Daomen Invasion

Chapter 1416 :end

Mussis stood blankly on the beach, watching the direction of Xiahe disappearing, crying without tears.

His mission of the main **** has not yet been completed, but in the soul, the magical **** has put into the control rune. Unless you find the help of the main god, you ca n’t eliminate it yourself.

However, such a powerful rune, the main **** wants to eliminate it, but also has to pay a great price.

According to the principle of equivalence exchange, the demons that he had destroyed before might not be counted.

However, if he doesn't engage in anything, then he can't make up for the task of the main god, and still faces punishment. He didn't end well no matter what he did now, so he froze for a while.

Xia He had no mood to ignore Muses. Muses was never a problem for him. The Lord God was the problem.

And he felt that the existence of the main **** is of great significance to Taiyin Xianfu.

If one day he achieved Daluo Jinxian, then use the six gods' embers to burn the avatar of the lord god, will the lord **** die? If the Lord God can burn to death, what can he get from the Lord God?

Get the secret of eternal life?

The eternal life of the Lord God is a blood-sucking way across the universe, but does he really want this kind of eternal life?

Xiahe suddenly found that he was a bit embarrassed. Because after he achieved the Daluo Jinxian, killing the main god, he can definitely obtain the secret of the eternal life of the main god. Knowing that he can live forever, can he refuse this temptation?

Even more terrifying is that the secret of eternal life will be hidden among the six gods.

If you don't choose, other people can also find such information from the **** ember. As long as the people of Taiyin Xianfu have learned the six **** embers and achieved the golden fairy, there will be no more secrets in those embers.

Can someone stop the pursuit of eternal life?

If it is blocked, will it divide Taiyin Xianfu?

The **** of magic is standing beside Xiahe, I don't know what this terrible human is thinking. He has been completely tamed, without any courage to resist.

Of course, Xiahe let him do the mortal things, he would still resist.

If he is going to die under the ash of the six gods, the true magic **** in the depths of the universe will also suffer.

Thinking of this, he felt a happy feeling in his heart.

I can't help myself, but also let him not survive!

The demon at sea, far away from the city of Juno, no demon dared to approach. The city of Juno looked slow, and Xianhe ’s fairy boat could only keep up.

Xiahe has become an immortal, and he still has a lack of avatars. Without blocking the abyss, the war will never end.

If you do n’t go into the abyss, the crisis will always exist. Unless he sits at the exit of the abyss himself, does he still practice? He became an immortal in Xianfu World and practiced in Tianyuan World, and his speed would be much slower. Unless you are stuck at a certain point, you need to look around for opportunities.

Otherwise, the daily practice is still the best in Xianfu world.

Unconsciously, he flew to the abyss, and the demon on the demon land was flattened by the city of Juno. Wherever he passed, the corpse ran wild.

Juno III did not need to consume much power. In the city of Juno, there are millions of believers.

Not to mention the killing all the way, his soul was taken into the city of Juno and sent into the body of the puppet, becoming the source of power in the city of Juno. Even the devil's soul, Juno III will not let go.

"Dao Jun, do you want to circle the Demon Continent?" Juno III stood on the top of the mountain and asked Xiahe.

"No need, go in."

"Yes." Juno III urged Juno City to slam down from above the abyss and break into the first abyss.

The barren earth, the **** rocks, the dark sky. In the divine light, there are almost signs of collapse. The demon screamed and ran away, completely losing his mind.

Xiahe behind the shrine opened, a huge space door, countless robot warriors poured out.

The speed of these robots is faster than the projectiles of magic muskets. Millions of robots pierced the sky and rushed into the first abyss, spreading in all directions.

The city of Juno continued to descend, and the layers of the abyss pressed down. Xiahe was only doing one thing at each layer, which was to let off the sword and search for the relatively powerful existence among demons from afar.

Over level 60, all beheaded, and the rest is left to the robot.

The city of Juno was sinking, and near the entrance of the abyss, a human fleet began to gather.

The Queen ordered that everyone follow the Duke of Asla and attack the abyss.

This time, no one expressed objection. All the magical academies and noble legions either took the floating city or organized their own fleets and headed towards the demon continent.

Hundreds of times, Xiahe's killing speed can no longer keep up.

After more than 500 layers, the number of demigod-level demons began to increase. Xiahe simply stopped fighting and urged Juno III to sprint towards the bottom of the abyss.

Juno III does not matter, as long as he is in the city of Juno, it is difficult to be killed.

Even if he enters the abyss, he is still confident, abandoning Juno City, returning to the empire, and returning to the foundation of Juno City. That was Xiahe's promise to him, allowing him to leave the battlefield when he couldn't resist.

