Novel info
Dage (Big Brother)
Author: Priest
Alternative names:大哥
Genre: Urban Life

Dage (Big Brother)

The young man Wei Qian, who was 13 or 14 years old, had no father or mother, and took a young girl who was dragging a bottle of oil. He had a difficult life, and he found a dead skin and wrapped his face with a stray boy, named Xiao Yuan.
Wei Qian always dreamed about his dreams. He was a string of money that wanted to kill him. He spent the first half of his life against the copper and iron bones. He became the top priority when he became famous. He nodded a little and thought he saw it. The dawn of fate, who knows that Xiao Yuan suddenly suffered from a neurosis—a man who likes men and stares at him, adding glorious sums like “being infidelity” and “being convicted” in his fucking life .

CP: The classic dog tongue queen and the idiot dog combination

Minesweeper: Puppet brothers, young people, and queen are in the middle of the early stage, but a bit insignificant in the late stage. The loyal dogs always turn into rabies and have golden fingers every few days


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