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Crossing The Immortals (The Transmigrator's Cultivation)
Alternative names:穿越之修仙 / The Transmigrator's Cultivation
Genre: Urban Life

Crossing The Immortals (The Transmigrator's Cultivation)

This novel is also known as The Transmigrator's Cultivation

Below the fairyland, there are nine thousand worlds, three thousand, three thousand, and three thousand, countless small worlds.

Xu Ziqing was very ill before. He wanted to live comfortably between the mountains and rivers. But at the age of thirteen, life changed.

With a spiritual root, you have to embark on an immortal path. If you don’t want to be a stone at the foot of others, you can only go straight up and break the barrier.

There are ants in the sky, Xu Ziqing is like a dust, but he is willing to adhere to the true truth, with the heart to the road, transforming into a puppet, soaring upwards, and travelling for nine days!


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