He helped Xiahe capture the **** of magic, and he got this escape route.

The endless darkness enveloped the city of Juno, and the divine light was forced into the city walls and could no longer penetrate. In the world below 3,000 layers, nothing can be released except soul perception.

Is dead, and finally no longer sees the demon.

Junuo III thought that he had gone the wrong way, looked up, and there was a fairy boat above his head, radiating the light of the moon, shrouded on top of the mountain.

Juno III gritted his teeth and urged Juno City to rush towards the deepest darkness under the guidance of Xiahe.

Xiahe put five fairy puppets into Shenfu, stepped on a fairy boat, and felt that he passed through a deep tunnel, which was smooth and greasy, as if it were the intestines of some creature.

The sense of loneliness struck, Xiahe thrown a glass bottle in his hand and exploded.

The flashing dust lit up, and he closed his eyes, feeling the sting of the flashing dust, especially terrifying.

Finally affected my perception? Xiahe was not surprised, who would the ultimate enemy be? It stands to reason that even the deepest enemy in the abyss, even if it is not at the level of the golden fairy, how can it reach the level of the true fairy?

Those trapped in this place should also desire light.

After a while, Xiahe heard the sound of flowing water. He opened his eyes and saw the blue moon in the sky, and a dead river in front of him. Not far away, the half star shuttle hit the soil, and several bodies were scattered on the ground.

"Hah!" Xia He laughed. Wasn't this the scene when he came to this world? Unfortunately, after becoming a fairy, the anchor of time can't touch his soul.

But this is not an illusion, it is more like the reality created by the Goblin Book.

Thinking of this, the surrounding scenery has changed, the stands surrounding the open space, the noise of the crowds. In the stands, countless goblins waved their lottery tickets frantically.

"Come out, these are meaningless." Xiahe said coldly: "Time is originally something that can't be controlled, so fate can't be fooled. Do you want to follow the trend? Compared to me, I'm more Above the general trend. "

After Xiahe finished speaking, the surrounding scenery disappeared again. A black platform, in the center, was a delicate magic clock. At the edge of the platform, there is a magician sitting with his legs hanging out of the platform.

Outside the platform, there is a vast sky.

"God of Magic?" Xia He was really surprised this time. The other party turned out to be the God of Magic, not the Xibei that he got himself, this is the most powerful magical **** in this universe.

But as he guessed, he did not have the power of Jinxian.

The magical **** who looks like an ordinary mage turned his head and patted the ground around him, saying: "Come and speak, although you claim to be a monarch, now, it's not as high as mine, right?"

Xiahe jumped out of the fairy boat and came to sit next to the **** of magic.

He looked down and saw that outside the platform, the starlight condensed into a big river, surging under the platform, silently.

"Xiahe, right?"


"Do you think you won? Find here and find that my body is there. There is no **** kingdom, no group of believers, and the power is only one level higher than you. In your opinion, this level is optional, because you have that Terrible flame. But you forgot, I let you come. "

"You let me come?"

"Do you know where this is?"

"Should be the star core of the world, where the space is distorted, we can see the galaxy."

"Yes, I entered the main world from this place. I also entered quietly in the same time, which triggered the war between the ancient gods. The ancient gods are gone, various creatures have come on stage, before the elves, there are orcs, Before the orcs, there were giants, and I did n’t like them. "

"Don't you say that human beings are created by you."

"I just gave humans a chance to learn magic, otherwise, why can humans overthrow the rule of elves? The arcane empire is actually supported by me. Why can't those gods destroy the arcane empire? "

"Well, it's you, but I'm not the life of this universe, let alone the feelings of this world."

"I know, I know, this world, wrong at the beginning, will inevitably be invaded. After you, there will be more powerful lives to enter."

"But you have no way." Xiahe Road.

"But you are here!"

"You can also die with you even the worst." Xiahe Road.

"Are you willing?" The God of Magic asked with a smile.

"There is nothing to reluctant, or to say, I still don't want to, but after one death, it doesn't matter." Xiahe turned his head to the **** of magic: "I'm more curious, do you know that there is a person who crosses the universe God? "

"How could I not know that if it were not for me, he would not have the opportunity to invade this universe."

"That's right, everything is right. It's you, lead the wolf into the room, and want to find a balance among the many powers. You are the goddess of the earth."

The **** of magic's face was tight, and he was obviously sluggish.

