Novel info
Devouring Myriad Ghosts System
Author: Mu Tang
Alternative names:恐怖修真

Devouring Myriad Ghosts System

Programmer Li Daochong desperately develops the game code, dying. After waking up, being born again in a ghost-invading future comprehension world, isn’t that a pothole?

However, Li Daochong brought his own ghost upgrade system, which made my green onion. Others are devilish and scared, and they rush to hell. Hey, isn’t this the tip of China? I want to eat, drool!

Eating is not the most important thing. The key can be upgraded. How many levels does it take to finish?
“Li Daoyou please stay, people want to go to the edge of the magic field on the edge of the magic field, can you accompany others? People are afraid!” Hongyang fairy is dripping at Li Daochong.

“Li predecessor, can you please go with a younger generation to go to a ghost dragon?” A white-haired girl who is more than two hundred years old can look at Li Daochong helplessly.


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