Novel info
Dahan Technology Empire
Author: Niu Ichiro
Alternative names:大汉科技帝国
Genre: Sci-fi

Dahan Technology Empire

In 1785, Watt invented the steam engine, and the British Empire never set the sun.

In 1870, the German Siemens invented the generator, the Belgian Gram invented the electric motor, and the Anglo-Saxons dominated the world.

In 1915, the Jewish Einstein published General Relativity, from which mankind could destroy the earth.

In 1946, a research group led by American Mochley and Eckert invented the first computer, and the earth entered the Internet era.

In 2021, the Chinese Liu Qingquan invented the anti-gravity flying car, and since then the earth has become a village.

In 2031, China’s Qingquan Technology began to transform Venus, and humans began the era of interstellar migration.

In 2083, the Han Dynasty science and technology empire invented the interplanetary engine.


Countless years later, someone asked Liu Qingquan, the founder of the interstellar era.

What makes you so outstanding?

Outstanding? No, no, I’m just a slick that was thrown away by a woman


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