Xiahe smiled and said: "Otherwise, no matter how powerful you are, it is impossible to open up a space in this kind of place. Time warping will allow the gods to escape! You see, you think that you are countless and count everyone. When I entered, I couldn't escape my eyes. "

The **** of magic is silent, Xiahe said: "You got rid of the natural priesthood of the Mother Earth, relying on the understanding of the laws of the main world, but you did not expect that I came, not to develop in this world, but to rank this world Down. The core of this universe has shifted, and your realm is in trouble. "

The **** of magic gritted his teeth and said, "You are dead, everything is gone!"

"Then what is your plan? I'm alive and everything is gone."

"Become my believer, I let you be my deity!"

"The gods of the green forest are deceived by you, you have all their power, right?"

The **** of magic was disturbed by Xiahe. He wanted to stand up, but found a ray of flame rising in his body and burning in the bone marrow.

Xiahe no longer looked at him, but looked at Xinghe in the distance and said, "I miss my master so much, miss him so much."

"what have you done!"

"I originally thought that he cultivated me in the hope that one day, he would be resurrected among my six gods' embers, for the inheritance of the Immortal Mansion. But I was wrong. I saw him in the embers, he just put I became a child. At that moment, my Dao heart was very firm. Human emotions, perhaps not the most precious, are so small compared to the eternal life of the Dao. But what is the meaning of my eternal life without these? "

"You are crazy!" The **** of magic saw that there was a flame burning inside Xiahe's body.

Originally, the Six Dao Shenmeng did not harm Xiahe, but now, Xianhe's fairy is lit. Only such a violent six-god embers can ignite the things left by the earth goddess and drive the blood in the present magic god.

"Ancient God is so fragile." Xiahe smiled and said: "Actually, I will not die with you. I just lost a little life and a little realm, but got more."

The eyes of the **** of magic, the dim light gradually dimmed, Xiahe patted his clothes, stood up, and looked at the distant star river.

In the galaxy, there are hidden fleets that do not know how many, waiting for the opportunity.

The war has just begun.

"God of Magic, Mother Earth, after your death, I have control of all the priestly powers and all magical powers of this world. I can close the channels of all realms, and I can make the power of this world unprecedentedly powerful.

In Xiahe's eyes, Xianguang did not know how far it was. He saw clearly that the battleships were all marked by Daomen.

The sign is clearly from the Dragon and Tiger Road Palace.

Liu Xing, I didn't know what Dao Gong did.

Perhaps when he entered the Dragon and Tiger Palace on the first day, he was discovered and then arranged by the Dragon and Tiger Palace to enter the universe.

In the galaxy that he cannot explore, the Dragon and Tiger Palace has accumulated countless powers.

In God Week, it may be that the Dragon and Tiger Palace has already obtained the evidence of Kunlun ’s breach of contract, and will cooperate with other Taoist palaces to deal with Kunlun together.

Xia He smiled, with an unpretentious smile.

If he was not among the embers and saw the teacher's smile, he would think that Taiyin Xianfu is just one of the layouts of the Dragon and Tiger Palace. Xianfu was released only to break the balance of Shenzhou and push away the big mountain of Kunlun.

The body of the **** of magic is reduced to ashes among the gods.

The embers in Xiahe's body covered the entire platform, and the platform was burning. The power of the magic **** ignited everything. The state of Xiahe fell back to Dixian.

However, his six gods have never been so pure.

No matter how dangerous this ember is, at this moment, has become a part of him ~ www.wekomic.com ~ no longer separates each other. He stood among the embers of the gods and looked at the fire, the dead figures emerged again.

He patiently and carefully looked at each face, looking for the teacher's shadow.

Finally, he saw a familiar face. This time, instead of ignoring him, he nodded gently to him, with approval, relief, and forgiveness.

"Master." Xia He bowed in the firelight.

The old Taoist reached out his hand and touched on Xiahe's head, but Xiahe could not feel it. The figure, between reality and illusion, exists or does not exist.

Unless one day, he cultivated into the Daluo Jinxian, otherwise he would never know whether these six **** embers could really resurrect all dead people.

Xiahe stood up, holding his right hand in a virtual hand, and the huge platform turned into an ancient seal, holding it in his hand.

Six Dao Shen Emblems were collected in the ancient seal, and six seals were condensed on the ancient seal—the seal of the Taijun.

The starlight spreading under his feet has also been burned to ashes, and Xiahe is standing in the ashes, like a rebirth. This time, he finally erased the mark of Shenzhou and was tightly integrated with this universe.

Looking into the deep space, the boundless Xianjia fleet, Xiahe smiled.

Come on, the war has just begun.

(End of the book)

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