Novel info
DC Tyrant
Author: Satoshi at home
Alternative names:DC暴君
Genre: Fan-Fiction

DC Tyrant

past life.

One day, the honest and kind ex-girlfriend he once loved came back to him.
He married his girlfriend.

An eight-month-old child was born prematurely.

He stared at the child and his wife, hugged the child’s small body, and vowed to protect them.

He works 16 hours a day and is very tired and bitter, but looking at his family, he is happy.

Suddenly one day.

A dazzling man hugs his son.

“The child is not yours, thank you for your care, I will always remember it in my heart.” The wife said to him sadly, and looked at the real father of the child with hope and happiness.

He broke down!

Roaring and crying in the cold rainy night.

He was shot!

After his rebirth, his temperament changed drastically.

PS: Only good people will aspire to become little devils!


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