shaped like a big bird spreading its wings, go there and look for it."

Suxi: "I went so far to live in seclusion, no wonder I can't find it."

Su Xin seemed to have thought of something, frowning and earnestly said: "However, with Suyu's character, it is estimated that we will go in vain."

Suxi sighed when he heard the words, "Yes, Suyu is cold on the outside and strong on the inside. He has a proud temperament. Such a tragedy happened 19 years ago. It is estimated that he is still in deep self-blame. How can he come back!"

Su Xin immediately looked at Sun Wukong: "Master Wukong, Suyu listens to you the most. Would you like to go with me to persuade Suyu?"

Monkey King: "I have other things to do now, besides, she took my words into ears, and now she wants me to see her in person? Where is such a big air, after you see her, let her see you soon I receive the penalty, if it does not arrive within half a month, I will bear the consequences."

Suxi smiled immediately upon hearing this, "I'm relieved with your words, Master Wukong."

Su Xin: "Come on~~Drink!"

At the same time, Yandi Shennong Cave, inside the Flame Cave.

The burning flame stone floated in the air, exuding astonishing heat.

A huge beast head protruded from the hot lava, huge eyes looked out of the cave, filled with surprises and doubts: "Strange, why the breath of the Blazing Rock King disappeared?"

It swung its tail and dived into the lava. After a while, it appeared in the lava where Sun Wukong and others disappeared. Looking at the huge corpse lying on the ground, its pupils shrank, full of shock: "Yes. Who? Who can kill King Blazing Rock? Um~~ There is the human breath created by Nuwa here? Could it be caused by humans? Only human beings are capable of this kind of ability?!"

"Huh? Why is the fire spirit aura so strong in that magma?" The giant monster beast slammed into the magma torrent with a thumping sound. After a while, he saw that it was holding the inner alchemy thrown away by Chu Bihen from the magma. The crowd jumped out with surprise and madness: "Inner alchemy? It turned out to be the inner alchemy of King Blazing Rock? Hahaha~~~~ Ignorant humans, even these babies are throwing away!"

With a grunting sound, he directly swallowed the inner core in his hand. In an instant, a terrifying heat wave erupted from its body, and the whole body was bursting with fire, and the body changed and skyrocketed...

For a long time, deep and full of violent sounds echoed in the Yandi Shennong Cave for a long time: "Hahaha~~~ From then on, this world is my lava beast king's world!!! Shennong God, look! I will let all humans All succumb to your mighty power!!!"..

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